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Neal Brown impresses UK QB commit Reese Phillips as well as his parents and coach

Reese Phlllips with his high school coach Bill Price.

Reese Phlllips with his high school coach Bill Price.


Not only did Signal Mountain (Tenn.) quarterback Reese Phillips like new Kentucky offensive coordinator Neal Brown when he met him last week, but so did his parents and high school coach.

“He’s a nice guy and my coach loves him and so do my parents,” said Phillips. “He definitely runs a system that I can fit into and succeed in, and that was very exciting to me.”

Phillips admits he rarely watched Texas Tech play — “I seldom watch anything other than SEC games, so I didn’t know much about him,” Phillips said — during the last three years when Brown was offensive coordinator there. He says he was a bit apprehensive and nervous to meet Brown and see how he would fit into his plans since he committed to UK under the previous coaching staff.

“He was very down to earth, kind of soft spoken but in a good way,” Phillips said. “He really connected with my parents. They like dhow confident he was and how he talked highly of me. My parents had a couple of questions for him, but really they just listened to what he had to say. They asked about academics, but mainly they let him talk and got all their questions answered that way.”

Phillips admitted it had been a “rough last month” with UK ending a 2-10 season and Joker Phillips and his staff being fired. Now new coach Mark Stoops has put together a young, aggressive staff that has seemed to revitalize the UK fan base.

“I have definitely sensed that type of turnaround in the last month,” Phillips said. “I definitely have felt the excitement come back. The Stoops hire was such a big hire, but the pieces he is putting around him is even more impressive. With the Stoops name, there are so many good recruiting spots to go to and I am just happy to be part of it.”

Brown also did one thing that Phillips was  not expecting.

“He apologized for everything that has gone on the last month and said he understood what I was going through,” Phillips said. “That was a very gool thing. He’s just a good person. That much is very obvious. Once I finally met him, I was not nervous at all.”

Phillips was recently voted the East offensive most valuable player in the Toyota East-West Tennessee All-Star Classic at Tennessee Tech.. He was 10 for 10 passing for 95 yards and one touchdown in the East’s 41-20 win. He will also play in the National Guard Border Bowl Jan. 12 at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg when the Kentucky all-stars take on Tennessee.

Phillips will graduate this week and plans on being at UK in January for the second semester to start learning Brown’s offense along with returning quarterbacks Maxwell Smith, Patrick Towles and  Jalen Whitlow.

“It’s an even bigger benefit now to be there in  January,” Phillips said. “It would be almost stupid not to be there. The opportunity to compete and learn whether I play next year or get redshirted is huge. Either way I get to learn the offense when everybody else does.”

Brown briefly discussed the playbook with Phillips during his trip to Chattanooga and Phillips has watched videos of Brown’s offense.

“Anything you do new will be hard, especially coming from the Wing-T offense like we ran. It will be a big transition for him, but his offense is something I can easily fit into,” Phillips said. “His quarterbacks put up big numbers, and I like that.”

Phillips also said Brown did not mention UK recruiting another quarterback.

“I am expecting I will be the only quarterback in our recruiting class,” Phillips said.

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  1. Bill

    This kid has really great touch on his passes. I thought I read somewhere that Bama was starting to show interest in him?

    1. Andy S

      I read that as well. A lot of other schools will come calling him. UK should hold onto him, he def has the ability to put up big numbers.

  2. shinny

    The fact that Coach Brown is a down to earth guy is a no-brainer he was raised in Danville/Boyle County!!!! This kid is a keeper!!!

  3. Ira

    Being a UK fan, I’m obiviously biased, but if I was a HS QB, and Neal Brown came calling, I would give UK a very hard look now. Even harder knowing that as bad as UK was last year, that was last year. The 2-10 season is over. Neal Brown’s offense is a highlight for QB’s and WR’s. This is an offense for those two skill positions to shine in.

    UK may or may not have a good year for 2013, but you have to realize as a HS QB and WR’s the first year will be the learning curve for the offense and 2014 should be absolutely explosive under Brown. I’d want to come here and play.

    If Stoops and Elliot can work some magic at all on that defense, we should have at least a decent year. I don’t expect going 10-2 but I don’t forsee going 4-8 either. I so can’t wait for spring football just to see all the changes on the field that will be made.

    1. Love SEC FBall

      I agree with your comments including your projections.
      I hope that our fans will not have unrealistic expectations.

  4. Bigbluelou

    Sounds like a great kid! Welcome to BBN!

  5. Larry Pup

    We need Reese and a whole lot of James Quicks’!

  6. Love SEC FBall

    Welcome to Kentucky, Reese – We are glad that you selected U.K.!

  7. JCC

    Sanders stayed on this kid the whole time. They know the potential he has and is going to be a player, at what position? I expect to see a RS for his first and I expect UK to hold on to him.

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