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NCAA president admits he does not understand dynamics of transfer issues

NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks at a news conference Thursday, April 4, 2013, in Atlanta.  (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks at a news conference Thursday, April 4, 2013, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Vaught’s note: NCAA president Mark Emmert got asked these questions at the Final Four in Atlanta about transfer rules and I thought you might enjoy seeing how he answered.

Question: What are your thoughts on the current transfer rules? Do you support the proposal to allow kids with a 2.6 GPA or better to transfer without having to sit out a year?

PRESIDENT EMMERT: My current attitude to the rule changes are in general that we’re making some really terrific progress. I’m very pleased we’re making some headway in eliminating the minutia. There’s still a lot of it in there, but the rules working group is trying to damp that down. I think they made a lot of really good proposals. The membership has endorsed all but a handful of those issues.

I think the transfer issue is very complicated. You need to try to find a balance where the young men and young women that are playing sports have legitimate opportunities to transfer. You want to make sure that they can be academically successful. We know that transferring decreases the probability of academic success. So having an academic connection to that I think is a sensible thing to do.

But on the other hand, you also don’t want to have a circumstance where, you know, you’ve got coaches that are recruiting each other’s teams every season off of their bench. You need to have some stability. You need to have a way for programs to make long term commitments to young men and women and vice versa.

It’s a very complex issue. There’s a lot of arguments on all sides of that one. That’s a long winded way of saying, you know, I’m going to leave that one up to coaches and people that really understand the dynamics of it, because I’m not sure, and I don’t know that anyone is right now, what the right model is.

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    Wow! Terrific job of speaking out of both sides of his mouth…

  2. Evil Twin Sister

    botox mark said he is leaving it up to the coaches and people who understand, isn’t that part of his job? That might be why he is so inept and drops the ball so many times because he doesn’t understand the job and makes up rules as he goes along.
    botox mark and his band of merry men do not play fair. He states: “Anyone would describe this as challenging, dynamic, occasionally difficult time in intercollegiate athletics; I was brought in because they wanted to see a lot of changes made. There were a lot of concerns about what was going on in intercollegiate athletics. We outlined an agenda and we’ve worked hard on it ever since.” And they should have checked his back ground more closely to see how stupid and cheating he was at different colleges. (Link at bottom.)
    Botox mark continued: “People aren’t always thrilled when things are different. We’ve, of course, been making a lot of things different.” He was brought in to make changes? Really, I’d like to know what changes he has made. How fair is he?
    They dropped the ball in the investigation of Miami, they do not treat all schools equally. As a matter of fact, they treat Kentucky like a scab on the universe, one that won’t heal and they won’t give proper attention to. Anything they can do to defame, disgrace and bully Kentucky they will do.
    The NCAA still has not resolved the Maggete puke 1999 scandal. He took money from a summer coach. He has not been punished, puke as not been punished and they still have their ’99 trophy but the summer coach got fines and 3-5 years in prison for conspiracy charge after being accused of defrauding Duke and 3 other colleges. Conspiracy? Seriously? puke said they were unaware? Well, Cal thought Enis was eligible but they tore that all apart.
    Then there is the jeweler who sued a puke player for $70k for an unpaid balance of $100K worth of jewelry. He put down $30K. Where in the name of flaming heck did he get the $30K? Stacy Osburn, a NCAA spokesperson said, rules regarding amateurism prohibit athletes from receiving benefits that aren’t available to all students. Speaking generally, Osburn said “the test” for such a violation is whether “the general student body, or someone similarly situated, would be able to get the same benefit or treatment.” Bull Hockey.
    They only see what they want to see, they close their eyes when it is rat faces team that is being smeared.
    Then there is UNC credit class, no class room, not one word uttered by a professor in front of students and those students passed the class. I would have liked to have classes like that when I went to UK. The NCAA found nothing and did not give UNC any fines or restrictions that I can remember.
    Found this on the internet and I think it is true, true, true. From Michael Rosenberg at Si.com
    QUESTION 1: Player A’s father pays Player B $3,000 to take a final exam for him. Who violated NCAA rules?
    A. Players A and B, for blatant academic fraud.
    B. Nobody.
    C. Player B, for ruining his amateur status.
    The answer is …
    D. It depends on the strength of NCAA president Botox mark’s coffee when it happens.
    According to an article in NYT, botox declined to comment on the reported investigation into Syracuse, and he evaded questions in regard to allegations and the enforcement process at U.C.L.A., Auburn and Ohio State.
    Poor botox mark, he said he was taking all the heat because he was at the top. He is taking all the heat because he is a jerk, looks like the north end of a south bound mule and he hasn’t a clue what he is doing except for making the coffers of the NC2A fatter and fatter at the expense of the student athletes who are his slaves.
    botox states, “People aren’t always thrilled when things are different. We’ve, of course, been making a lot of things different.” I would like to know how different and for whom. Was it fair to levy a fine on Penn state for the atrocious acts by one man. Nothing was done about it for years after coaches and management knew about it, but was the fine fair? Was it fair to the current players to not be allowed to play in a bowl?
    Six years after botox mark left his job at the University of Connecticut, the governor of Connecticut ordered an investigation into a massive construction project on campus that had been ravaged by scandal, including more than $100 million lost because of mismanagement. botox and two other top UConn officials knew about the construction project’s big problems then, but failed to disclose them to the school’s board of trustees or the state legislature. Gee that sounds familiar. Connecticut officials said their efforts to question him about his role in the matter were unproductive. That sounds like him too.
    While Chancellor at LSU, an academic fraud scandal emerged in the football program under then-coach Nick Saban in 2001-02. botox oversaw an investigation. botoxt even met on LSU’s behalf with the NCAA, which accepted LSU’s findings. But after botox decided to leave LSU in 2004, a witness testified in a deposition that the instructor was telling the truth and that the problems were far more systemic than the school admitted, even extending to grades being changed for football players, according to court records.
    The culture was “appalling” and “like Romper Room,” the employee said in 2004 testimony.
    The NCAA ruled that Montana State was guilty of a “lack of institutional control” in 1993 — the same time Botox mark belonged to the university’s senior management team.
    “Furthermore, as a university president and chancellor, Botox mark advocated for upgraded athletic facilities and the biggest salaries in the nation for himself and his football coach. Now at the NCAA, he works for schools who want reform to stem the runaway costs of athletics.” (USA Today)
    He tailors his message to his audience. In 2004, when he was named president at the University of Washington, he told university supporters that UW would be his “last stop.” But he left to become NCAA president in 2010. We know one reason he has it out for Kentucky, 2 players from that area came to UK. On committed to UW and then changed his mind and came to KY.
    I can’t believe he has only been in this position since 2010. It seems like it has been 30 years. We know they do not treat everyone equally. I wish I was feeling better and I would say more about little, incompetent, spineless, slime spewing bottom sucking botox mark and his band of merry men. They are despicable and the NCAA needs to be investigated. I would love to look at the expense account he turns in to the NCAA and then do some really deep investigating on the expenses that he lied about and covered up. From Oct. 2010 – Dec 2010 the NCAA paid him 1.6 million dollars.
    NCAA punishment is inefficient, inconsistent and compromised.
    I hope King chimes in on this, he has forgotten more then most people know.


    1. UKFMLY

      Thanks for the link Linda I mean evil Twin :)

      1. LindaS

        How did you know it was me? LOL Welcome.

    2. larryvaught

      give him hell Linda

      1. Evil Twin Sister

        I tried Larry, but I don’t think he will see it. It was Evil twin sister, not Linda! LOL

  3. Evil Twin Sister

    dang, all my formatting on that disappeared!

  4. Jim Boyers

    There aren’t many people that I truly HATE, but this piece of human garbage is one of them. I despise him and his entire corrupt organization. If a giant hole opened up and swallowed the entire NCAA offices, I would clap and cheer.

    This “man” is a horrible human being.

    1. LindaS

      my sentiments too, Jim!

  5. BobbyBlue

    Dayum……After reading this dissertation…..believe I luvya,Linda…but wait maybe its the evil twin !

    1. larryvaught

      BobbyBlue, love them both

      1. Linda S & Evil Twin Sister

        Ah Larry, we’re blushing! Thx!

  6. LindaS

    BobbyBlue, I’ll let the evil twin sister know. You aren’t the first to say you love me or her on here!
    She and I are joined at the hip. Glad you liked what we had to say!

    1. BobbyBlue

      Twins..a lifelong fantasy,but putting that aside…..the two of you combined, can’t possibly despise botox Mark as much as I do !

      1. LindaS

        Oh yes, Bobbyblue…oh yes, it is deeper then the deepest ocean, higher then the highest mountain top….goes all the way to Mars and beyond. Those solar flares you hear about, that is my disgust and hate bouncing off the sun!

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