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NCAA denies Davis’ appeal to be able to play this year at Kentucky


The longer they waited to hear from the NCAA, the more hopeful twins Chris and Demetrious Davis were that their appeal to be eligible this season at Kentucky might be granted. The twins transferred to UK from Pittsburgh this summer after being redshirted their first season at Pitt. Their appeal was based on a coaching change at Pitt just before the 2013 signing day and other changes in philosophy.

“The NCAA denied the twins playing this season. We tried. We will be ready to roll next year but they will be great scout team players this year,” their father, Chris Davis Sr., said.

Several times the NCAA contacted the family or Kentucky for more information about the appeal, a sign the father took to mean the appeal was at least being considered. Instead, they will have three years of eligibility left starting in 2014.

“But you never know with the NCAA. Maybe some different started handling the appeal. Maybe they just had a change of heart,” Chris Davis Sr. said. “At first, we all thought it might be a long shot. But then I think everyone got hopeful and excited. The twins were pretty down when they first heard the news, but they will bounce back. They knew this was a possibility.”

The news probably hit Chris Davis harder because at one time he was working with the No. 1 defense at cornerback early in practice. Then assistant coach Derrick Ansley told him he had to give other players more work in case he was not ruled eligible.

“I think even Demetrious (a wide receiver) was looking forward to season and thinking he can help. It’s a long, brutal schedule that UK plays and they both had seen they could compete and help,” said the twins’ father. “That’s what made it hard after they got their hopes up. They really wanted to help this team win.

“But they will get over it and work their butts off on the scout team. That’s the kind of kids they are. They’ll use this year to get better.”

The father said offensive coordinator Neal Brown recently gave Chris a compliment that helped him.

“He told Chris he was sure glad he was on his team because he was doing a great job on the scout team,” Chris Davis Sr. said. “That meant a lot to him.”

The Davis family still plans to be at every home game this year.

“We are looking forward to the future obviously, but we are excited about this year, too,” the father said. “We are all-in with Kentucky. This is our team and we want to be their to support the team even if the twins aren’t playing on Saturdays.”

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  1. TheProfessor

    Yet, Cam (play for pay) Newton got the green light, and Johnnie (Sign that Football) Manziel gets a green light (oh yeah, a 1/2 game suspension).

    The NCAA is a worthless bunch of thieves.

  2. Greg Walters

    Hang in there guys, we need you and you’ll get your chance. It’s obvious they come from a strong family, that’s taught them to face things head on. This is exactly the kind of young men/women we need at Ky, keep them coming Coach Stoops/Staff,

  3. Evil Twin Sister aka LindaS

    I posted this yesterday on my FB UK page after a story about Johnny Money Football. I think it holds true here also….Of course you know ETS wrote it…I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of botox mark and his band of merry men. When is someone going to investigate this monopoly, this poor excuse for educational and rules policing? There is not one iota of integrity in the NCAA. They are two faced, back stabbing, under handed, lousy excuses of a rules committee. I don’t know how they stay in business. They need to be booted into the White River in Indy and hope and pray to all Supreme Beings it is polluted and has a whirlpool in it that would swallow them up and take them to the inner bowels of the earth where they will be lost and burned.
    Now how can this piece of unadulterated crap be allowed to play and these young men not? There were some extenuating circumstances at Pitt last year and they should be cleared to play. It just goes to show you botox mark and his band of merry men have it out for UK no matter what sport is involved. You can bet you bippy if it was cow chip throwing they would finds some way to ban UK teams from that too.


    How many other players have been granted eligibility for the same reason?????? I don’t care what any one says…THE NCAA HAS SOMETHING AGAINST THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY.

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