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NBA draft analyst Ed Isaacson says Willie Cauley-Stein “could end up being a lottery pick if things fall just right”

Willie Cauley-Stein photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.

Willie Cauley-Stein photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.


How big an upside is there for Kentucky sophomore center Willie Cauley-Stein? Does his offense need a dramatic improvement in an specific area for him to be a high first-round draft pick? Or can he be a high pick?

Those are questions I posed to NBADraftblog.com’s Ed Isaacson as Kentucky players start working out regularly once again with coach John Calipari.

“Cauley-Stein could end up being a lottery pick if things fall just right.  Athletic big men are still in demand, though the number available each year continues to rise,” Isaacson said. “I think the fact that he is still so raw, especially on offense, helps him in a lot of ways, because there are a lot of teams that like the idea of trying to take a raw, athletic talent and molding him into a player.

“Still, he needs to really develop his offensive skills, or at least show some major improvement this year, but this has never been a strength of Calipari’s Kentucky teams. Still, as long as he doesn’t regress in any way, I think he will find himself in a good spot come draft time.”

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  1. Gene T.

    What do you mean by “never been a strength of calipari’s teams” He has developed each big man he’s had, even if it was for only a year. They became better. Harrelson was just a role player till Coach Cal got him.

  2. Anonymous

    Not a big fan of Isaacson and find too many comments like, “never been a strength etc.” in his assessments to be puzzling.

  3. Larry T Clemons

    WCS will Surprise everyone, except BBN, We know Talent when we see it…Mark My Words, WCS Top Ten in NBA Draft.

  4. Little Baron

    WCV was going to be a lottery pick if he entered the draft after his 1st year. The BBN already is on top of it. He will reveal some offensive prowess this year when we have a real PG on the floor.

  5. jbcarol

    Cauley-Stein will be surrounded by offensive firepower. He has good hands and can throw it down. It will be a field day for him. His defensive prowess will propel him into the lottery .

  6. bigcatstanding

    That’s just bout the dumbest comment I’ve read recently, hope the high school big men haven’t got the memo on John Calipari, not doing good by big men. if anything its neck and neck between big men, and PGs thats just stupid flat stupid. not they’re strong suit, has a weird sound to it lol.

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