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NBA.com’s Dortch sees a “place up there” in NBA for Kentucky’s Liggins


Chris Dortch is editor Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook and a contributing writer for NBA.com. That’s why I thought he was the perfect source to ask about whether Kentucky junior DeAndre Liggins made the right choice by keeping his name in the draft.

His answer, as expected, was more insightful than any Liggins’ analysis I have seen or read.

“I’ve heard that a couple of NBA teams really liked him, so much that he felt comfortable staying in the draft. When a kid thinks he’s got to help his family, who are any of us to say he’s doing the wrong thing? His heart seems in the right place.,” Dortch said.

It is and it just takes one  NBA team to like Liggins to make his decision pay off.

However, pay attention to what else Dortch said.

“If T.R. Dunn, the Alabama player from back in the day, can stick in the league for 13 years because he was a lockdown defender, Liggins could have a place up there, too. And Liggins is a better shooter than T.R. was,” Dortch said.

That’s a name only a SEC basketball junkie like Dortch would remember, but he’s right. Liggins has much more of an offensive game than Dunn ever had. And Liggins proved at UK he can play a role and if that role is playing defense against the NBA’s premier players, Liggins will relish the opportunity — and paychecks.

I also ask Dortch if Kentucky coach John Calipari’s success preparing players for the NBA could work in LIggins’ favor.

“He’s got a closet industry going. Given his recent track record for taking freshmen and turning them into first-round draft picks, he’s going to get most anybody he wants. That’s especially true with point guards. What great point guard around the country wouldn’t want to consider Kentucky? Cal’s last four points have all been one-and-done, high draft picks,” Dortch said. “Cal gets it done and NBA personnel like that.”

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  1. King Ghidora

    Hey I remember Dunn. I got to see him play in Memorial way back when. He held Grevey down to 20 I think and that was no easy task in those days. Kevin was averaging about 27 or 28 at the time.

    1. gmoyers

      We are telling our age by remembering Dunn, but really a good comparison for Liggins. Hope it works as well for DeAndre


    There is a place for Liggins in the NBA…he’s long, plays great defense, and his J will only get better. It will be interesting to see which team is smart enough to utilizes his skill set…hope it’s Washington or Houston.

  3. Jim

    For selfish reasons, I was looking forward to seeing him on the championship UK team, next season. But, Liggins should find a home in the NBA. I can not remember a more tenacious defender, that wore the blue and white. But, my memory starts with the Joe Hall era.

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