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Mother says entering draft was “bittersweet” for Brandon Knight


Even though Brandon Knight’s dream has always been to play in the NBA, putting his name into the NBA draft was “bittersweet” for both the Kentucky freshman and his parents, Tonya and Efrem Knight.

“One promise he made to me and his dad is that he would finish his degree. That’s important to everybody because he’s always taken great pride in his academics,” said Tonya Knight.

Many UK fans hoped the thought of completing his degree by this time next year due to the college credit hours Knight earned in high school would possibly persuade him to come back to UK for another year.

“Getting his degree is the least of my worries. I know he’ll do that in the summers or whenever. He’s too good a student not to get that done,” she said.

He’s also too good a point guard to probably not leave his name in the NBA draft. He’s still not hired an agent and has until May 8 to withdraw from the draft and still return to Kentucky, but most mock drafts have him projected as a top 10 pick.

“He is testing the (draft) waters now. Should it be definite that he stays in the draft, he just wants to play basketball. He told his dad and myself to take care of the rest (hiring an agent). He just wants to work out and play basketball,” Tonya Knight said. “Right now he’s making sure he finishes his course work and getting ready for finals. I am not exactly sure what workouts or stuff he might be doing for (NBA) teams. Coach (John) Calipari has a couple of things he will do, but I am not sure what the next steps will be. However, doing that and finishing the semester won’t be a problem. Brandon is used to doing more than one thing at a time.”

Knight did plenty for the Wildcats to help them finish 29-9 and reach the Final Four before losing to eventual national champion Connecticut. He averaged a team-high 17.3 points per game and led the Cats with 159 assists. His 657 points were the most ever by a UK freshman.  He also shot 37.7 percent from 3-point range where his 87 3-pointers were another freshman record.

Tonya Knight is a bit perplexed at why some UK fans seem upset that her son probably will leave for the NBA.

“I know a lot of fans are upset. I read the (Internet) message boards,” she said. “It breaks my heart that some fans feel that way. He left everything on the court. He gave 100 percent every time he played.

“This was a very difficult decision. He loves Kentucky. The NBA has always been a dream for him. Both were right there and he had to pick.”

Shame on anyone with hard feelings for Knight about his decision to leave school and pursue a professional career. He’s been a straight-A student and a model student-athlete on and off the floor. He hit game-winning shots with the same zest he aced his academic work.

“Getting to the Final Four will easily be my best memory of the season,” Tonya Knight said. “Not many people thought they could do it, but I did. I am sure that will be his best memory, too.”

She said her son wishes he could have waited until after the semester ended to even announce his plans. However, NBA deadlines gave him no choice but to make his initial entry into the draft when he did Wednesday.

“We never talked about the NBA during the year. He was always focused on Kentucky and winning the championship. He never thought about next year until the season ended,” Knight’s mother said.

The family also isn’t worried about a potential NBA lockout that could wipe out most or all of the 2011-12 season.

“If that happens, he won’t get paid whether he’s in the NBA or college,” Tonya Knight laughed and said. “We have been taking care of him for 19 years. What is one more year? The worst case scenario if he stays in the draft is that he would not get paid, but we can handle that if it happens. We’re used to that.”

Tonya Knight admits it would take “something unexpected” for her son to take his name out of the draft based on information Calipari has provided from his contacts with NBA personnel.

“I have never worried about what he would do or where he would go,” she said. “He always expected excellence in everything he did because we expected that from him. We never accepted mediocrity in anything he did. If you do, that’s what you will get. We have always told him he was excellent, special and loved.

“But all this is so bittersweet for us. I hope he goes some place close to here so I can stay living here and working here. I love working (for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing). It has been great and Lexington has been great. I just hope everyone understands what a difficult decision this has been for Brandon and will respect what he did because he never did anything but his best.”

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  1. girlycat

    I said it last year and I’ll say it again. Who is any UK Wildcat fan to think they have the right to decide what is best for a young athlete who has an opportunity to fulfill their lifelong dreams? Brandon, TJ and Liggins owe us nothing. They fulfilled any obligation they had to the university by staying in good academic standing, following team rules and, like Mrs. Knight said, leaving it all on the basketball court. Their hard work on the court earned millions for the University of Kentucky and entertained fans all over the world. Now they have the opportunity realize their dreams while earning millions for themselves. They should go for it. Can you honestly say you wouldn’t do the same if given that opportunity?

  2. SeylerAngelica525


    Excellent, special and loved is a great description of your son. Please don’t blame the fan base for wanting to enjoy another year of watching him play for Kentucky. The majority of UK fans understand he has dreams and want to wish him the best. Good luck Brandon and thanks for a great year.

  3. nick

    we’re upset because he’s freakin’ awesome. it’s a bit of selfishness on our part, but i don’t reckon wanting to have Brandon around for another year is that bad.

  4. Lou hemp

    Tonya I agree with Gary I don’t blame him and neither does the fan base. It is just that he represents Kentucky in the absolute best ways and after the heart that team and fans invested this year I want him to win a national championship. We selfishly enjoyed him so much that we wanted him just a wee bit more. I hurt for them with each loss they suffered and was happy for them with each win they had. We are proud of Brandon and wish him the best even if our idea of best is one more year at UK and the reality of what’s best is the NBA.

  5. Duke Fan

    Ms. Knight,

    Thanks for sending him to KY.. We love seeing them get their guts riped out every April.. As long as Cal has the revolving door, UK will never win another National Championship..

  6. Mel

    Greetings Mr. and Ms. Knight: Most people talk about how lucky a child is to have such great parents and I agree 100% in Brandon’s case. Both of you have been truly blessed to have Brandon as you son to love and care for all his life! We, Big Blue Nation fans, have been so fortunate to have had Brandon play at UK for a whole season, what a complete joy it was to watch him play Basketball in a place where Basketball rules! The Big Blue Nation will always have nothing but open arms and a heart full of love for your Son, no matter what he decides to do from this day forward! God bless you all, what a GREAT family! We are truly overjoyed and extremely appreciative for all that your Family has given us! Regards, Mel and the rest of the BBN

  7. Paul

    Brandon is exactly what any university wants as a role model for student athletes. I assure you he is well loved by the BBN and should he choose to go to the NBA he will be missed. many times this season he carried the team.

    What fans don’t understand is why would he turn pro now when a lockout is a certainty..Come back help his school win a National Championship. I personally do not believe that any 18-19 year old should be in the NBA…Too much trouble to get into making these kids millionaires so early in life..

  8. Dave

    First I would like to tell you that I love your name, For Tonya is my wife to be. I posted on Coach Cals facebook page after the UConn game that I was very proud Of all our guys. I knew that it was a possible that we could lose some of our guys. I like all of the BBN would love to have all of them back because I belive that we could finish the job next year, and I would love to see them go out as champions. Having said that I have all of the respect for Brandon and his decisson as well the very best of luck in all of his future endevors. He will always have a special place in my heart as a UK player because I know that he left it all on the court each and every time he stepped on the court. He did a fantastic job for all Big Blue Fans!!!

  9. gmoyers

    Mel, love the passion and sincerity you expressed that so many other fans also feel.
    Just think how lucky UK has been to have Patrick Patterson and Brandon Knight in back to back years. And throw in what Josh did this year.
    But Knight was so unique with his academics, much like Patterson. Just knowing he could have graduated in two years boggles my mind.
    Wish him and his family nothing but success and even having him just for one year was truly a blessing for the UK program and like Wall, Cousins, Patterson, Bledsoe and Orton, he won’t forget what UK and Calipari did for him

  10. rick

    It’s not we’re mad at him.We just wanted him back with Jones to win a title..UK fans love Brandon..

  11. Jan in Indiana

    Mrs. Knight, First of all thank you so much for sharing your son with us, he has been a joy to watch and brag on for his accomplishments on and off the court. I wish him nothing but the best whatever he decides to do next year.

    Please forgive us we are just getting used to this one and done deal, when Brandon came we knew he was probably just going to be here one year, Kentucky fans love their teams and yes can be a little selfish because we also like to win, however I’m sure that even though they would like to see him stay they wish him the best and thank him for coming to Kentucky in the first place.

  12. CincyKev

    No hard feelings here at all. Just sadness. I loved watching Brandon play for UK this year. I will miss watching him play for UK, but I thank him for the great year he had for the Cats. God Bless you, BK.

  13. Jan in Indiana

    Duke Fan,
    You are all class aren’t you? If Brandon Knight has wanted to sign with Duke you would have taken him in a heartbeat, thing is he did not want to sign with Duke.
    Last I heard I believe you had a player going through that revolving door!!

  14. LindaS

    Mrs. Knight, thank you for sharing him with us for this short period of time. I admire Brandon not only for his athletic ability but for his mind, his soul and his intelligence. I hate to see him go but he has to do what is right for him. Good luck in the future and remember you will always be a member of the BBN.

    @pukefan, get off this site you don’t belong here.

  15. Beth

    Duke fan, you’re pathetic! I guess you’re proud of your cake walk to the championship last year huh? Coack K is a weasel and the NCAA let’s you guys do whatever you want! UK will win a championship. Elite 8 first, final four second, championship next year! Pretty sad though you have to come on a UK site. I guess that’s cuz no one cares about Puke! BTW, Cal developing players who can go after 1 yr shows the strengths of his coaching abilities.

    Anyway, of course UK fans are gonna be upset when a player leaves. It’s because we know how good he is and how great he can make the team next year. Knight is a great guy and if he stays and gets drafted high, good for him. Would I liked to have seen him stay? Of course. But you cant knock a guy for following his dream. UK will be just fine next year with Teague at pg and Lamb coming back.

  16. TE

    I do not think people are mad at Brandon.. I think what happened was the perfect storm in that basically ALL of the other big names have come back to lead their programs in hopes of a title (Sullinger, Buford, Henson, Zeller, Barnes, P Jones and others) and yet our kids are running for the hills. Thats EXTREMELY frustrating. Next year was the year that I have looked forward to since Cal has been here.. and now its just looking at lot like a good but not great team. Im sure thats a selfish feeling.. I just do not understand why SOMETIMES these kids dont want to come back and try for a title. It hurts and thats not on Brandon (as he was great), we just long for that to happen. Looks like that wont be a Kentucky thing.

  17. P BARKER

    Losing Blue Eyes, Jorts, and Mr. Knight Time all in one year hurts, but they all came out on top and will be missed. I really get emotional about these young men and feel Sir Stephen Spender had these three in mind when he wrote: I THINK CONTINUALLY OF THOSE WHO WERE TRUELY GREAT-we wish you the best!

  18. CincyKev

    Beth, take the high road. Let the Duke fans say what they will. We are better than to let our anger get the best of us and to start getting caustic. Just smile and be happy we have such a great team to root for and such a great tradition of which to be proud.

  19. Duke Fan

    He needs to add 40 pounds before he goes to the NBA.. The first time he drives the lane, they will knock him into the 4th row!!

  20. UK FAN

    Brandon was my favorite player this year, and without a doubt would’ve been next year too. But since i am in college, i understand what it would be like to know i could leave, get a job i loved and make millions in the process. Brandon is the only player on our roster that is NBA ready and I think that he should go. He is lucky to have parents that stick by him and care about his well being. If he goes, i’ll just have another team to root for but he will always be a wildcat and i think that is how most of BBN feel. It would be selfish for me to say that i think he needs to come back because he is ready for the big leagues. Mrs. Knight, all the respect in the world to your son and your family! Go Big Blue!

  21. TE

    I will also say Tonya Knight basically laughing at what Calipari has gone around warning everyone about will not go over well. Maybe she knows more than Calipari… or Phil Jackson for that matter?

  22. SMH

    I wish that I did not find out from this article that she worked for Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. I think that it is shady when boosters from other schools hire the parents of players, so I do not want to hear about Orberson/Mills/others being involved with the families of UK athletes.

  23. Sarah White

    What a wonderful kid, and I hope Mrs. Knight knows that all of us sane fans love him and what he stands for and only want the best for him. I have no doubt he will finish his degree. And, if he doesn’t, so what!!! I have two children and lots of friends without a degree. What I don’t have is children and friends making millions of dollars. If it were my child, I would advise him just as they have – follow your passion and your dreams. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Knight for sharing him with us for this period of his life. He will always be loved as a UK family member as will you.

  24. David E

    Mrs. Kinght it was wonderful watching your son lead the Wildcats back to the final four. I don’t blame anyone for following their dream. Yes I would love to see Brandon back in the blue & white next year but he should do what is best for him. Also I will follow him and support him whatever he does.

  25. Jason

    Thanks Brandon for all you have done. This is bittersweet, he carried us to a final 4 and then is gone. I have mixed emotions with these guys on one hand they are Cats and I will root for them no matter what, on the other, they are no Chuck Hayes or Patrick Patterson, not even close. Coach Cal has provided us with more success then we have seen in a long time, but not more than we hope to compete for. I just wonder if he can claim the ultimate prize with this strategy. Sometimes I wonder if these guys even understand what it is that we feel for the school, I think they would compete the same if it said Joe’s Welding like some AAU team.

  26. Stephen

    Mrs. Knight,
    As a former Kentucky alum and now physician on the westcoast, it’s been an honor to watch your son play. The BBN can sometimes reach a fanatic level, but the heart of the matter is a love of all things UK. Brandon falls into that love.

    For those that say Brandon should stay, it’s quite simply not your decision. We’ve seen players get hurt… the bottomline is that you have a finite playing time/career and no one knows how long that will last. In Brandon’s case, he’s proven himself to have a level head and superior academic record. The fact that he arrived on campus with so many AP credits is extraordinary.

    College prepares you for a career and life. Brandon is being granted a passport to his dreams… and he may well have a second career after his playing days are over. If he plans on an advanced degree or professional school, it will always be an option after he’s done playing. As he’s proven to want his mind challenged, I won’t be surprised to see him in professional school after he’s done with his NBA career.

    All the best to you and Brandon and thanks for all the memories.


  27. Danny Thompson

    Mr and Mrs. Knight
    I Bleed Blue with the best of them. Thank you for your son coming to UK and I could not be happier that he did. In my opinion the job of a university is to prepare you for you chosen profession. I think UK did that. Unfortunatly for our fanbase it did not take four years. Best of luck and good job. I hope my daughter does as well. Ok the second “you” should have been “your”. Tired of trying to fix it. I suffer from I D 10 T syndrome.

  28. Charles

    I will laugh myself asleep if the NBA locks down for the whole season and kids like Knight and his family wait the whole year with no basketball and no precious money either. I hope the new CBA shuts the door on these one and done players. I’m sick of them and Coach Cal.

  29. Andy

    Puke Fan,
    Get a life!! Our team made it to the final four, Puke got bounced out in the sweet 16!! Stop trashing a young man for making a career choice. Clearly you have demonstrated any lack of maturity. Remember Corey Magette!! NCAA did you puke fans a favor!!

  30. Karen Sprinkle

    I don’t think true UK fans were mad at Brandon for leaving, but we did selfishly want to see him in the Blue and White for another year (or two). Brandon has been such a great ambassador for the program–the epitome of a student-athlete. I have no doubt that he will be successful in whatever he does in life, and I further have no doubts that he will find time to get his degree.



  32. Juan4UK

    Mrs. Knight, forgive me, but you should know much sooner than now that the absolute worst thing you can do is read message boards. I’m a UK fan and I can’t read message boards. I suppose I’m as nutty as the rest with living and breathing. There are only a couple comments sections I can read (this being one of them). Many that post craziness are kids. Or, um, simplistic. Plus you ALWAYS have UL fans posting as UK fans. That is our little fan base war that happens. It is very hard to lose our players after only one year. Not just because we lose elite talent that now has experience. But, because we get to know, and watch them grow. We get to bond with them. It has always been this way with us moreso than any other fanbase I’m sure. When we do get one with the extras that your son has (outstanding academic capability), this is such a huge bonus for what we like from our guys. I can’t think of anyone in the BBN that doesn’t appreciate what Brandon has done on and off the court for our program. Pay no mind to those who detract without reason.
    Thank you for your son, and your comments about our state.

  33. bmt22033

    If I had a son, I’d want him to aspire to be like Brandon Knight. BK exemplifies the term “student athlete” in every way and his parents should be extremely proud of the young man they’ve raised. It is bittersweet to know that he’s moving on because he’s such an amazing kid on and off the court but we always knew that would be the case, it was just a matter of when. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Knight for sharing your son with us. He represented UK in the finest manner and Big Blue Nation will always be proud and thankful for him. Best of luck to you all as he moves on to the next stage of his life. And don’t forget, once a wildcat, always a wildcat!

  34. Jan in Indiana

    Duke Fan, I will give you this,you at least came back with a comment,usually the fans from other schools comment and run,but then you are a fan of that pesky Duke.

    I would be willing to bet that probably 97% of the people on here are Kentucky fans and although we tolerate fans from other schools, you should have picked up by now that like in basketball you aren’t going to win. So save your time and ours and just quit.

  35. ben

    Good read. Much love and respect to the Knight family. We appreciate the contributions you’ve made to the community, the Univisersity and to the basketball program. Cal has let everyone know that he puts his players’ well being first. This is that in action. Brandon Knight has a terrific opportunity here and he should absolutely explore it. He’s been a great ambassador for the bluegrass at UK, and he’ll join the ranks of many other great UK ambassadors in the NBA.

  36. gmoyers

    Great comments there that show the vast majority of UK fans indeed appreciate Brandon Knight for what he did and understand his decision. It was a great year and look forward to having him back around often. As it was noted, once a Cat, always a Cat

  37. kywineman

    Duke fan,

    Two words, Kyrie Irving. Get used to it if you want the best.

  38. Mike

    TE said it very well.I am a little surprised that Mrs. Knight didn’t have a little better handle on the UK fan reaction. We aren’t mad at Brandon at all. We are just disappointed and jealous over the other returning studs that are putting team and winning ahead of big bucks. The money will be there for Brandon a year from now as well. He has shown his dedication to education all along so unless college life is so terrible why not return for a good chance to hang another banner and complete the mission he came here to do?

  39. Davis

    I can’t imagine how hard it was for Brandon and his family to choose between two things he loves: basketball and learning.
    With the NBA taking up his time it might take him at least 4 full years to get his degree!

  40. Duke Fan

    Can’t you see that this chick came on here to blow this full of drama, to divert your attention off of the fact that she is waiting for the 1st NBA check.. “All he wants to do is play ball, he wants us to handle the money!”

    Now I read post after post of people kissing her A___!! Wake people, you have been pimped!!!

  41. Catman

    Mrs. Knight,

    Thank you for your honest/candid comments. It’s certainly unfortunate that a faction of “so-called” fans of BBN would wish anything but the best for Brandon, Terrence, DeAndre, Enes and Josh as they explore their future opportunities. Each will always have a special place in the hearts of the true fans. They have been a joy to watch during their time at UK and have represented the University in a way that should make all of their parents proud.

    If a lockout does indeed occur after the upcoming draft, each of these young men certainly would have the option to continue their educational opportunities until the situation was settled. I see it as a win-win secnario if that comes to pass.

    This Cat fan wishes nothing but the best for all of these young men and their families in the future. Thank you all for sharing your sons with us….you will always be a member of BBN.

  42. MMark

    The losers on Rupp Rafters make all UK fans look bad. That board should be completely shut down.

  43. Rational Thinker

    Kentucky and their recruits pimp (use) each other. A university should not be used they way Kentucky BB players and the BB program uses Kentucky. The university is meant to provide an education for its students; not meant to be used in the farcical way that it is used when it comes to Ky basketball. If I were a Kentucky state resident, I would fill cheated and abused. I know that Ky is not the only program that is guilty of this, however. But Ky residents should stand up for what is right. I never hear those who support coach Cal singing the praises of the University as an academic bastion.

  44. Jan in Indiana

    Duke Fan, once again you have shown us your class, you come on a site that you know you are not wanted on to try and rub it in our faces that Brandon Knight is good enough to go to the NBA. Well the fact is Brandon came to Kentucky got us to the final four with the help of some great team mates and even though his decision is to leave after one year we wish him the best. Nothing you can say will change our minds, like I said before you wish he had been at Duke, but he was smart enough to come to Kentucky!!

    The fact that you are now taking shots at his mother, a woman I’d be willing to bet you do not even know just goes to show what a true Dukie you really are. And you want to talk about some — kissing well when they show your home games every one of your fans are sitting there with brown noses from kissing coach k’s and hoping he won’t leave for the NBA.

  45. LindaS

    @Jan, that is LACK of class. You are right, if puke or that ‘other’ school had recruited Brandon they would have been happy to have him for a year and their fans would have fallen in love with him like we did. I bet this puke fan doesn’t eve have a mother, he was found in some alien pod drifting down the most polluted river in the world and no one else would take him put puke. He has no regard for a mother’s love for her son, something he no doubt is lacking. GO CATS! More wins, more NC2A Championships, more Conference Championships, more wins over puke AND….
    10 #1 seeds all time in the NCAA Tournament, 40 McDonald’s All-Americans, 57 1000-point scorers, and 10 Olympic Gold Medal Winners.
    Furthermore, Kentucky holds the NCAA record for Consecutive Non-Losing Seasons (60), and for Consecutive Home Court Victories (129). Kentucky also has 23 National Attendance Titles (an NCAA record), plays in the nation’s largest basketball arena (Rupp Arena), has the nation’s largest radio and television affiliate networks, has made a 3-point basket in 788 consecutive games, has played before the largest regulation basketball game crowd in history (79,129), the largest Final Four crowd in history (75,421) and was the first school to reach both the 1000-win and 2000-win victory plateaus.
    We have more first team AP All-Americans then puke.
    Nuff said. GO CATS!

  46. MarkStephens

    God Bless you all and the Knight family wished they all were coming back but such is the game these days. Best of luck to all the players and welcome to the new crew coming in and a BIG thanks to Mr. Lamb for coming back.There are one thing for sure your only a boy once,the college team excitment and all living together,eating,and playing together are over. I think its nice top picks H.Barnes,Sullinger,and other lottery picks want to hang on to being a boy a while longer! GO CATS

  47. Mike Flannery

    Our best wishes to Brandon and his family…what a class act, we were very priveleged and thrilled to have him here for one great year! He is a tremendous credit to God, his family, the University of Kentucky as well as himself. May God continue to richly bless Brandon Knight and his family!

  48. Larry Clemons

    Dear Tonya, it just seems like yesterday when Brandon announced Kentucky as his College for Academics and Basketball…That was also a proud day for all BBN, because we know how smart Brandon is…I was fortunate to see him play at Pinecrest and I was there when he announced UK, I was so excited I tossed a Kentucky t-shirt up to you…Man how time flies.After we won the SEC Championship, I, like you believed Brandon and Josh,with help of course could Lead us to the Final Four. Josh was a senior, so I expected that leadership.But, to watch Brandon come from a High School program and gradually transform into The Leadership Role at The Best College Basketball Program in the History of the game, Wow, that was a thing of Beauty. He willed this Team to Victory and We at Kentucky are Blessed to have witnessed his progression. And all of us are proud of Brandon’s choice and will support and follow him in the NBA. Larry T Clemons, gallery721.com, Fort Lauderdale. I just can’t believe it went so fast, what a Great Team, thanks Brandon…

  49. Theresa in Nashville

    Mrs. Knight, I want to tell you what a joy it was to see your son wearing the blue and white this year and doing it and us very proud. Also, you should know that because of who Brandon is and how well he portrayed his role, we want to be able to watch and cheer for him a bit longer at UK. It is much like the parent who watches his/her child grow only to see that child take the next step in the child’s life–while being proud of that child’s achievements and next step, the parent is also a bit sad and wishes for more time with his/her child before that child is thrust into complete adulthood. So, it is a bittersweet feeling that we have when thinking of Brandon leaving for the NBA. Please know that the BBN wishes Brandon nothing but success and to realize his dreams–we just hoped his dreams included an NCAA championship like ours do but we would never hold a grudge over that–we love our players too much to let that get in the way. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat! Brandon and his family will always have a home within the BBN.

  50. Sam M

    I would only disagree about the downside of a lockout. By staying in the draft Brandon would forfeit his scholarship if he did want to finish school during a lockout. He also would lose an organized team format for honing his skills in the interim. It wouldn’t seem to be a casual decision.
    Like the others, I wish him and his family well and would certainly welcome him back if things change.

  51. gmoyers

    Larry Clemons, thanks for those insights going back to high school. Just hard to find anyone who does not think very, very highly of this young man

  52. Byron

    Mrs. Knight all UK fans love your son and are disappointed not mad that he will not be returning. Outside of the fact that Brandon would give us a huge push towards winning a national championship he is a model student athlete and selfishly we all wanted him to represent our basketball program for another year. Don’t worry he will still have the backing of the Big Blue Nation for the rest of his life. If any young man is ready to handle the responsibility of the NBA and millions of dollars it is Brandon Knight. Good luck to him.

  53. bluedavid

    Thanks for for the time spent at UK, follow your dream and the BBN will be better off for it .Do,nt blame you A bit i,d tell my son to grab the CASH it take,s the average college graduate 15 years to make one million dollars.Good luck and I thank your Mom and Dad for the way you have ben brought up good luck THE TRUE BLUE LOVE YOU. THE PRIDE IS BACK.

  54. UKCAT1

    Very few go to college for the education but instead go to college to get training for a job. Added together those three years of guraranteed salary are more than most of us make in a life time. How could we expect him to turn that down?

    If the Knights really value education, he can get it. There is a 4 week UK summer session that goes early may thru the first week of June. He could go to that now; it will be over long before the NBA draft. With the lockout possible he might get in the summer session. NBA teams will come to Lexington to have him work out for them. UK has online courses. He is more than likely not going to be drafted by a playoff team.. He could go to the 4 and 8 week summer sessions after the NBA seasons.

    EDUCATION IS THERE IF HE WANTS IT…He can’t play basketball 24 hours a day and instead of watching tv and playing video games he can get the education. UK has had football players get thru medical school in the NFL off season.

    The big blue nation cannot expect him to turn down that kind of money when another year at UK would not improve his draft status.

    I hope to see Brandon doing really well in the NBA and I hope to see a picture of him is this newspaper in his Cap & Gown sooner rather than later.

  55. Steve S

    The Knight family raise a fine son. I can only imagine how proud they are of him as all UK real fans are. Best of luck to Brandon in the future. You are a class act…

  56. david ball

    anybody put in the same position BK is in (a solid chance at earning 7 figures as a 19 year old) would JUMP at the chance and not think twice…but yet those same people that deride BK and any other kid with the obvious talent to play in the NBA are either jealous or greedy (as in stay for me so that MY team wins?? come on)…UK will be fine and continue to win titles…BK has been a model student and model athlete (and we wouldn’t have made it to the final four without him)…and of course, there is always that chance he may come back…but it sounds as though he’s gone…for my own wishes, yes, it would be nice to have him back..but I certainly can’t begrudge him his decision…it’s the best for him and he should be thanked and congratulated for what he’s done in his one year…

  57. Darrell and Shirley

    Brandon, we love you as well as your Mom and Dad and wish the very best for you which seems to now go to the draft and we’re all for that although the selfish side of us would say “Please come back for another year” but it seems in the best interest of you and your family to declare for the draft. You’ve been a joy to watch this year and we’ll continue to follow your NBA career and I know it will be a stellar one as has your High School and College play. Good luck in the future and enjoy your career in the NBA as much as you did your year at UK. Always remember that the true BBN fans want the very best for you and your family. God bless you as you continue on life’s journey.

  58. gmoyers

    Great comments Darrell and Shirley. hope you get a chance to meet him and his family one day

  59. Suziecat

    Mrs Knight,
    Please don’t put too much stock in what you read on message boards. Juan4UK is right, many U of L fans post on UK sites. At least the Duke fan who posted here, identified him himself as such.

    In defense of the fans….when Brandon declared for UK, we knew how important education was to to the family, gave fans raised hope that he would stay and complete his degree. If Brandon was not a fan favorite for the fine way he represented the university on and off the court, we would not be having this conversation.

    Once a CAT always a Cat. The BBN will always support and wish him the best in his career. Thank for allowing us to adopt Brandon for this one year.

  60. TheColoradoWildCat

    First, I want to thank the Knights for doing an exemplary job of raising an exemplary child in Brandon; he would make any parent proud. Raising children in this day and age is a real challenge. They have so many other choices, and you have done an excellent job of keeping him on a path needed to succeed as an adult.

    But now, he has become that adult; young, but still adult. And the neat thing is, he still has you two, as his mother and father, to whom he can turn, and seems anxious to turn, to for continued guidance.

    It is my prayer that all of you, as you continue to rely on the Lord as the ultimate guide, will make choices that will benefit your family, and especially benefit Brandon.

    Seldom does the BBN have such a fine representative as we have had in Brandon. Yes, we would all love for him to stick around a few more years, but most of us realize that is merely a selfish desire for our own personal goals. Brandon has personal goals as well, and I am excited that he has a change to realize them at such a young age.

    The temptations at the next level will be different and greater than he has faced before. However, with his grounding, that you two have instilled in him, I believe he will do just fine. We will continue to keep the Knights in our prayers, and know that ya’ll will do great things for Him.

    Thank you for sharing Brandon with us for this past year. It was truly an honor to have him as part of the Wildcat program, and as has been said before: Once a Cat, Always a Cat.

    God Bless your family.

  61. Tana

    Mrs. Knight, as Larry says, SHAME ON anyone who says anything negative about Brandon’s leaving for the NBA. Personally, I could not respect and admire your son more. As you said, he’s always “done his best,” and for Brandon, that’s definitely both on and off the court. What an outstanding young man we Kentucky Wildcat fans have been blessed with, far beyond what he is out on the basketball court!

    Like others, I’ll love him forever as a Wildcat. Too, I’ll continue to follow him and pull for him in the NBA. I send many thanks to both you and your husband and to Mr. Brandon Knight himself, and I plan to be watching Draft Night with a big smile on my face when your son’s name is called.

  62. Katbluefan

    To Brandon and Parents, Don’t blame your son one bit for doing what he is doing. If he was my son I would back him 100%, from what I have read about Brandon he will finish his Education. My daughter dropped out of college but said she would finish, has w/ Masters. Good luck to all of you, you will always be apart of the BBN

  63. gmoyers

    Love these comments. Not only show how special Brandon is, but also how special 99.9 percent of UK fans are

  64. UKFAN197TONE

    Don’t feed the Trolls. This is about BK and his decision to put his name in the Draft. How could any respectable UK fan NOT be happy for him? He came to UK for starters and secondly, he could have went to ANY team in the NCAA. He chose UK…UK did not choose him. Coach Ratface has put a lot of players in the NBA too, so it had to BE something else that made Brandon choose UK right? EXACTLY! A classy fanbase that stands behind their players (all of them) 110%…


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