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Question: What is it like to coach a player with the outgoing personality of end Bud Dupree?
Defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh: “It is unbelievable. He is such a great guy. No problems. Sometimes with superstar guys there are going to be problems or always want to be babied. He is a tough, physical guy that likes to go to war and work every day.”

Question: How has freshman tackle Reggie Meant done?
Brumbaugh: “He has done really well. He is a physical guy and that’s what we have to have. He has a good sized body, a SEC type body. That’s what we need in this league.”

Question: Is it fair when other says you will not let the defensive line not be good?
Brumbaugh: “You have to. I tell everybody — it doesn’t matter if you have older guys in the secondary or younger guys, it doesn’t matter. That front has to be right. If that front is not right, it’s all going to come on us. We have to make sure we are right up front. That’s the biggest thing. I tell them I don’t care if you are a freshman, sophomore or whatever you are, we have to get right.”

Question: Has Mister Cobble, a senior, changed from spring practice until now?
Brumbaugh: “Dramatically. You watch the tape from last year to this year and he is starting to understand the game and how to fit things in and do things. He is the point man in the middle. He’s the guy who shuts everything down. If he can get that double team, he can help us out a lot.”

Question: Do your players like the pressure of knowing they have to be good for this defense to be competitive this year?
Brumbaugh: “We love the pressure. We have to have the pressure. Like I tell you, it starts up front. I am always telling my guys we are part of the solution, not the problem. It is on our back to be good. That is just what it is.”

7 Responses to More with Jimmy Brumbaugh on Dupree, Meant, Mister Cobble

  • Tcat says:

    Larry you have me checking this site 3-4 times a day, great article… I love coach Brumbaugh…

  • Edward says:

    ditto here. Better than the Lexington Herald-Leader and The Courier-Journal combined. The Lexington paper doesn’t even like football with the exception of Jen Smith. Larry, do you think you could get an ESPN Radio station in Danville to carry the Paul Finebaum show live? You are the master of sports’ print in Kentucky!!!

  • Larry Pup says:

    This is a great coach. He will get our young men ready for war.

    Tcat you are right, I check this site around the clock. Love Larry V’s “Vaughts Views.” There is none better for up to date info on the CATS.

  • Ira says:


    Kyle Tucker has done a very good job of covering UK for the LCJ. You should really follow him on twitter. Great articles and you also get quite a few videos of players and of the staff as well.

    I do and really appreciate the work he has done for us.

    Larry V, didn’t come to your site just to toot someone else horn from a rival’s paper and work, but I think you probably know the guy, and know what I mean about his work.

    I’m loving the daily articles you put out, just about can’t keep up with them and sometimes I’m also like should I comment again so soon, cause I don’t want people think well there is ole know it all Ira wish he’d just shut up for awhile.

    I’m hoping as the season goes on, these football articles don’t slow down even when we start getting into basketball season.

    • larryvaught says:

      No problem Ira. Unlike some, no jealousy here by me toward other journalists. I think both Kyle Tucker and Jen Smith are terrific beat writers and no way I can do all they can with other duties I also have. So never hesitate to let folks who come here know about other quality work.

  • Shinny says:

    Have a friend who was and is a big “War Eagle” and he tells me since his days at Auburn that Brumbaugh was one tough football player and expects his players to be the same. Once again an example of finally having a first class football staff!!!


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