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Montgomery: I was wrong about Brooks

Maria Montgomery interviews Eddie Montgomery

Editor’s note: Country music singer Eddie Montgomery is a self-proclaimed UK fan and occasionally writes for vaughtviews.com.


When it comes to Rich Brooks, I won’t lie. When he first came to Kentucky, I didn’t know if he was the right dude. But it has been unbelievable. He went into a hostile environment because people want to know why we didn’t get this coach or that coach instead of him.

University of Kentucky sports is in people’s hearts. We don’t like losing and we want the best of the best, which I think is great.

I think he has proved he is one of the best of the best. It has been unbelievable what he has done with the program and the kids. You have to give the man credit. I was one of the first ones when he got here saying, “Hold on. Who is Rich Brooks?” But I tell you what, he is one hell of a coach.

If Rich does retire, and it seems like he will, then I think Joker (Phillips) can keep it going. He knows the offense. I would love to see us open the offense even more. The players, to me, seem to really relate to him and coach (Randy) Sanders and coach (Chuck) Smith. All the players really relate to the coach. I think they have a gel thing going and it will stay that way. It is University of Kentucky and it is about players and about winning and this is the way we are going to be.

I watched the Music City Bowl at the restaurant (Eddie Montgomery’s Steakhouse) and it was so great because everybody had their blue on. I had mine on and even had on my wild hat. It was just great to seeing everybody having dinner and then as soon as the game came on all the televisions, people would holler and scream. It was wild. There were a couple of people trying to lead cheers and I was right there with them.

I had so much fun that I think I will watch the Kentucky-Louisville basketball game here, too. I would love to be in both places, but we are going to have a lot of UK fans here and it will be off the hook just like the Music City Bowl was. I just wish Brooks could have won that last game, if it was his last, but I’ll always be grateful for what he did and will always admit I was wrong with my first impression of him.

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  1. TRUBLU69

    Thank You!! EDDIE, It takes a big man to admit he was wrong IMO…With that said, Call me a big man also, I to had the same worries, But that Oldman can Coach lol!!…..Great piece EDDIE, Keep It up…GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  2. Larry Vaught

    I think a lot of us were wrong

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