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Mike DeCourcy (@tsnmike) on why Randle will be UK’s most important player this year


Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy thinks Kentucky freshman Julius Randle is an “immense talent” and will be UK’s most important player this year.

“I remember 2008 when Chris Douglas-Roberts was an  All-American at Memphis for John (Calipari), but in the end Derrick Rose was the most important player because he was the greatest talent. The team’s success was rooted in whether Rose could enforce that talent, and he did. Whether or not UK wins the title this year could come down to how great Julius is and is able to become in his year at Kentucky,” DeCourcy said.


“I think it starts with size and athleticism. His is a very rare combination of those two qualities. He is 6-10, long, physically powerful, extremely mobile and skilled. He is as good a package as you can find. He is not LeBron James, who is best example of what a player’s body could be. But he is in the top five percent of all basketball payers across world when you look at him and see what he brings to the table. It is extraordinary. And he brings confidence and energy,” DeCourcy said.

“I don’t know whether he has the personality Michael Kidd-Gilchrist had. Very few have, or will ever have, what he did but what Julius has is the ability to take over a game. It is easier to take a power forward than a point guard out of the game. If you double him on the block, he can take you outside. If you play him for his shot, he can bounce past you. If leave him open, he can make a shot. There are a lot of ways he can beat you.

“Defensively, he is a great presence. He will have to learn to play team defense, but with the great qualities he has he will be a terrific defensive player and also a very good offensive and defensive rebounder.”

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  1. cats79

    Not want to put football behind us,i’m ready to see this team showcase.

  2. lunchbox

    who do ya take randle in his 1st yr of college or Terrence jones in his 2nd ??? ive seen video of randle an he looks good but im just not so sure of a big man with that size an power wanting to play on the outside. hopefully cal can get him around the basket but if he does an the next 230+ pound point guard coming out of high school see it its goin to be a harder sell…I like the dakari Johnson kid, that guy knows hes a center

  3. JimHarris

    Same here, 79, I’m enjoying what is happening with our football program and not eager for the season to end. If we can get thru the next 3 games without serious injuries we will be a pretty good team and will be in a position to win most of the games in the 2nd half. The UofL game is a proper indication, progress is being made, there is fun to be had thru Oct and Nov.

    Still, being a Kentuckian, I am very pleased that basketball practice gets an earlier start and I can enjoy my favorite sports season of the year when both Football and basketball are going strong. And next year when we start going to bowl games again the overlaps will be longer and even more fun for the BBN.

    Speaking of the BBN, I just can’t understand Kentuckians who only tune into our great basketball teams but have no interest in the struggling football teams, women’s basketball, baseball, softball and the “minor” sports. I’m not particularly a fan of Mitch B., but I’m happy to have an AD who gives real support to the lesser programs–with great success in several of them.

    For me it’s GO CATS!, no matter what game.

  4. Little Baron

    Very happy to enjoy basketball (as it prepares for a possible historic 40-0 season, while also enjoying the progress we all anticipate to continue to see with our football program. I can handle both. I remember going to see UK’s Tim Couch throw a lot (5?, 6?, 7?) of TD’s in CWS and then going to Midnight Madness.

    “… size and athleticism…
    very rare combination of those two qualities…
    6-10, long, physically powerful, extremely mobile and skilled…
    as good a package as you can find…
    of what a player’s body could be… he is in the top five percent of all basketball payers across world…
    he brings confidence and energy,”…

    And that’s why he will be the #1 pick, after just 1 year with Calipari, after co-leading the CATS to #9

  5. Phillip Barker

    Unreal quickness for a guy his size….how would you like to draw the assignment of guarding him? Wow! Right on Little Baron-nailed it!

  6. LindaS

    have you seen the arms on Randell? Weapons of Mass Destruction!

  7. purberty cumberdale

    I guess UK isnt cliff’s “dream school” after all. Must be that he dosen’t want to be pushed harder than he ever has to become the best he can be,and dosen’t like the team concept.Oh well,I wouldn’t want him in the program if he thinks like that.

  8. Wilbur

    Kemp is our best back and he is not getting any touches. Every week Stoops says that they need to involve Kemp more in the offense then he is left buried on the bench.
    I have faith sounds better than still have faith to me.

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