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Mike DeCourcy takes look at comparing UK’s 2011-12 team to next season’s team


Sporting News columnist Mike DeCourcy was the first to tell me how special he thought Kentucky’s eventual 2012 national championship team could be several months before that season even started.

Now that Kentucky coach John Calipari will have his deepest and most experienced team in his six seasons at UK, I wondered how DeCourcy thought the 2014-15 team might compare to that 2012 championship team.

“I think at this point I am still not sure on paper this team is better than the 2012 team,” said DeCourcy. “That team probably had more issues at point guard going into 2011-12 than this team will have. This team has two excellent options (Andrew Harrison and Tyler Ulis) and that team only had one (Marquis Teague) and it took time to figure out.

“But Anthony Davis still is the best talent if you stack up everybody on both teams by far. That 2012 team also had Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb, a great shooter, and the all bought into Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Then don’t forget Darius Miller.

“This year’s team will have more big bodies, but you can only play so many at a time before the defense gets sacrificed a little bit. I am not yet convinced this will be a superior team in terms of what rotation John uses. You talk about talented players, this team has more but what can John use and how will he use that talent.

“Nobody who wins a championship plays 11 or 12 guys. You go back to (Kentucky’s) 1996 (championship season) and see how many guys played a lot once the games got real. When they were killing teams, a lot played but in the Final Four and tight games the rotation was tight. This team could be the same way.”

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  1. Bob

    I think it’s unfair to try an compare teams for so many reasons . However since John Calipari came to Kentucky i have watched closely his moves as to building . His first 2 seasons it was all about he was the big dribble drive guards coach and while the world was foucused on his backcourt he transformed his front court and bingo he has an solid team .I think next year is exactly what coach has been working towards as another goal he has meet. I have watched many coachs threw the years . Kentucky is lacking one thing for an 3/4 Title run. That is an bench. UCLA john Wooden ,Smith had an spur, Florida an flicker, and U-Conn an taste .But Wooden stands alone . I think an 11/12 man lineup is exactly what is needed to run off 3/4 titles in 5 years . This being an mix of one and dones and 2/3/4 year players .When WCS went down this pass year the team never missed an beat . With an 11/12 man team coach could form two teams with many different faces . This is not the same game 25 years ago . The talent level is so huge it is everywhere and the playing feild is an lot more even. I think coach knows where he is going and what he wants and when he gets there look out because Kentucky will be an steam roller .I would like Johnson to get some of Cousins attack in him and go to the basket with power. I think Johnson could be another Russel and one of the best to play center in both NCAA and NBA .Larry as people were caught up in season coach Cal has for the second time had key players stay and we all know what happened the last time #8. just think if some stay there 3rd year the training ect.

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