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Mike DeCourcy notes that Willie Cauley-Stein could make UK extraordinary


Sporting News college basketball columnist Mike DeCourcy continues to lavish love on coach John Calipari’s team. He has Dakari Johnson at No. 6 and Willie Cauley-Stein at No. 7 among his list of the nation’s top centers for the upcoming season.

Here is what DeCourcy wrote about Cauley-Stein, who many expected would be in the NBA this year:

“Who here expected Cauley-Stein to be back in college basketball? Not even John Calipari would raise his hand. Projected as a top-20 NBA Draft pick because of his defensive ability and exceptional athleticism, Cauley-Stein shocked the game by returning for another season with the Wildcats.

UK was going to be fine without him, as this list (and the other four position rankings) demonstrates. But with him there is the chance to be extraordinary, if others commit as much to the defense as he does and he perhaps becomes a more productive offensive player.”

Now here is what he had on Johnson:

“If Kentucky had only one center worth ranking, whether it were Johnson or Willie Cauley-Stein, that player might merit a more prominent position. But how does one become an all-star when playing half the time? In fact, Johnson’s offensive skill and Cauley-Stein’s defense are rather a perfect combination. Together, they make one sensational center. And as he showed during the final three games of last season, Johnson is willing to go it alone if his partner is unavailable.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Twin Towers x 2…..how sweet it is !

  2. But he forgot

    possibly the best C on the roster, Karl Towns.

  3. Mike

    Nobody can question WCS’s athleticism and defensive ability, but until he develops more mental intensity and “want to” there will continue to be questions on his consistency and offensive production.

  4. The Wiz

    Darn! I thought Mike was gone.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Rehabilitated…we’ll see.

  5. Larry T Clemons

    As I have stated for 2 years, WCS is a nice guy, full of smiles & fun….For WCS to be a dominant force in College Basketball, He will need to get a Mean Streak, All or Nothing attitude on the Court ! This will happen, I just don’t know when…Maybe Our future practices, with a few Bigs taking Him on, might bring it Out of Him….I hope Dakari is watching Patrick Ewing Tapes, Dakari has that aggressive edge, He just needs to know when to call on it.

  6. King Ghidora

    I’d rather him watch Cousins tapes myself Larry C. He seems like more that type of back to the basket player. I know Cuz plays forward a lot now but at UK he played center and did it very well. Ewing was always more of a forward IMO. Johnson really reminds me more of Jorts but with more talent. I’m not knocking Harrellson here. I just think Dakari has the capacity to be better. Jorts was really good when he finally turned it on.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      with such a small college career, you’d go through those tapes in a couple of days…Ewing, had a Toughness about Him…You knew you were in a War, when you played Georgetown…Our Kentucky Bigs, could all Learn from that attitude, Maybe Karl will BRING IT !

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