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Michigan State coach says Kentucky football lacking “continuity”


Kentucky’s recruiting success in Ohio has become a national story and Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio is paying attention. Mike Griffith of www.mlive.com noted that Dantonio and his staf have “many solid high school connections” in Ohio and Dantonio was asked if UK was impacting his recruiting.

“I go back to where I say, `what is the truth?’ ” Dantonio said. “It’s about the people. Most people in the Midwest want to play where their family can come see them play. The second thing is, what you’re looking for where you go to school is continuity. I don’t know how much continuity they have at Kentucky.”

Griffith wrote that Dantonio respects the Southeastern Conference but is not ready to “anoint” the SEC as the best despite the league’s run of national championships.

“I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to say who has the best conference unless you take all-star teams and play,” Dantonio said. “I don’t’ see the complete dominance, I see two teams out there playing. I see that in Pac 12, Big 12, the Big 10. I see it in the ACC, across the country. On any given day, it depends on how you play, the game comes down to turnovers and tackling and the little things that make the game real. Trying to put a perception out there is tough. That perception exists and we have to combat that perception.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    Continuity? Here is some continuity for you coach. UK was playing football when you were “shitting yellow.” Did he ever hear about “Shipwreck Kelly” or maybe Bear Bryant? He started at UK. I hope we get many more from Ohio. I am tired of people like this guy trashing UK football. I take offense.

  2. Stephen

    Although this is Dantonio’s way of attempting to instill negative thoughts into both current and potential UK recruits, he does have a point.

    The football program has always been revolving door of coaches. The administration attempted to address this issue during the Brooks era by first making Joker the “head coach in waiting”, and ultimately having him succeed Brooks. In theory, that looked like a good move. Joker was supposedly a great recruiter with all the tools of a good head coach. Brooks left him with a good foundation of assistants, and supposedly (there’s that word again) Joker’s youth and drive could take the program to the next level. But in putting his own stamp on the coaching staff, Joker succeeded in running off most of that continuity and replaced it with some of his own cronies. Bottom line, his cronies let him down and Joker wasn’t the taskmaster it took to get the job done.

    Who knows if the school can build continuity now with the advent of Stoops Troops. The foundation appears to be there. Stoops is a known football name. He has assembled a young, but very talented staff that is rewriting many of the books on how to recruit in the SEC. Neal Brown is the next best thing in the world of OC’s, and the rest of the staff appears to be stacked. So who knows, perhaps it all starts with these guys!?!?

    His statements bring me to these questions, however. What’s the matter Mark? Can’t come up with a better approach to out-recruit us in Ohio?

  3. Larry Pup

    What you say has some truth to it Stephen, I just don’t like outsiders throwing it up in our faces all the time. Kind of sick of it to tell you the truth. Michigan State ain’t no world beater in football these days either. The reason UK has not excelled in football the past 40 years is coaches we had could not recruit. That is changing fast ain’t it? And this guy Dantonio ain’t digging it.

  4. Stephen

    I’m right there with ya!

  5. Tom

    Yep, excuses ARE a sign of weakness!

  6. Larry T Clemons

    I could easily name 7 or 8 SEC Universities that would easily Beat Michigan State over the last 5 years, for that matter…he is just being protective of his (former) turf…because I’m sure he’s not that ignorant to think the SEC only has two top programs…

  7. TrueBlueJohn

    The statement Dantonio made that points out that he needs a geography lesson is “Most people in the Midwest want to play where their family can come see them play.” The last time that I looked at a map, Ohio was just across the river from Kentucky. When other coaches have to resort to negative comments, it is a good indication that “the times they are a’changing”. Sounds like a worried man to me.

  8. ukscat

    Had always thought he was sort of a “right on” guy. He could have taken the high road in his comment. Certainly did not. Too bad.
    Next thing to worry about is a Big Ten team offering Coach M a huge raise.
    Jeez, I should have better things to do.

  9. Terry Blue

    I’m sure the Mich.St coach was being nice in this interview, hard telling what he’s telling recruits. He’s in denial on which conference is best, LOL, the SEC has won the last 7 National Championships. As far as the UK program lacking continuity, we’re starting with a new staff. How many programs have the same coach for 20+ years? If I seem to remember he hasn’t been at Mich State all that long himself, so does his program lack continuity also?

  10. Larry Pup

    Michigan State has not been all that great since Duffy Daugherty left. With him they were a power house until they got caught cheating by the NCAA. How is that for continuity? He is just trying to slow UK football recruiting by saying something like that. Why can’t some of these coaches just worry about their own back yard? The only one who can run his mouth IMO is Saban.

  11. MikeF

    And how many outright B10…er B14 Championships has Dantonio won?, as Stoops said, when they start trash talking, we have taken some of their recruits, I guess we’ll be hearing a lot from Mr. Dantonio in teh upcoming years…if he is still there.

  12. RJ

    I’ll give Dantonio credit for getting the “base” fired up! We can show Dantonio some continuity by winning games. That’s the best way to stuff his words back into his sizable mouth!

  13. Shinny

    We will be in the National Playoffs in 3 years. Will you Dantonio? Doubt it-you didn’t get enough OHIO boys!!!!!

  14. Juan4UK

    Something that never really gets talked about, and certainly not by other conf. Is that come bowl season SEC teams are always matched with the higher rated team from the opposing conf. Sec east 4 th place team plays the 2nd place such n such conf. . To me, that is the tale of the tape. Go look at the bowl match ups.

  15. Rhea Baker

    Everyone gets pissed when you’re getting beat. Give it up Mark and admit you’re getting you ass handed to you on a silver spoon.

  16. UKFMLY

    The same team that hired John L Smith NUFF SAID.



  17. ANDY

    Well if MSU coach is taking cracks like Coach Spurrier usually does we must be doing something right. By the way, coach Spurrier how did you lose to Joker Phillips?

  18. TrueBlueJohn

    A little off the subject of this article, but in the few short months since Mark Stoops took this job, think about what has taken place. As a fanbase, we have become as concerned about what 4* – 5* linebacker has committed to play for the Cats, as any 4* – 5* point guard. My mind boggles at the concept that we may become a two sport powerhouse.

  19. steve from Dayton -- UKFBFAN

    I LOVE IT! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! WHEN was the last time anybody from Michigan worried about what recruits Kentucky got? We can expect a lot more of this and we deserve it. We have earned it.

    We have a coaching staff and program that have put us in a position where a Big 10 coach must down-play our success. They had better be concerned because… WE ARE COMING BACK for more of those players…Maybe, next week.


  20. Larry T Clemons

    I’ll Admit it….” I’m a Stoopified Brown Noser ! Go Cats…

  21. Kokamo Joe

    I am glad that you take offense to UK being trashed. It is about time that UK fans began to demand that UK place emphasis on football. We may have begun to turn the corner. Yes, we have been fooled many times before, but this time UK…the University, seems to be willing to invest both prestige and treasure in UK football. Three years down the road UK may be SEC competitive. The BBN has yet to decide on what SEC competitive means.

    As far as the University and the BBN: we may be offended when another coach or a journalist calls our program non continuous, but we must, we must absolutely accept the truth before we can begin to DEMAND SOMETHING BETTER. Public ridicule is the perfect medicine to wake up the frankly…weak…football program that UK has been since the Bear left us some 6o years ago. IMO, if our fan base and the UK administration must not settle for the non important minor Brooks era bowls and their 6-6 records. If we do then mediocrity will be the word that best describes UK football and continuity may never have.

    Get mad, but demand more.

  22. King Ghidora

    Gee the most consecutive bowl games MSU has gone to is 6. Didn’t UK go to 5 straight from 2006-2010. But that’s ancient history of course. It was 3 whole years ago. MSU really hasn’t been what I would call a good team since Duffy Daugherty left in 1972.

  23. Love SEC F-Ball

    The Big 10 compared to the SEC?? There is no comparison.
    I agree with Larry T. except that there are more than 7 or 8 SEC schools that would usually beat M.S. more like 10 or 11 most years.

  24. Komoka Joe

    Yes we did go to bowl games, but how important were then and did they really matter? I say that our sights have to be higher. Truth be told two events helped our bowl picture as much as anything (1) Kragthorpe became UL’s coach and without Petrino UL sank like torpedoed battle ship in WW II. (2) UL and Indiana agreed to drop their long standing rival game and UK picked up a sure fire cup cake. Those two wins got us to 6 and 7 and we were bowl bound.

    Stoops is here and he and his staff are recruiting like mad. It looks like there will be a bright future. Next year may not be so good, but better days are coming. IMO, we simply cannot miss this golden opportunity to actually become competitive in the SEC. Instead of insignificant bowl games, why not set our sights on a legitimate BCS bowl game?

    The BBN and the University must also set some goals. We could start by actually defining success.

  25. Larry Pup

    We did, and they hired Stoops. Facilities are being upgraded, and recruiting is going better than we could ever have imagined. BBN just don’t like outsiders butting in with their two cents worth. Joe many of us have followed UK football through thick and thin. The criticism by somebody who needs to get his own program going in the right direction is a little hard to swallow. Any UK fan who has followed the perils of our football program for the last 50 years don’t need to be lectured on continuity. It is sort of like rubbing salt in the wound. I say let him worry about his own program and leave UK alone. When asked about Kentucky’s recent football recruiting success, he should have just said, “yeah, they (UK) are recruiting well. We have to pickup the pace.” That way is the high road, and the gracious thing to do. But no, he wanted to be cute, and he pissed a bunch of us off in his continuity remark. UK is getting after it now in football, I credit Mitch and the whole coaching staff for bearing down and attempting to bring this program to national prominence by the changes that were made. I believe it will happen, and then we will start building on continuity the “Stoops” way.

  26. Kokamo Joe

    There was a kid in my high school who would not bathe. He stunk up the place especially on those hot September and October days. He was teased and harassed. A group of boys threatened to take him to the basketball dressing room and scrub him down with lye soap and a scrub brush. He was saved by the principal who threatened to expel the boys. The principal referred the 15 year old to a very wise school counselor who sat the boy down and told him the truth. He then called the boy’s parents and explained the situation and asked them not to mention it to the boy. The kid needed to get in the tub because he knew why he was being harassed and was willing to do something about it.. He did and he became a new boy and he the harassment stopped and he actually became well liked by the time he graduated.

    Stoops is the soap.

  27. Larry Pup

    Joe I knew we could find common ground. Oh yeah! Stoops has kicked this outfit in the tail and got it moving again. You are a good fan my friend. I really do like to read your stuff. You give us something to ponder almost every time you post on VV. We don’t always agree, but I know where you stand, and that’s OK.

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