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Meet UK dance team member Christie Horan and get ready for her blogs on national competition

Larry with Dance Team members Lindsey and Christie.

Larry with Dance Team members Lindsey Buehner (left) and Christie Horan.

Vaught’s note: Christie Horan is a UK dance team member who will be competing for a national championship next weekend in Orlando. She’s going to blog most days for us starting Sunday about the competition, experience and other things to give us some insights on what the competition is all about. Enjoy what this talented junior has to share. And she has been part of the blog header (lower right hand corner) since attending the 2011 Ohio Kentucky Convention with Lindsey Buehner.


I am a junior at the University of Kentucky, majoring in Marketing and Integrated Strategic Communications. I’m from Cincinnati, OH and was drawn to UK for its southern appeal, love of sports, campus, and its Wildcat pride and spirit. This is my third year on the UK dance team and my third year attending UDA College Nationals. I’ve had a passion for dancing and performing in front of a crowd since I was a little girl. I wanted to continue that passion and take my dancing to a collegiate level at the University of Kentucky.

 The UK dance team started competing at Universal Dance Alliance (UDA) Nationals in 2009. UDA College Nationals takes place each year in Orlando, Fla. at Disney World’s Wide World of Sports on the third weekend of January. It is broadcasted on ESPN at a later date. Kentucky is known for competing in the division IA Pom and Hip Hop categories, placing within the top ten each year. We prepare for UDA Nationals each year with hard work, determination, devotion to our team, and the love for dance. This year our team is especially strong, physically and mentally, in both categories. We’ve worked really hard and devoted many hours to both routines, hoping to place within the top five teams of each category. (The top five teams in each category receive paid bids to attend UDA nationals the following year.)  Our ultimate goal is to bring a national championship to Kentucky!
We have been preparing for nationals since September of 2012 and started practicing for Nationals consistently since November. We dedicate our winter break to preparing for Nationals, practicing each day for several hours and dedicating an equal amount of time to each routine. Compared to previous years, I believe this team has a special bond and has worked extra hard to do well at Nationals this year. We have an amazing amount of talent on the Nationals teams and work incredibly well together. We’ve kept our eyes on the prize and continue to grow stronger each day. There are 16 girls in each routine and 11 girls dancing in both routines.
I’m really looking forward to blogging about Nationals and sharing with readers the emotions, adventures and events we go through while competing in Orlando. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences with others and am really looking forward to the opportunity to do so. Those of the Big Blue Nation who follow the dance team or are interested in finding out more about what we do will appreciate the blog or even those just interested in keeping up with Kentucky Athletics. I will do my best to keep readers updated about practices, our travel adventures, before and after each performance, and especially the dance teams results. I hope everyone has as much fun keeping up with us that I do during the trip!

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  1. Karen Sprinkle

    I can’t wait to read more about this. After meeting two of the Dance Team members at one of Darius’ signing appearances last year, I have a much greater appreciation for the amount of work these talented individuals put into their routines.

  2. Laykin Tucker

    This is awesome Christie! I’m so proud you and I know you and the rest I the team will make the Big Blue Nation proud!! :) best wishes and good luck!!

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