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Media picks UK, Patterson tops in the SEC


Southeastern Conference media members don’t think quite as highly of Kentucky freshman John Wall as some others do.

Of course, it’s hard to make a case for him being slighted when he was named to the preseason all-SEC second team considering he’s a freshman and has never played a college game. However, others are touting him as national player of the year, so obviously the 25-member voting panel — and no, UK did not ask me to be the media representative to vote on the team — thought a little less of his potential.

However, the media did get it right by predicting Kentucky would win the SEC championship and by naming UK junior Patrick Patterson as the preseason player of the year.

Coach John Calipari’s Cats got 20 first-place votes while Mississippi State had three and Tennessee two. Naturally, Kentucky was the choice to win the SEC East followed by Tennessee, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. Yes, that’s former national powerhouse Florida and coach Billy Donovan — remember when almost everyone wanted him at Kentucky — picked fifth in the division.

Patterson got 11 of the 25 votes for player of the year. Surprisingly, Wall got six even though he didn’t rate first-team honors. Jarvis Varnado of Mississippi State, Devan Downey of South Carolina and Tyler Smith of Tennessee got the other votes — and that five would be my all-SEC first team if I had been asked to vote. Instead, Mississippi’s Terrico White was named to the first team while LSU’s Tasmin Mitchell, Vanderbilt’s A.J. Ogilvy, Ole Miss’ Chris Warren and Auburn’s DeWayne Reed were named to the second team along with Wall.

What do you think? Who would be on your all-SEC first team and second team?

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  1. Kevin Wright

    That is the most absurd thing for the guy to come in 2nd in POY votes and only make the 2nd team. I’d understand if they didn’t vote him 2 in POY. Nuts!

  2. gmoyers

    Fair observation

  3. Jim Boyers

    Pre-season guesstimations mean jack. Just more incentive for Wall to go out and prove them wrong, especially if he reads Sherron Collins’ recent comments. Let the season begin because IT AIN’T WHERE YOU START, IT’S WHERE YOU FINISH! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  4. gmoyers

    But it is nice to start high and finish high both. Nothing wrong with that, either


    I am with you Larry, I like your 5 and after just his performance at madness I am picking Liggins as come back player of the year. I know it was practice but he looked quick strong and in control. I see why you picked him as part of your UK starting 5. I get a lot of flack from some UK fans about that young man. I just remind them what Pitino said about Farmer when he first arrived at UK and look how he turned out. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. GO BLUE ORSTAY HOME

  6. Jeff Perry

    I usually don’t go for the establishment, but I have to go with the same 1st team. If Patrick is the player of the year, that will probably mean WE had a great year, and as much as these individual honors are valued and respected , it will be the TEAM sucess that should and will motivate these fine young men. That will be the true test if they are buying into what Coach Cal is teaching. We all know the more the Team wins, the more Indivdual awards players on that team recieve. I hate to admit it, but the team does have a little ways to go before they will be the dominate team I believe they can be, but the athleticism is really fun to watch, and this should be something awesome that we are going to get to see coming together.Live Blue !!!!!

  7. gmoyers

    I am sticking with Liggins for a while, too. I think he desperately wants to prove Cal right and Billy G. wrong.
    Great point Jeff on team success. Patrick will be all for that and I think John Wall will, too. who knows. Maybe UK will have three first team all-sec players by the time the year ends if it is the dominant team we all think it can be.

  8. Linda S

    Guys, I don’t care what other people say about OUR team and players. It’s nice to have accolades before the season starts and it’s nice to have the awards when it is over. However, I just want the darn season to start. I grieved over the last 2 seasons, and the 3-4 before that was not anything to bring a smile to my face. There will be some bumps along the road this year, but tighten your seat belts, we are in for one heck of a ride…might not hurt to have an oxygen tank handy too. Let those other people predict who is gonna be what and who is gonna end up at the top…we are back and that is all that matters. We’ll show those doubters! GO BIG BLUE! Long live The Nation! I am so pumped I can hardly stand it…my first grandchild is due Friday and I don’t know which one I am looking more forward to, meeting the grandchild or the start of the season! Heaven above help me…please!

  9. gmoyers

    I think mostUK fans are with you Linda and can’t wait for the season to get here and get going. Blue-White in two weeks. Just stay patient.

  10. Jim Berryman

    Blue-White in one week Lawerence! Please don’t push it further away.

    I’m with you on DeAndre. It would be great if we could test the waters with him, J.W., Eric, Pat, and somebody like Perry to see what a quicker, good-passing team could do.

    Have you done the math to see how many combonations there could be. Call an Actuary. You’ll need one.

    Hold on – Cal needs one.

  11. Larry Vaught

    YOu are right Jim. I had the exhibition game in mind. Blue-White is Wednesday. It’s going to be fun

  12. Jim Boyers

    Jim Berryman, 154,440 possible combinations. There are 5 people on the floor at one time. The first player can be any of 13. The second can be any of the remaining 12 and so on.
    13 x 12 x 11 x 10 x 9 = 154,440 combinations.

  13. Jim Boyers

    Just to clarify: The previous calculation is based on the fact that any player can be put into any position, including all guards or all big men at once, which is pretty much true for the system Cal plays.

  14. Larry Vaught

    Those are impressive numbers JIm Boyers. And kind of mind boggling

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