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Media members feel Louisville will have more pressure to win Saturday against Kentucky

uk-ul-logo1Question: Which team has the most pressure on it to win this year?

Tom Leach, Leach Report and UK Radio Network: “ Louisville.  They’re going to be favored and with such a big experience edge and the homecourt, they have more things working in their favor than at any other time in Cal’s time at Kentucky.”

Larry Glover, Larry Glover Live: “If Pitino can’t beat Calipari Saturday then U of L fans will have to wonder if he ever will.  Rick is 0-4 against Cal and 2-7 in the last 9 games against Kentucky.  Plus, he’s not likely to win next either with the game at Rupp and Cal poised to bring in the best class ever  That means the pressure is all on the Cardinals.”

Ryan Lemond, Kentucky Sports Radio: “ No doubt it’s Louisville. They’ve lost four in a row to their arch-nemesis and arch-rival.  They lost two games to them last year.  They lost in the Final Four to them last season.  They lost two years ago at the YUM Center to UK when it was supposed to be the big ‘christening’ of their new home. It’s Pitino’s old school. It’s Pitino’s old protege. Everything about this game puts all the pressure on U of L, but the biggest reason has to be that if Pitino doesn’t win this one, he may never beat Calipari at UK. UK is going to stay at top caliber team. U of L may never have this talent level again … ever.”

Jennifer Palumbo, WKDY-TV: “ Louisville.”

Mary Jo Perino, WLEX-TV: “Louisville, no doubt.  They’ve lost to Cal three straight years and are supposed to be the much better team. Pitino can’t lose this game.”

Ashley Scoby, vaughtsviews.com: “Kentucky. Coming off a national championship and a Final Four win against Louisville, the Cats are still seen as being the top dogs and expected by UK fans to beat Louisville (always). Louisville has almost flown under the radar this year, even with their national ranking. Kentucky has much more to prove this time around, especially after they fell out of the top 25.”
Mark Buerger, WLAP Sunday Morning Sports: “I’ll say Louisville, but only because everybody expects them to win. Kentucky needs this game to prove it can beat somebody good.”

Keith Taylor, Winchester Sun: “Louisville has more to lose since the Cardinals are having what has been a banner season so far. A loss would drop Louisville in the polls, while a win for Kentucky would land the Cats back into the Top 25 going into the Southeastern Conference portion of the schedule. Kentucky hasn’t fared well on the road this year and a victory at Louisville would give the young squad confidence going into the SEC. Louisville has lost four in a row to the Wildcats, including twice last year.”

Next: What are the chances both teams could reach the Final Four again this year?

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  1. Mike Flannery

    This is not Pitino’s best team at UL, this team is very good on defense, but has many holes on offense. The three point shooting has been sporadic and the post play lacking. Any good team that handles their pressure defense and doesn’t lose the rebounding battle big will be able to beat them. UL does not have a strong “go to” guy. Pitino will have good teams in the future, to think this is his last chance to beat UK is not realistic. UL and Pitino will always be a competive game. If the game is close down the stretch, I would love to see Cal spring a zone on the Cards at crunch time. With Cal’s history, this is very unlikely.

  2. Jim Boyers

    This game has all the potential of being one of the biggest “brick-fests” we’ve ever seen. With both teams being such shooting enigmas, we may not see the game go out of the 40’s.

    Oh, and Loserville has ALL the pressure on them. I haven’t heard one single UK fan say that losing this game would be a horrible thing. That hasn’t been the case in years past.

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