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Mays admits teams have tried to bully UK and that teammates need to accept coaching


When Julius Mays was struggling to make shots earlier this year, Calipari always noted that he found other ways to help the team win and/or compete.

Mays, a fifth-year player, thinks his past experience has helped him cope with the stress of UK’s season better than some of his younger teammates.

“I have been through it, but it takes experience to learn. You do not like to lose, but these are good life lessons for all these guys. Life will not always be peachy. Not all things in life will be like you want them to be,” said Mays Tuesday as UK attempts to bounce back from a 30-point loss at Tennessee Saturday when it hosts Vanderbilt Wednesday night.

Mays says he fights so hard on the court because he has “a lot of heart and takes things personally” in games.

“On the court, I do not like to let anybody think they can beat me. I like to win,” Mays said. “If I am fighting, they (younger players) can use me as an example.”

Mays would not deny that teams have knocked UK around this year and been more physical.

“It started when Maryland outrebounded us (in the first game). Since then every team has tried to come in and bully us,” he said.

He also issued a challenge for his teammates as they try to salvage the season.

I just think as a player you have to be willing to make adjustments on the fly and accept coaching and not feel like the coach is down on you every time he is telling you something,” Mays said.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    The Coach is not down on any of you…He’s DOWN on your Play ! You’ve tried it your way…How bout’ we try it Coach’s way Wed. with Vandy….

  2. J cole

    Larry T, that’s exactly right! Come on team, you can do it, whip those Commodores!

  3. Mike

    I have been wondering if NN is getting on his teammates about their pathetic play.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope a lot of these young freshman did not come to Kentucky expecting that they were going to be drafted in the NBA regardless. Perhaps, they didn’t expect they actually had to play together, thought they were better than they are or maybe they thought all other teams would back down to them ? Whatever it is they may want to start showing up or they will ride the pine.

  5. Lori Metcalf

    One of the commentators on the Mizz-Fla game just said this about a freshman’s role: Show up, shut up and keep up. Thought that was awesome and very appropriate for UK.

  6. bryan mc

    I haven’t give up on them,but it seems some players are thinking that things will come to them instead of working for it.

    1. King Ghidora

      The sad part is that it might very well come to those players despite their lack of effort. Remember the NBA took players right out of high school for a long time. Those players would have likely just skipped college back then. The NBA teams figured they could bring those players along as they saw fit. Those team owners would still be doing that if they could. They look at potential instead of production a lot of the time. And the players we talk about here do have potential especially Goodwin. He has speed and the ability to slash and jump. That can be a great combination if the consistency comes along. And the NBA teams are known to be willing to take a chance. They have the D league to develop players now and they aren’t afraid to sign players and try to train them there. It’s cheaper for them to get talent before it blossoms. They have an idea which players might be talented enough to make it so they try to sign them early hoping to get out from under the guaranteed pay for lottery pick players. They can sign the kids much cheaper that way so don’t be surprised if they draft a player like Goodwin hoping he will get it together in the D league eventually.

  7. Jim Boyers

    There are 3 players who give it their all every second on the court: Nerlens, Jarrod and Julius. I have ZERO complaints about any of them.

    As for the rest of the team, they need to show a little pride and play the way they played to get offered their scholarships. They weren’t given a free ride to keep one foot on UK’s campus and one foot in the NBA draft room. Pull your collective heads out of your collective butts and play the game the way you are capable. Less than full effort is just ridiculous.

    If this team continues down the path from the last 2 games they will lose every remaining game by 15-20 (and yes, that includes to Vandy and Miss St). They will not be able to hold an opponent under 80 points and won’t score more than 60 or 70 themselves. Every opponent now knows that there is nothing on offense they need to do except drive the ball into the lane and make a layup. They also know that, defensively, they can clog the lane and wait for one of the guards to make a bad decision or take a stupid shot. It is beginning to look like this UK team is going to finish the season playing the worst basketball of Cal’s era. A complete turnaround (unlikely) is the only thing that will save this.

  8. John

    I hope Mays becomes a coach someday. I think he will be a good one.

    1. Jim

      Mays be a coach? I’m still looking for May’s to be a consistant player. He has had his share of lazy passes, hustle issues, and timid play. I do think he has improved, but nowhere near what a senior should play like at a top D1 school. The only player that hustled every play is out with a knee injury. If Mays could elevate his game, maybe he could “lead” the team. Without Noel, I don’t see a leader on this team.

      1. King Ghidora

        I think Polson is always working hard. That’s why he’s playing at all. He doesn’t have the great talent but if the entire team had his attitude they would have lost a lot fewer games.

  9. Ed Earl

    The best response to bullying that I have ever seen came from Walt Frazier about 30 years age. As he would dribble the ball, his opponent would knock him down and take the ball. This happened 3 or 4 times in a row. The refs would not call it even though it was obvious.
    The last time, Walt got up smiling and took his game to a much higher level than his opponent could ever reach. Walt scored the next 11 points which included getting a foul on the center and several steals.
    The opposing coach took the offending player out of the game to keep the game in reach and Walt went back to playing normally.
    The announcers had been saying that Walt was getting old and that this would be his last season, but after his 11 point run, they said that Walt can play as long as he wants.
    What class! Walt did not even let his opponent get close enough to him to foul him.
    Go Big Blue!

  10. DLancer

    I have been very disappointed at the softness of many of the players. It is going to be interesting when many of them who are expectant do not get first round selections to the NBA and are relegated to sitting on the bench next year, when better, more focused players enter the picture. Nerlens is the only one I see right now who has the total package that makes him a 1st rounder. Poythress is soft and timid, for all the remarks said about his athleticism and ability, and Goodwin seems to be the “uncoachable” one, with great ball skills, but little floor knowledge, inasmuch as he continues to simulate a bowling ball when driving the lane. I have been most impressed with Noel and Polson as far as dedication and hustle are concerned. What a team this could be if everyone could buy in to being coached.

  11. Jim Marcum

    Mays has had a lot of lazy moments and telegraphed passes as well as the others. Harrow made a pass tonite against Vandy and it was so telegraphed the Vandy player watched it go by him in disbelief, I guess he thought it was going to be a fake pass and Harrow through the ball right in front of the guys nose. That’s where they turn the ball over their lazy passes. When they jumped out to the little lead over Vandy they actually got some steals on Defense. It was some of the few steals I have seen them get all year. You score in spirts as Indiana and Louisville are doing this year in transition off of steals or rebounds and quick outlet passes. Defense creates the scoring runs that Ky has been undable to produce. That’s why all their games are close. They can’t put anybody away because they don’t get in anybodys face on Defense. The cats have soft hands I swear I could take the ball away from most of them. Weak azz puzzy azz play. Have some damn respect for yourselves if you don’t succeed at ky pros are going to wonder just how bad you want to play and if you are going to give them any effort. don’t clean your lockers out just yet unless you get asked for your scholarship back.

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