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Maxwell Smith resumes practice and Randy Sanders expects he will be close to 100 percent Saturday

By Evan Crane, UK Media Relations

LEXINGTON — Maxwell Smith wasn’t expected to resume practice until Wednesday, but offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said after practice Tuesday that Smith practiced and felt “pretty good.”

“Max felt pretty good today so he did practice,” Sanders said. “The original plan was for him to not throw much today, but he felt good so we went ahead and practiced him. We tried to limit his throws just a little bit but he looked good and felt good. He is not 100 percent yet, but I expect by Saturday he will be really close. We will see how he is doing in the morning and judge on how well he feels.”

Sanders said true freshman Jalen Whitlow got most of the snaps as the No. 2 quarterback Tuesday. Sanders said what makes Whitlow an option at quarterback is his speed and running ability.

“The thing Jalen can do and the advantage that young guys always have is their ability to run,” Sanders said. “That is the one thing he has. If he doesn’t know what is going on in the passing game he can pull it down and make yards … That is the thing that showed up most in fall scrimmages.”

Looking back at the Florida game, Sanders said there were some positives the team could take from the loss, especially how well they ran the football against a solid defensive front. That trend of stout defensive lines continues this week against South Carolina, who ranks seventh nationally in sacks and 22nd nationally in tackles-for-loss. Sanders said not only does the Gamecocks’ ability to get off the ball cause problems, but so does their height.

“I see a lot of big, fast, athletic guys,” Sanders said. “Their defense front is far and away the best defensive front we will have seen this year. Not only are they fast but they are tall. You got ends and the shortest one is 6-5. They are really good on defense, really active, really athletic up front … Their front makes you get it out of your hand so quick.”

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  1. Bill

    Not sure what to believe at this point about Max’s status. Hard to believe he could be 100% that quickly ?? Hope he is much better and can play.

    1. UKFAN197TONE

      Exactly. If he’s not 110% healthy and “I” have decided to RS Patrick, there is no way on Gods green earth that Max would be playing Saturday. NO WAY!

    2. love SEC F-Ball

      Who knows – Joker tells the media that Max can only hand off & he will not throw on Tues. Then the same day an article from U.K. Media relations indicates that Max did throw on Tues. I understand that recovery times vary and are only estimates but after reading Joker’s comments from the first article, I thought that Max would be lucky to recover by game time on Sat. I hope that he is healthy!

  2. D. Barnett

    The Joker era just hasn’t worked out / now go get Bobby Patrino and do it now, before some one else does, thats it.

    1. johnl

      I’ll second that.

    2. Andy S

      I would be really suprised if UK went after Petrino. Just don’t see it happening. I would take Chris Peterson from Boise State.

      1. larryvaught

        With you on Petrino Andy

        1. RJ

          Here, here…

  3. Reality

    Chris Peterson seems to be a upstanding guy, so he probably would not laugh in the face of UK administrators if they called him. He would probably politely tell them that he was not interested in coaching a program that has been allowed to languish as the lowest spender in the entire conference, despite revenues going (and continuing to go) up.

    Certain games may be on Coach Phillips, but ultimately the current state of the football program rests squarely on the shoulders of past and present administrators and legislators who have refused to allow the largest (by a factor of nearly 2) revenue producing sport in the department to spend in according with its earnings, potential, and requirements.

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