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Kentucky women’s coach Matthew Mitchell said he’s “very excited” about Friday’s game against Baylor and appreciates what coach John Calipari did to make the doubleheader possible.

“It’s a great, great experience. We have a great opportunity to play an outstanding team, but the overall experience is a great opportunity and I want to thank John Calipari for really putting this thing together and giving our program a chance to participate in something like this,” Mitchell said.

“He just called me one day a couple years back and had the idea and it went from there. He’s been so supportive of our program from the very first time he got here. The first day he showed up to campus, he came over to our office and was positive that day and has been positive every day since.

“Personally, he’s been very supportive of me as a young coach and shared a lot of wisdom with me over the years. To have a person like that to work with and promote our program the way he has, I’m really appreciative. We thank him a lot for that. It’s going to be a great opportunity to play one of the most hard-nosed, aggressive, tough basketball programs in the country.”

2 Responses to Matthew Mitchell on Calipari: “He’s been so supportive of our program from the very first time he got here.”

  • Judi Cole says:

    When we all say Coach Cal “gets it”, this is what we are talking about! His mind never stops and he continues to help all those around him be better. He sets an example and a precedent for programs all over the country by the way he treats his fans, players, the university and the community.

  • Little Baron says:

    I think it’s great to have a top ranked UK Women’s Basketball program. Although I do not follow it closely, I do check the box scores and read some of the articles. It’s always great to have top UK teams in any sport.

    Very nice compliments by Coach Mitchell toward Coach Calipari, and well deserved.

    Hope the Hoops Cats can win one as well as the WildCats… taking that double header would make some big news.


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