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Matthew Mitchell offers insights in Kyvin Goodin-Rogers

On Kyvin Goodin-Rogers spirits

“They were good this morning. I think we can expect a range of emotions here early on. She’s trying to have a really positive attitude through this very difficult situation. You can imagine coming to play at Kentucky has been something she’s been looking forward to doing for so long, and to work so hard during the summer and work harder than you’ve ever worked before, then you get right here to the beginning of the season and it’s taken away from you. It’s a very difficult set of circumstances for her. I think she’s really working hard to try and stay positive through a very disappointing set of circumstances. I think in the end, for her, it’s great that she communicated with our training staff and medical staff, so we could identify a serious problem. We’ll work real hard with her to find a positive way out of this and we certainly believe there is a positive outcome ”

On when Goodin-Rogers realized something was wrong

“She woke up Sunday night around 10:30 p.m. with a very sharp pain in her chest. We couldn’t identify it at that time , so we didn’t know what was going on. It subsided a little bit and she was able to get some sleep. She was able to come in and lift ( Monday morning ), but was still struggling with pain, so she asked the trainer for a couple Aleve and we started asking her what was going on. She said she had a sharp pain in her chest and that is never really good. That’s when our plan went into action. She didn’t practice Monday morning and we got her over to the student health center. The good folks over at Chandler Hospital really handled everything wonderfully. She had a CAT scan somewhere around one in the afternoon and it revealed a blood clot. We couldn’t be more proud of how Kvyin communicated to the medical staff and how it was handled all the way through.”

On how much it will affect the team’s frontcourt depth

“That’s one great thing I feel about our program is that if you want a chance to play, you are going to get it here. Every single day we have up – tempo, physical practices. Everybody gets reps and everybody gets a chance. We have a talented team, there’s no quote – unquote end of the bench where it’s written in stone you aren’t going to play. It’s still so very early, so she had a great opportunity to earn playing time. She was certainly at a spot where she was behind because there are seniors and juniors, but I thought she had really come on in the last week or so and progressing well. She would have had plenty of opportunity to play.”

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  1. John


  2. David Hopewell

    Is it just me or does it look like Matthew was talking to fast on this one…just a little hard to follow it’s so fast! LOL!

  3. Jim Harris

    I think she would have been more than a little contributor for the team this season before all was said and done. My heart goes out to any youngster whose hopes are dashed ( even if only for a season) just when they are about to realize their dreams. Wishing her the very best that good care and nature can provide her!

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