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Matthew Mitchell has lofty expectations for senior forward DeNesha Stallworth

Mitchell: “DeNesha is very, very talented, and what I try to impress upon her is we have a very important season ahead of us, but also she has a very important future ahead of us beyond this season.   have in my mind a real sense of urgency to try to complete the job that we started.  She came here because she wanted to become a complete player, and she wanted to really reach her potential, which is another way of saying she wants to be her best.

“I’m just looking for that. She has so many physical gifts. She’s such a versatile offensive and defensive player, another player that we love because she’s so versatile. What I think she needs to do is just taking that approach every single day of believing in herself and making sure that happens before practice starts and then practicing with that belief I think is really the key for her to break out and be — and I think she ought to be one of the top 10 or 12 players in the country. I think she should be an all-American. I think she could work herself into the position of being a top five draft choice.

“All of those things are going to happen.  I don’t think physically, I think it’s going to start mentally and emotionally for her. Just her believing in herself and coming to practice every day, pushing herself to be the best, because she has everything that you need to be an all-American type, SEC Player of the Year type, first‑round draft choice type, long professional careers ahead of her if she can get those mental and emotional things that will help her stay strong. I think that’s really the key for her.”

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