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Marrow says Kentucky fans put to rest “that crap that Kentucky fans don’t come out” for football

Question: What impact does the game-day atmosphere at Commonwealth Stadium have on recruiting?
Vince Marrow: “It don’t get no better than it was against Louisville. We had probably over 70 major, big-time recruits between the 2014, 2015 and 2016 classes with their parents. You see all these other schools using that crap that Kentucky fans don’t come out. Spring game, now this game against Louisville. The fans of Kentucky football speak for themselves.”

Question: Does that atmosphere impress recruits or their parents more?
Vince Marrow: “I think it sells the parents. They see the atmosphere. It sells that they are closer to home and you can go get this atmosphere and this type of experience here.
“But it also sells the players. I am always putting myself in position of the players and I am saying, ‘I see the Cat Walk, and fans know our recruits.’ I am going to be honest with you. This is no different — and I was in Nebrask for three years — but this is no different than Nebraska for fan support.
“I don’t know what happened here last year or the year before. I just know what I see. Over 50,000 at spring game, and then seeing this Louisville game. And even when we went to Nashville (to play Western Kentucky), the fans traveled down there.
“It is here. All we ask is that the fans show up. I think they have to appreciate what we put out there, and it is going to get better.”

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  1. Lori Metcalf

    Now maybe some if those “fans” who have decided to stay home until the product on the field is up to their standards will reconsider. You do make a difference. It reminds me of people who wait to buy a lottery ticket until the jackpot gets high enough. One million just isn’t enough for them, I guess.

  2. Juan4UK

    I’ll tell him him what happened. The UK fans went against everything they were raised on… And after 60 yrs of an overall losing record, and poor performance our fans went against the instinct in their blood!!!…. and they revolted. They revolted against the staff, the administration and the past. Unfortunately last yrs. team just happened to be caught in the fallout when that occurred. Let Vince tell em that!

  3. steve from Dayton -- UKFBFAN

    Thanks, Coach Marrow, We need to be told we are good fans. Even we have trouble believing it.

    If you think Louisville was good, wait until you see Alabama…especially if it’s at night. The last time we beat them was electric. And now they are telling us that Florida can be had.

    1. Ira


      We didn’t need to be told we are good or great fans, putting up with 60 yrs of losing to break even football has proven that. What Marrow Coach Marrow is dancing around and being PC, was the fan revolt of Joker Football and the way the admin hint AD handled it. The AD can say what he wants, skin it any way he wants, but when the numbers and they don’t lie, renewals season tickets were down as much 20+% for 2012, 15-18% 2011, and when when the AD tried to put out a claim of I believe of 35k for the 2012 Vandy game where we just got our butt kicked and it was only 18k, proof was in the pudding, the fan revolt worked. Keep Joker another year and we the fans won’t be back. He saw another year of season ticket decline, merchant sale decline, and everything else that goes with football.

      Bring us winning football, at least the attempt of it and we will be back.

  4. Kokamo Joe

    UK fans are used to over a half century of poor football. During the last year of the Phillips administration the fans sent a message loud and clear. Barnhart responded with a hire that we all can be proud of. Stoops has got the recruits coming. This year’s team might not be talented, but his players have a new attitude and things are looking up.

    Some say that a real fan is there regardless of the quality or effort of the team. I see it different. If your grocery story sold rotten meat year after year would you still buy there? Loyalty is great. If it helps continue mediocrity it is not so great.

    Enjoy what empty seats help bring us as we entertain Florida this week end. They may not win, but the effort will be there and who knows what effort and a little luck can bring?

    1. King Ghidora

      You got it right Joe. If the fans show up year after year despite a team that doesn’t produce then why spend the money to make the team produce? The Chicago Cubs are the premier example of this. Maybe the Detroit Lions. They never have a good team but the fans show up anyway. The fans only get one vote and that’s with their ticket. If they don’t buy one it’s a no vote. I know the Bengals went through this for a long time. Fans were used to having a winning team there though. And after a couple of decades of losing they finally started to bail on the team. Then what do you know they’re back in the playoffs after two decades of bad football.

      UK fans got a taste of at least some winning under Brooks. When it was obvious the team was backsliding into the loser they were for so long the fans voted with their tickets and presto, they got a coach dedicated to winning and able to win.

      If you buy tickets win or lose there’s only motivation to lose. The coaches get paid less but the money still comes in. Why hire a winning coach when a loser will still fill the stands? Sometimes a little bit of a revolt is a good thing. I always knew UK fans were the best. They showed up for decades when the team was losing big time. Not many fans do that. Now they have their team back IMO. They had to stop showing up to get their team back IMO too.

  5. Shinny

    Tell it like it is Ira! It hasn’t been that long ago that the BBN stormed Nashville for the Music City Bowl. I’m old enough to remember how the BBN took over Cat-lanta and the Peach Bowl (fumble) against Clemson! And that was when Curry was coach! I say Coach Marrow and his 4 & 5 star recruits haven’t seen anything yet!!!!

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