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uk footballBy LARRY VAUGHT

If Kentucky football fans were happy with this year’s recruiting class, tight ends coach Vince Marrow says just wait because even better days are ahead.

“We had six weeks to do this. Giving us a whole year, it’s going to be pretty special, pretty interesting. I’m very fired up. I know everybody else is fired up. Like I said, we’ve already got some of the top 10 guys on board that want to come now (next year). So it’s going to be a good thing,” said Marrow.

The coach, who came to UK from Nebraska, has strong connections in Ohio. That’s one reason UK signed Marcus McWilson, a four-star recruit that Marrow calls a “gifted athlete” that many feel is one of the best five players in Ohio.

“I am already on the top 15 guys (in Ohio) for next year. Can’t say their names, but they’re some very highly recruited guys,” Marrow said. ”So I can tell you this: Ohio is a very important state for us. We will be in there. We will take the top guys. I will be battling with Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska. And I feel pretty good about where we’re going with this.”

He says the key is not to be afraid to go after the best possible players.

“I know I don’t take a back seat to anyone. I know where Mark (Stoops) is from – he’s from Youngstown, Ohio – he don’t take a back seat. And most of the guys on this staff. We went after the top guys. We’re not going after no third-tier guys. We’re going after the top guys,”  Marrow said.

“I like coach Stoops’ attitude. We’re going to recruit five-star, four-star, highly recruited guys. You’ll see. We did this in six weeks. Now we’ve got a whole big chance for next year and we’ve got some guys on board already talking about wanting to commit as juniors.”

Junior defensive end Denzel Ware of Florida, a top 50 player in some recruiting rankings, gave Stoops his verbal commitment earlier this week.

Marrow also says UK fans can expect the tight end to have a “more integral part” in next season’s offense.

“You’ve got to have a kid that can run. That’s why we took the Steve (Borden) kid. I call him the WWF wrestling kid (his father is wrestler Sting). But that’s why we took him. We’re going to get some of the top national guys for 2014,”  Marrow said. “But I like the (current UK tight end Anthony) Kendrick kid. He fits what we need to do. You’re going to see the tight end play a big role in this offense.”

20 Responses to Tight ends coach Vince Marrow says best still to come for UK football recruiting

  • David says:

    I like the energy these coaches have and I really like their positve attitudes about recruiting 5 & 4 *’s and being able to land them.

    Great job coach and great article Larry.

    • Love SEC F-Ball says:

      I agree – You can’t hope to sign 4 & 5 star players if you don’t go after them.
      They are not taking a back seat to anyone. Good article – Keep us posted.
      More F-ball recruiting news in 2 months than the last 5 years!

      • TrueBlueJohn says:

        The last statement is right on. I think my calendar is lying to me. We can’t still be talking football in January and February, can we?

  • Love SEC F-Ball says:

    Remember Coach Stoops comment about Coach Marrow………
    “Vince does a fantastic job and relationships are his specialty”

    I am excited about the 2013 class but I can’t wait to see the 2014 group!

  • Katdaddy says:

    I’m so excited I’m wetting my drawers! Can’t wait for the spring game.

  • TrueBlueJohn says:

    And they said it couldn’t be done at Kentucky.

  • Larry Pup says:

    Winning starts with recruiting, and always has. I like our coaches attitudes. UK is going to bring some thunder! I can’t wait for early Sept.

  • Duck Adams says:

    If my financial status improves, we intend to re-new our season tickets. Last year was the first time in sixteen years that I did not have tickets. I knew what was going to happen as I predicted a two win season. Now that we have a coach, I’d like to be able to come back.

  • Ira says:

    Those that said it couldn’t be done believed in mediocrity.

    • Edward n Lex says:

      Ira you are completely correct. They either believe in mediocrity or they are roundballers who do not want Kentucky to have a highly successful football program.

  • Shinny says:

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  • UKFAN197TONE says:

    Well, no one can accuse of the coaching staff of not being confident. THAT’S for sure.

    I can’t wait for football season…I don’t think I’m alone.

  • John Siple says:

    I’ll be driving up from SC to see the spring game. Cannt wait, I’m hoping we have at least 50k there! GBB!!!

    • larryvaught says:

      John Siple, make sure to get in touch with me for the spring game. want to meet you and shake your hand

  • charlie says:

    Larry – keep the football info coming. Can’t get enough!

  • goukats says:

    I can’t believe the excitement thats being generated about UK football that this staff has.I’ve been following the Cats since Blanton Collier days and the excitement i’m reading about now is unbelievable.Makes one wonder about the others head coaches and staffs that have come and gone over the years,why they did’nt go about business as we are seeing now.UK fans have alwaysbeen highly supportive of their teams as witnessed by their attendance throughout the heartbreaking years .It seems we finally hired a football coach that gets it.Can’t wait for spring practice and the spring game.which i hope to attend.

    • TrueBlueJohn says:

      Goukats, I go back even further to the Bear Bryant days, and there was a lot of excitment in those days, but I can’t remember anything like this since then. I have always felt that the right coach and staff could make a real difference, but we seem to have always settled for something less. I think that now we are going to get the opportunity to find out if that is a true statement.

  • I did not come up for the last two spring game, but will be there in April. It is a night game like it used yo be in Stoll field . AIIIIIIIR RAAAAIIIIDDDD


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