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Mark Stoops’ updates on Maxwell Smith, Donte Rumph, Daryl Collins


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops is not prone to give out much information about injuries — he’s no Rich Brooks for sure. So enjoy these few nuggets he shared after Tuesday’s practice.

On quarterback Maxwell Smith: “He told me he was feeling good. I mean, he didn’t throw any balls today, but he said he’s feeling good. Hopefully it’ll just be a few days, I would think. Doesn’t seem to be anything major.”

On defensive tackle Donte Rumph: “Nothing major. Nothing major.” He confirmed that Rumph did not practice. “That’s the last you’ll get out of me this week. It shouldn’t be anything major. He should be fine. If there was an injury that I felt that would keep somebody out of the Florida game, I would tell you right now, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.”

On receiver Daryl Collins, who did not play against Louisville: “A variety of things, but he’ll get on the field when he earns his playing time. He was banged up and missed a lot of time. That’s one thing. Didn’t help.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    The only iffy one is Collins. UK needs all hands available.

    1. Linda Huff

      Daryl Collins is a terrific football player. If he could get the chance to get on the field maybe Coach Stoops would stop playing favoritetism against players. Daryl got hurt his first year and came back in playing. Since stoops became the coach daryl don’t even get a chance to show how he can play.

  2. RJ

    I wouldn’t panic against FLA just yet. Louisville came off a winning bowl season last year and has most everyone back and we played them even up the first half if you take away the mistake points that we gave. If KY could come out and play a good game against FLA and eliminate the mistakes, we might just surprise them. I worry about the total team depth. Can we hang with them long enought to wear them down and beat them.

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