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Mark Stoops says there might be QB pecking order, but no one has won job yet


HOOVER, Ala. — Mark Stoops would love to have a quarterback take control of the position and make it obvious he should be the starter.

“I would love to have somebody take the job,” said Stoops during the Southeastern Conference Media Days here Thursday. “But I am not going to force a decision. I just want somebody to take charge.”

He agreed that the players need to know that as much as the coaches do with UK set to start preseason drills next month.

“I think everybody wants to know,” Stoops said.

Patrick Towles had the best spring game, Reese Phillips was the one praised for consistent play all spring and Drew Barker showed the “talent, toughness and leadership” that Stoops thought he had when he was recruited.

“The job has not been won,” Stoops said. “There might be a pecking order, but the job has not been won.”

Stoops has continued to be impressed with the offseason work Towles has done with quarterback specialists to improve his skills.

“It was impressive how he used his redshirt year,” Stoops said. “It was all-in with his teammates. He went out and got better. He did a lot of good things.”

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  1. RJ

    Towles may be the fair haired boy but did all of that QB specialists work translate to performance? I should think if it had, he would have the job sewn up by now.

  2. RandyB

    I think not naming a QB starter was deliberate with the coaches. If I were the coach, I would still have the carrot out there on the stick waving it in fron’t on all 3 of them to see who does the best job over the summer. They even said as much. I fear Coach Brown wants to give the job to Phillips because of his “consistency”, but I think that would pose political problems with the fans, not necessarily the players, naming a Tennesse QB over two Kentucky candidates. That said, I think Towles is doing his best to make the decision easier. Sounds like he was the catalyst for taking the lineman out to eat and showing up with Zach West at the 4th of July celebration in Lexington. Haven’t heard of Phillips or Barker being that visible.

    1. Larry Pup

      This ain’t politics, it’s college football. Start the best QB. If that is Reese he should get the nod. If it is Barker or Towles so be it. It is funny to me that Petrino can come in at UL and in a few weeks name his starting QB so the kid can get his head on straight for the upcoming season. This is taking far to long at Kentucky for coaches that are supposed to be top notch. Pick a starter and get on with it. How much do they have to see. I don’t care who it is, just pick one.

      1. RJ

        I’m with you. I will say this however, if the coaches pick wrong, they’ll get crucified and rightly so. That’s why they get paid the big bucks!

        1. Larry Pup

          I sort of jumped the gun RJ on the above post, out of frustration I guess. These coaches have to get this call right, I understand that. The first few days of camp are critical in their decision for the starting UK QB. I just hope and pray the guy they name can get this team cranked up and rolling. Completing passes and moving the chains is the order of the day. People around the QB have to step up too. Nobody is giving UK much hope. I hope they kick butt.

  3. greg

    I think that competition is what these coaches are trying to build across the board. We haven’t had that mind set in our program for many years and this is part of that.

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