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Mark Stoops: Good players “need to be led” and “put in position to be successful”


Kentucky coach Mark Stoops has not been happy with everything about spring practice, but he has no trouble pinpointing what he has liked best.

“I’m pleased with their overall attitude. Again, I keep on saying it: It’s not where we want it to be, but I see the improvement. I see them wanting to do things right,” the UK coach said. “I see their attitude being good, and their effort. That’s what I’m most pleased about. We have good players. They need to be led and they need to be put in position to be successful and we need to improve in all areas, but I see them wanting to do that.”

He says players and coaches have learned to be more comfortable with each other during spring practice.

“Again, it’s not a finished product and probably never will be. We’re always working on those relationships, but it is getting better,” Stoops said.

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  1. MikeF

    What an exciting time for the future of UK football. I really have a lot of confidence in our new Coaching staff. I am not expecting 6 or 7 victories this year, I am looking for a team that plays “smart” and competitive. The new staff has high expectations for our kids with an eye on realism for what has to change. This up tempo offense is going to be fun to watch, but, I am even more excited to see the defense. I just saw where Florida’s defensive line coach quit, hopefully, we can get back on Ware. The most exciting thing about Coach Stoops is that he called first and wanted this job…what a tribute to the BBN! Our biggest challenge may be keeping him in Lexington!

  2. Anonymous

    We have the hardest schedule in the country with 5 teams that will likely be in the Top 10 rankings. We are still young and need more quality wide receivers. We need depth at linebacker. I could go on. It takes time to build a competitive team in the SEC. How long did it take Spurrier at South Carolina? I hope we win them all, but I just want to see good, competitive football. Now that will excite me.

  3. Larry Pup

    I ditto what MikeF says on the excitement level. Coach comes across as a no nonsense type football coach who will eventually get it done at UK. He sugar coats nothing. I think this team will be better in many ways this year than we could have imagined. I think the coaching staff may just be trying to lower the expectations a little. As they roll into the fall, with new additions to the team coming in, it will be interesting to see the finished product when they face Petrino and WKU in Nashville. Go Cats.

  4. TrueBlueJohn

    The comment about the players needing to be led and put into position to be successful just points out the difference in coaching philosophy from one staff to the next. Joker and his staff may have recruited fairly well, but the players never enjoyed the success that was expected.

    I have the same vibes from this coaching staff that I had when John Calipari took the reins of the basketball program. They really seem to get it. That is why my expectations have been raised for football.

  5. Georgia Blue

    I always said that we had some good players. But how can they be successful if you don’t put them in a situation to make plays. I glad that players are happy and ready to compete. I see that staff is trying to change the whole mindset of this team about being in a successful program. Like the Coaches said that they need to work hard over the summer and come in this fall ready to play football. I have notice a lot teaching this spring on different technique. I had to say it but we needed this change for everybody. This is a business and everybody needs to held accountable for their job

  6. Georgia Blue

    Excuse my grammar , I didn’t proof read before I posted it

  7. RJ

    Leadership is never easy, seldom pleasent but always necessary. I like this guy more and more each day.

  8. Gene

    Rob Bromley at 27 Sports has reported this afternoon that the kid at the U.of Nebraska is about to transfer to UK. He (I believe his name is ‘Heard’) played high school ball at Cardinal Mooney up in Ohio and was considered a 4-star recruit coming out of high school. Will have to sit out this season but will be ready to go in ’14.
    His video, which was up on this site awhile back, was very impressive.

    1. larryvaught

      Heard is indeed saying he is transferring. will be a big addition

  9. Ira

    Joker’s old staff were to worried about moral victories. Don’t see that happening under Coach Stoops staff. Plus like what has been commented dozens of times before Joker would make some real head scratcher of calls. Punts, going for it on 4th on our own 38 yard line.

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