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Marcus Lee has no doubt about which game he’s most eager for this season

Marcus Lee photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.

Marcus Lee photo by Clay Jackson. All rights reserved.


Freshman Marcus Lee says there is no doubt which game he’s anticipating the most this season.

“I am definitely excited for that Louisville game. I am way too excited to go back and get that game back for the team after last year (when UK lost to Louisville),” Lee said. “It has been a flip of coin between us and them with the top ranking, so it will be a great challenge and fun for all of us.

“It’s easy to circle that game on the schedule for anybody on our team. That’s a game we want.”

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    That Game is circled in our, (BBN) Hearts….

  2. Phillip Barker

    Just watched Lee interacting with the tent fans and really like his easy going personality…he can’t miss being a huge fan favorite.

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