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Marcus Lee: “Everybody will come in trying to bully us next year. We will be able to take that and give it right back”


Here are a few of my favorite Marcus Lee quotes from the McDonald’s All-American Game — and remember that one NBA scout told me in five years that he believes Lee could be the best player in UK’s incoming recruiting class.

On team chemistry: “You can’t just have the best players and just see what happens. To make a puzzle, you can’t just have the best pieces; you need pieces that actually fit.”


On being a target for opponents:  “Everybody will come in trying to bully us next year. We’ll be able to take that and give it right back to them.”

On expectations for next season: “Winning the national championship has gone through our minds. Now it’s stuck in our minds. That is all we plan on doing, especially since we are all big competitors. We will refuse to lose next year

On what he learned about his future teammates:  “I have learned that the (Harrison) twins never stop battling. They battle on and off the court. Off the court they are still human and 18.  Just jokesters.”

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  1. Rick Jones

    I hope this incoming class becomes a TEAM like the Davis/Kid-Gilchrist/Teague class did. Might take more upper-class leadership than this year’s group got. With all the talent they had (and Noel’s great effort all the time) they never seemed to jell as a team, and never grasped that “this ain’t AAU ball anymore”.

  2. Jim Harris

    Yeah, we do have some returning players, but who among that group would be expected to step forward and provide “senior leadership” to this excellent incoming class?

    If we get Wiggins he might be the leader by his works rather than by his words. If not, I’d expect one or both of the strong-willed twins to get it done.

    It simply won’t come from our returnees who played on the most discombobulated UK team ever this past season.

  3. ruppsrunt

    None of the returning players will ever be “LEADERS”, who motivate and frive others to improve and be the best they can be. My goodness–they don’t even drive themselves to improve and reduce deficiencies.

    This new group will lead and drive those less inclined–or this new group will run the less than motivated into the floor.

    Wiltjer will get serious about building his body and stamina–or he will be practice fodder for Randle, Johnson and Lee.

    Poythress had best leave his lazy attitude at home, or these new youngsters will introduce the PINE as a place to watch and enjoy the games.

    WCS must learn to hit free throws–that is why they are called FREE. Also, he should now know that 3 or 4 minutes of high octane effort and then a 10 minute rest is what football is about–not basketball. He must improve his cardio and demonstrate the ability to play hard for longer stretches. Consider all the timeouts for tv, and it is difficult to understand why he needed a REST after the first few minutes of most every game, after Nerlens was hurt.

    The NEW ones are coming—the OLD ones better get started improving, because they are already BEHIND the new group.


    1. Karen Sprinkle

      It’s hard to be a leader when you are learning along with the rest of the young players (MKG aside). That being said, I suspect one or both of the Harrisons and/or Randle will be our team leaders next year, and I suspect some of this year’s team will step it up.

  4. Sully

    Not many folks were calling Miller, Jones, or Lamb “leaders” at this time two years ago. Give Wiltjer, WCS, and AP a chance. This could be a great team.

  5. Anonymous

    WCS had a nice year for a player who had little experience playing basketball. He’ll show marked improvement come his soph. year, and his conditioning will catch up with his body.

  6. 502wildcat

    Wcs will b a 10 10 and 2.5 Guy next year on the nbas KY thorobreds d Johnson will back him up and we wont skip a beat.Andrew will run the point with polson a SR who had extended minutes and played really solid.2 guard will b Aaron with James young backing him up.SF will b a mix of poythtrss who’s working on outside shooting and speed James young and Kyle wiltjer sometimes even Julius randle PF will b Julius randle with Marcus Lee and Kyle wiltjer who is legit 6 10 now

  7. 502wildcat

    We will go 37-3 next year natl champions and by the end of the year we will b lob city.unstoppable and the sophs will b a big.reason we win they are gonna work hard this summer on wat calapari wants them to get better on and they have experience so I think people are really not understanding how much better they will b as sophs and wiltjer will have a Breakout year mark my words he will get open looks all day with the Harrison’s and Julius passing out the post

  8. Nomeatonmytaco

    We have a leader his name is coach Cal. Listen to coach and he will lead you where you need to go……………..

  9. JR.

    Give last years guys a break! They will step up this year, we had no real upper class leadership (guys with meaningful game experience last year). What Kyle, WCS, Alex and Jarrod went through last year will prepare them to lead and excel. Remember guys sometimes freshmen play like freshmen, especially in a position with no on floor leadership. GO CATS!

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