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Lumpkin has cast, but no major injury


Senior defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin, who has been plagued by injuries, emerged from Saturday’s scrimmage with a cast on his right hand and wrist.

“I have been waiting for somebody to ask me about that,” Lumpkin said. “Nothing is broken. Nothing is fractured. I have a bad bruise and this was just a precautionary measure to keep it from getting worse. I am fine. We have some other guys hurting, but I am not one of them. Just make sure everyone knows nothing is broken.”

Fastest: Phillips says safety Mychal Bailey, a junior college transfer who played high school football in LaGrange, Ga., is making his presence felt daily and did again in Saturday’s scrimmage.
“He looks like he’s the fastest guy on the field on either side. He’s a guy who’s lining up with the number ones. It’s going to be tough to beat him out. He does a great job stepping up and making tackles in open field,” said Phillips.
“He’s playing faster than other guys. He doesn’t always know what he is doing, but he gives us a chance to have a great defense with the way he comes up and tackles. He really does a good job tackling in the open field.”

Likes intensity: Kentucky junior receiver Randall Cobb likes the atmosphere Kentucky has had during preseason workouts with Phillips, last year’s offensive coordinator who took over when Rich Brooks retired in January.
“It is very different. We are a lot more intense and you have seen a lot more heated fights and stuff like that, but it is a part of us going hard. Our tempo is so high and we get aggravated with some things and we just start having some conflict. We just want to make sure we tune that down and keep it between the whistles,” Cobb said.
Cobb says he likes the faster, more intense practice pace.
“There are a lot of people who have different opinions, but I like that. I feel like if you are getting yelled at, it is going to make you more of a man by just listening to that and hearing that. How you respond with your body language and emotions shows a lot about you as a player and man,” Cobb said.

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  1. Tana

    Thanks for these tidbits, Larry. Too, thanks to Ricky Lumpkin for letting us fans know that there is nothing seriously wrong. I pray that Ricky, a favorite I met at Fan Day his freshman year, has a healthy, successful senior season.

    Also, I really look forward to seeing Mychal Bailey out on the field. I tend to hope he’s out there when Louisville’s mobile quarterback is attempting to run with the ball.

    Finally, how Randall Cobb shows his maturity here! Yes, Randall, a real man will just listen to his coaches’ criticism and then get better.

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