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Luke Kennard likely won’t play 2 sports in college, but he probably won’t give up high school football


Franklin, Ohio, junior guard Luke Kennard likely will make his college choice at the end of this school year. But that choice could also involve whether Kennard, an all-state quarterback, continues to play football in college and/or high school.

“Luke really enjoys football. He loves to compete and play. That may weigh on his decision. I still believe basketball is his favorite sport,” Mark Kennard, Luke’s father, said. “I don’t think he would try to play both sports in college. We have discussed that, but I think it would be very tough. I know it has been done, but I think he’ll stick with one sport in college.”

There has been speculation Luke Kennard might give up football after this season, a topic his father says has been discussed.

“If he decides basketball all the way, that might be a decision to make. Our coaches at Franklin have been great. Our coach knows if Luke decides on basketball, he might not play football his senior year. But I don’t see that happening,” Mark Kennard said. “Franklin is a small school and I think it helps Luke to play football. It gives him a break from basketball even though we do workouts three or four days a week. We play basketball eight or nine straight months, so playing football is fun and he loves his teammates.”

Luke Kennard has also always loved Kentucky. He recently got to meet his favorite player, former UK star Tayshaun Prince. However, Mark Kennard says he has to make a decision with his head, not his heart, on where he’ll play in college.

“Luke has a great relationship with other coaches (beside Calipari). But Kentucky is still Kentucky,” Mark Kennard said. “It will be a tough decision for Luke. He has to look at coaches, academics, where he fits best. A lot will go into his decision.”

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  1. Derek Abney

    If I had an opportunity to meet Luke I’d implore him to play his final season of football.

    1. larryvaught

      I agree Derek and believe Luke will. Loves his teammates and community too much to bail I think.

  2. Karen Sprinkle

    I think it says a lot about the character of this young man in who his favorite player is. Tayshaun is one of my favorite players ever at UK. Prince played his game in a quiet and calm way, without a lot of drama. I have always hated that his senior season at UK was Team Turmoil. He deserved more from his teammates that season, IMO.

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