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LSU’s Anthony Hickey was “honored” by John Calipari’s postgame gesture

Click on the photo to view the video of Anthony Hickey.

Anthony Hickey.


ATLANTA — LSU junior point guard Anthony Hickey was impressed after LSU’s loss at Kentucky when coach John Calipari started his postgame radio show on the Rupp Arena floor by pointing out Hickey’s family at the game and UK fans responded by applauding for them.

“I was out there with my family. I didn’t really know what they were clapping about when I came out there at the last minute,” Hickey said. “No coach has to do that. I feel honored for that and wish him luck in the future because of that. My family was glad he did it and showing that he cared and showing that he was watching me.”

Hickey would love another chance to play Kentucky Friday in the SEC tourney if LSU beats Alabama tonight.

“I would love to compete against them again,” Hickey said. “I am kind of upset that we lost that last time. We could have another opportunity of getting after them and competing again. It would be fun.”

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