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Louisville assistant hopes that the Kentucky-Louisville football series will continue

Governors-Cup-Logo-257x300By LARRY VAUGHT

Here is more with Louisville assistant coaches Tommy Restivo and Sherrone Moore:

Question: Now that you have been part of the UK-Louisville rivalry, why do you think that game is good for football in the state?
Restivo: “It is a big game for the state and fans with everybody involved. It is great for the state and a great tradition that needs to continue on. When you have a rival, it’s great for the state. I don’t know what will happen when we transition to the ACC in 2014, but I hope we can continue playing Kentucky.”
Moore: “I like it. It is something that is very competitive in football and basketball. Every year it is going to be a close game. It is something the kids are always hyped for. That is what it is all about — getting these kids hyped for the games. You have no issues getting them up for that game. I have been a part of rivalries and it is a beautiful thing to be a part of.”

Question: What makes Charlie Strong such a good coach?
Restivo: “He is a player’s coach. He knows everything. He is a young head coach but he is great to be around. Great father figure. Still calls his daughters every day at 7 a.m. I have been with him going on five years. I work for a great head coach. I love him to death. He truly cares about the players. That is the biggest thing. He is not going to say goodbye and good luck after they finish playing. He still calls former players and wants to see them succeed. He wants kids to get their education and degree as well as have fun playing football. He is just there for them.”
Moore: “I think how humble he is. We have a theme around our program that is ‘stay humble, stay hungry.’ The kids have done that and Charlies does that. He is trying to pursue excellence in everything. Everybody has high expectations but he wants to keep pushing hard work like he has from day one and he does not change. He cares about the players on a deeper level than football and they understand. He pushes them on the field but he also pushes them that they have to graduate while we compete for championships. He makes them understand academics, graduation are important. We check classes — and he checks classes — to make sure they understand how important academics are.”

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  1. Larry Pup

    I very much dislike Louisville, but Coach Strong is a class act. They landed a great coach. He has them rolling. He better keep it rolling because Coach Stoops is coming.

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