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Looks like Knight is afraid of Kentucky fans


Maybe I’ve not always agreed with Bobby Knight’s words or actions, but at least I always believed he was courageous.

Guess what? I was wrong.

If Knight was courageous, he would still be coming to Rupp Arena Saturday as part of ESPN’s GameDay crew. Instead, ESPN is making a lame excuse for why Knight can’t come and face a Rupp Arena crowd of over 20,000 after blasting UK coach John Calipari earlier this year.

Knight seemed so brave when he was on TV questioning how UK could hire Calipari after Memphis and Massachusetts had been ordered to vacate Final Four berths when he was the coach and taking aim at one-and-done players in college like Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans, two of Calipari’s former players at Memphis.

Now a scheduling conflict will keep him away from Rupp Arena. And donkeys are going to fly, too, if you believe that excuse.

Knight is working at Minnesota Thursday when Tubby Smith’s team will host Michigan. He will work again the following Tuesday when Kansas plays at Texas A&M. Guess there is no way to get from Minnesota to Kentucky on Friday and then from Kentucky to Texas on Sunday. That would be SUCH a hard travel schedule compared to a SEC team playing a Thursday night home game and then having to travel for a Saturday afternoon away game.

And the nation will be hanging on those Minnesota-Michigan and Kansas-Texas A&M games much more than they would a Kentucky versus Tennessee game that features Calipari versus nemesis Bruce Pearl — and certainly the nation’s college basketball fans would not be interested in seeing Knight having to go face-to-face with Calipari or the Kentucky fan base.

ESPN is bringing its other stars. Jay Bilas, Rece Davis, Hubert Davis and Digger Phelps will be on the GameDay crew that will be live at 11 a.m. That night Dick Vitale, Dan Shulman and Erin Andrews will work the game.

The cowardly Knight will be able to kick back, take break from that rigorous schedule that has him working two games in five days and watch how professionals work. Bilas, Phelps and Vitale have all made controversial statements in the past. None have been afraid to face a coach and/or fans for what they have said.

Knight is just a typical bully. He likes to have everything his way and if not, he goes running for cover until he can find another fight he can win. Knight knew the Kentucky fans were going to blister his butt and he couldn’t take the heat.

ESPN can make all the scheduling excuses it wants for night, but the bottom line is that he’s just afraid of a confrontation in Rupp Arena that he knows he cannot win.

* * *

Since Knight won’t show up, let him know what you think about him not coming. Post your thoughts here and I’ll forward them to ESPN to let the network know what UK fans think about Knight’s move.

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  1. Charles

    Not making excuses, but Knight hasn’t been on the Gameday set all season long.

  2. Dennis

    Haha! Get him Larry!

  3. Supafuzz

    Am thinking it may have more so to do with ESPN not wanting the negative publicity from Knight. They may be afraid it will take a hit on their ratings and over all outcome from him showing up. Maybe they are just playing it safe and not letting him show up. But who knows with the General.

  4. Josh

    I thought I had heard that the UK brass told ESPN Knight wasn’t welcome after the comments he made.

  5. Action Jackson


  6. Eli Bailey

    Knight is much like a wife beater. He feels dominate when at home, outside, he’s a wimp.

  7. LindaS

    Never liked him and never will. He is an angry man. He has problems that go way beyond the actions he has shown in public. What else would you expect a low life, woman hater, can’t back my words up, don’t do the research, horrible specimen of a man and human being do? He knows he was wrong, he knew when he said those words about Cal that he wouldn’t be here to face the Kentucky fans. After what he did to Joe B Hall, slapping him in the back of the head after one game, throwing fans into the trash cans, chocking players, kicking his son, the hunting accident and a litany of other atrocities, do you really think he is man enough to face the Kentucky fans? He never paid for his actions until IU kicked his high-end butt out of Bloomington. They warned him and warned him and he thought he was beyond being tossed out on his kister. Well, he was thrown out and no program with a reputation wanted him. He settled for what he could get. He has never admitted his mistakes and he thinks his word is the law. We showed class when that ‘other’ coach with that ‘other’ team from Louavull showed up, but shouldn’t we stand up for our Coach now. Let’s all carry posters to ESPN Game Day so all the basketball nations will know exactly what we think of him. Keep them clean, don’t use foul words, but let the little general know how we feel. I love my coach and my team; don’t mess with them. Knight is jealous of the Empire and how it has come back from ashes. He’s not coaching any longer so he has to make headlines one way or another. Does this make me mad, heck yes it does. I have more to say, but have said enough. GO CATS! 22

  8. Jeff Dowdy

    Usually the biggest bullies are really the biggest cowards. He runs that big mouth and tries to back down people, but when it come times to face the music, what does he do. He hides like the sissy he really is, like pushing and choking (KIDS). Never heard him mouth an adult other than behind their back. Still hope we have something just for him at Gameday, so he’s not more disappointed in our program….:)

  9. gmoyers

    I thought I had seen him on GameDay a few times this year, but could be wrong. Sure others will let us know.
    Don’t think there was an official request from UK that I know of. But schools normally cannot dictate anyway who comes. Just ask Billy G.
    Will be anxious to see if others seem to agree with us. No love for Knight so far

  10. Pat

    Give him hell, Larry! You’re right, Bobby Knight is a bully and can dish it out but he can’t take it! So Cal takes one year players! What is wrong with that? You go to college to get an education. UK’s players are going to class and getting an education and also learning about life from Coach Cal. To see the maturity level of John Wall and Demarcus Cousins grow this year has been amazing. Plus, they’re leaving college to become millionaires! Should they stay in college for 4 years and get an undergraduate degree that will pay them $50,000/year or take that million dollar contract? Take the money now and college will always be there waiting for them if they need to or want to go back later. Coach Cal is preparing them for life which is what a coach should do! If Bobby Knight was their coach and told them to stay in college, then he would not have their best interests at heart. We should all just ignore him and maybe ESPN would take him off the air!

  11. Dustin

    Great post Larry! Knight is what we thought he was: a coward that picks on those who cannot defend themselves i.e. players and fans.

  12. Marion S

    Bobby Knight is a COWARD!!

  13. michael e

    larry, you are too kind. knight is a woody hayes clown that believes in some disorted way, that he can defy laws, rules, policies etc… and should not be responsible and yet everyone else should be. if morality kicked him in his crotch, he still would have no idea what it was. for this asswipe to call out anyone for ethical resposnibility after his career exhibitions, is funnier than any comedian who ever lived.

  14. lunchbox

    hubert davis said alot of crap about uk. maybe its a good thing knight doesnt come we dont want to look like wv fans

  15. tim

    well said Larry, well said. I hope this makes it’s way to Bob Knight’s Email.

  16. Todd

    Thats looks like a whole crew so I dont know why he would come anyways but it does seem like he is avoiding LEX

  17. waynecat621

    Larry I want this to go to ESPN! Bob Knight is a two faced man I dont care what the records say about him . Such as he’s clean never got in eny throuble etc, etc ,etc ,Yeah right and whats worse IU fans think there programe is a lily white sheet . I get so tired of hearing IU fans say Kentucky cheats blah, blah ,blah , Blame that on Knight who made that fan base think for years they are a clean programe Im not so sure that it is. Im also going to say Tom Crean will not save that programe it is destroyed if they want top notch kids they need to spice things up a bit . Sorry to go on about IU but Knight coached there I cant stand him Or IU . Enybody who would strike a student athlet is not a clean person end of story. Thank you and GO BIG OLE BLUE

  18. Monroe

    He is a total coward, hypocrite, bully.
    Probably has a hunting trip scheduled. He loves killing and shooting defenseless animals, and he treats people almost as bad.
    For all the wins you have in basketball Bobby, it still won’t change the fact your a loser in life.

  19. James

    I thought that Barnhart and/or Owen told ESPN that UK/Lexington Center couldn’t “provide adequate security” for a visit from Knight. Funny: I’m not sure if that’s a tacit threat or not, but Kentucky fans would be more than happy to back up our AD on that one!

  20. Ed P

    Bob Knight has always demanded excellence of everyone ………except himself. I will be surprised if he ever shows up for a game in Lexington ……….and that will be fine with me.

  21. gmoyers

    Ed P. your post probably sums up the way almost every UK fan feels — and maybe a lot of college basketball fans in general.
    Looking forward to seeing more responses and if they continue to feel the same about Knight as everyone else has so far.

  22. Kyle Knight

    “Great Effort” Bobby. “Great Effort”

    At the end of the K-State/Texas game, the fans began to chant “Over Rated”. Bobby suggested this chant was inapproiate and suggested the4y chant “Great Effort” and “Thank You”

    Bobby Knight giving suggestions about etiquette: Pot meet Kettle.

  23. Karen Sprinkle

    You tell him, Larry! I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the statement that Knight is too cowardly to come face the UK fans. He has become what he feared most, irrelevant. Poor Bobby…..

  24. Jim Boyers







  25. Tim Foster

    Bob Knight is a bully! Always has been. He pushed the people of Indiana around so long because they didn’t know any better. Living here in the Hoosier state and being a Bluegrass boy made me dislike the jerk even more. For those who think it is a scheduling conflict believe whatever you want. UK administration was called out for hiring Cal by the jerk Knight and it is this simple they told ESPN they did not want him here. Maybe Bob now knows who has the most weight when it comes to pushing people around. Knight is kinda like his old team the Hoosiers he is not irrelevant anymore.

  26. Dennis Hunter

    Since you are sending them to ESPN, maybe you could include a reference to the statements that Hubie made about ‘firing Gillispie UK will NOT make UK a top five program again’. Hey, Hubie, do you like your crow raw, or deep fried? If you watch the video, he is really HATEFUL towards the Kentucky program. Now, of course, he meekly praises our players. But this time last year, we were stupid for getting rid of the drunk player abusing Gillispie. Hubie didn’t know the facts that we did, or he chose to ignore them.

    I heard Knight wasn’t gonna be there because he had a Police Benefit he had to attend in Puerto Rico. That seems important.

  27. Jason Coleman

    Oh come on. Calipari wished he was half the coach that Bob Knight is. Don’t rag on him.

  28. Oldawgblue

    Actually, my sources tell me that Coach Knight really does have a schedule conflict. Saturday is his annual appointment at Dave’s of Lubbock to have his eyebrows trimmed. In keeping with past tradition, the clippings will be collected and auctioned off with the proceeds going to The Neil Reed Anger Management Clinic located in Toad Hop, Indiana.

  29. foxpop

    Glad he is not coming. There is nothing to be gained from Kentucky point of view by his being here. He is a terrible commentor who TIME has come and gone. I personally do not listen to the ESPN crew because they talk about everything but the action. You cannot keep up the details of the game by listening to the TV. For example, number of fouls etc.

  30. TrueBlueJohn

    Larry, you have hit the bullseye on this one. If a Kentucky coach had done all the antics that Knight has pulled in his career, Knight would be screaming for his dismissal. Oops, I didn’t say Coach Knight or Mr. Knight. Wonder if he will come after me for treating him disrespectfully?

  31. gmoyers

    Forgot about that Dennis, but you are right. Hubie has some crow to eat.
    And Jason, I don’t think UK fans will buy your theory that Knight is twice the coach that Cal is.

  32. Kentucky Tailgating

    Knight is a hypocritical coward. His reporting is inaccurate. His statement implied there was no cheating in his day when it is common knowledge cheating was more rampant. He was a good coach at one point but the game passed him by. I am astounded that ESPN would give such a man a forum who abused players and called the very reporters he is working with prostitutes. He has no credibility and hurts ESPN’s.

  33. Longclaws

    How did Knight land that cushy job at ESPN to begin with? Are they endorsing his long record of bad behavior? They certainly didn’t hire him for his on-screen personality because he has none.

  34. StuMac

    It appears that ESPN is becoming aware, just as Indiana and Texas Tech did, that Bobby is a troubled man who has the potential to cause a lot of problems. It seems that Bobby is – I suspect – someone who was himself abused and, as an adult, keeps doing what he knows – abusing.

    Sending anger and hatred his way does no good – he probably feels that that is all he is worthy of. Nor has he earned sympathy. Any pity is due those who love him and stand with him. He needs our prayers…

  35. Lee Montgomey

    Great points, Larry! Knight, the beacon of integrity in our dark, cruel world who just happened to be fired for verbally and physically ABUSING his players and insubordination to his chancellor, AD, and Board of Trustees. It would only have been a surprise to me if Knight actually showed some class in his latter years. In his defense, he is 95.

  36. Vince

    Nobody want’s him at Rupp so it would be stupid rather than courageous. I’m glad he won’t be stinking the place up.

  37. Juan

    It could be a safety concern as well, the likelyhood that an individual would refer to Knight in any way he would like would be nil, if Knight were to “demand” respect and grab anyone in Lexington would result in an A$$ whooping.
    Personally, I don’t think Knight or ESPN needs to stoke this fire anyway, Knight has taken shots his whole life at UK.
    It’s funny how noone ever mentions or investigates Knight’s relationship with the Pump Brotherrs feeding him players in his early days at IU.
    Knight should have just melted away, same with Digger.

  38. NC Weasel

    Bob Knight. A coach that demands discipline from his players, but has no disicipline over his own actions. A guy that knows more about basketball than just about anyone alive (just ask him!), but the messenger for that knowledge is such an arrogant jerk people don’t want to be around him.

    I don’t know if UK asked him to stay away or ESPN thought it was best to not stir the pot. But either way, let’s act like a classy fan base and follow Cal’s lead on this. His restrained response made Knight look even more bitter, more out-of-touch, and more senile than he is.

  39. gmoyers

    Terrific points by all. Longclaws, I am with you. Why ESPN ever hired him is beyond me and StuMac could be right about ESPN learning the hard way about Knight.
    Enjoying all the perspectives here.

  40. Jeff Dowdy

    Larry, I seem to remember Avery Johnson last year commenting that Big Blue Nation should forget Basketball for several years because we were a long way from returning to the elite status we like to think we are. Does anyone recall him saying anything like that in his nasally voice?

  41. BarryRussell

    ESPN makes the decision who mans the Game Day activities. ESPN is not the Secret Service. Good decision to keep that jerk away. Glad to see the donkeys are flying!

  42. Bob Knight

    What I discussed about Kentucky was about the only thing of importance at that time. I can’t talk any further about the Kentucky fanbase than what has already been discussed by others. I need to take some of you on a hunting trip with me. Teach you all some basic manners. buckshot blue

  43. littlecreek

    Bobby Knight: just another washed-up ex-coach that could no longer get it done on the sidelines who ends up as a TV commentator on ESPN.

  44. Kris

    Bob Knight is the college basketball version of Lou Holtz – once great in HIS era, NOW just an old grouch mumbling about the good ol days.

  45. Wheatgerm

    As a reminder, here’s what Knight said during a fundraiser for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame on December 17, 2009:

    “We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking, and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching. You see, we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation, and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

    For ESPN’s own coverage of the remarks (“Bobby Knight said integrity is lacking in college basketball and cited Kentucky coach John Calipari as an example.”), google “Knight Calipari.” It’s the first hit.

  46. Richard

    Knight is to be pitied. It is sad to see a man with his abilities be so angry at the world. He is indeed a bully, but the really sad fact is that there is noone left for him to bully. I don’t think anyone really cares about his opinions anymore.

  47. Mark Isenberg

    Personally, I am glad the “hypocrite” is not going to be here Saturday. I call him a hypocrite because he blasted and blistered the media for years. Then he became one of the media. How’s that for being two faced. I guess money talks. He is not quite as honest as some people like to portray him.
    Mark Isenberg
    Murfreesboro, TN

  48. Tom Loranger

    Well, we can safely say that Knight’s “scheduling conflict” won’t include a visit to Puerto Rico.

  49. roscoe

    maybe bob missed ricky p’s classes on ethics and responsibility. or maybe tennessee or florida state are better examples of how athletic departments should be managed in this day and age. espn hires some real idiots as he is only one among many. poor bob didn’t like the cats humiliating his little hoosier ministry on being the perfect program.

  50. jimcats

    As always, Larry, you da man! I especially appreciate this post because it voices so well my own sentiments about the Bully Boy. Personally, I’m glad he’s not coming to UK for game day. The less I see of him, the better. I just try to keep people like him out of my life in all its phases.

  51. gmoyers

    Jeff, don’t remember that about Avery. Maybe somebody else will.
    And for those saying Knight is not on GameDay, just saw a promo on ESPN for GameDay that touted Knight as one of the regular panelists. So he obviously is on the show most weeks

  52. Cheryl

    I was just talking with an IU fan and I mentioned this to him and went on talking about BK. He said that he thought BK had a right to say these things because he ran a clean program at IU.

  53. Jackie

    I’m glad he won’t be part of the coverage beacuse I can’t stand him, but I’m disappointed that he is taking a cowardly way out in not allowing us to respond to him (Thank you for that avenue, Larry). Bob Knight is an ignorant, senile, self-important bastard. He always has been and this is not only because of the UK/IU rivalry- it is because of his comments and actions. He is a disgrace to college basketball and why the wordwide leader in sports (which I watch almost religiously) would hire him to an analyst position is completely beyond me. He has no people skills and actually seems to get off on pissing people off. I totally agree with the sociopath comment- dead on! He likes to be the center of controversy. He is washed up, the game has left him in it’s dust and not many people care for him except for the few Hoosier fans who have not written him off yet for whatever reason.

  54. Jackie

    BOB KNIGHT IS IRRELEVANT, the seventies are long gone- that was my lifetime plus another decade. I know I shouldn’t sweat it, but he is such a pompous jerk.

  55. CAWebb

    I know I have a bias for listening with a fine-tuned ear to ESPN talk about Kentucky. Given that admission, I was struck when in one segment on the program last week Hubert Davis chose the “best upcoming program in the nation” as Vandy (our next opponent) and on his next segment chose the “most dominent player in the nation” as Downey (our last opponent). If you listen carefully that NC shill takes every advantage of his stage, sometimes clever comments thinly disguised and then other times too rude to ignore. Even Bilas is more even-handed than Davis these days. I look forward to what Davis has to say Saturday.

  56. bbcowboy

    Knight is a jerk. He should not be allowed on TV by ESPN because he is uninformed and not truthful. He is only opinionated.
    I discontinuted by ESPN on line membership because of their suppoort of him. Everyone should do the same until he is fired. And he will be fired someday

  57. charles babb

    knight is a ego manic with a inferiority complex

  58. John Gwynn

    This is rich…Bob Knight, the man who throws chairs, chokes students, chokes players, hits Joe B. Hall on the back of the head, and cannot go back to Puerto Rico because of his violent past is afraid the Big Blue Faithful would hurt his tender feelings.

    Why does anyone listen to this man? His denial of the truth (see laundry list of violent displays)and revisionist history of what his acts mean demonstrates that he is not a person of good will or high character. Heck, I’d rather listen to a Dukie lawyer than Bob Knight! Wait, I’ve got it–tell him to stay away; then, he’ll be sure to come.

    Good Riddance!

  59. Tim

    Any way you slice it it makes no sense for ESPN not to have Bob Knight at the game. What great story lines: the fierce rivalry between UK & TN; the even more intense rivalry between Cal and Bruce Pearl; the upcoming recruiting battles between the two added to the fact that Tenn. already beat UK for Tobias Harris; the dislike of the fan bases for each other; and finally Knight’s comments about Cal which, added to the fact that UK beat his butt several times, would be the icing on the proverbial storyline cake. ESPN calls itself the world leader in sports programming and coverage — they love to put others on the hot seat all the time but when it’s one of theirs they cower and cover up. I think they’ve definitley lost some credibility and they’re shanking this one badly.

  60. Sarah C. White

    Well, you go, guy!!!! You are right on the money. You said in a prior article how disappointed you would be if he didn’t have enough guts to show up for our gameday. Last night I wondered if you would hit it with your best shot – and you certainly did. I love that you stand up for what you believe in and back up what you say. Bully is a perfect word for Bob Knight. Most bullies like to say stuff and run – here is your perfet example.

  61. patrick

    Bob who? This guy hasn’t meant anything to college basketball in years and in the list of his top5 accomplishments is tossing a chair onto the court in a temper tantrum and smacking a player. But coach cal is the one that shouldn’t be coaching after getting hosed by the NCAA at memphis by playing a CLEARED player, and by not knowing marcus cambys’ actions 24hr a day. Best bet is to keep your tail north of the Kentucky boarder.

  62. meow_cat


    Thanks for the article. I think that this decision was made the second Knight made his original comments. There is no way that Knight could come to Lexington after that because, unfortunately, there would likely be some kind of trouble similar to coins being thrown–by one of our idiot fans.

    99% of the UK fan base is not about that and want only to support our team. We don’t want BK in Lexington.

  63. papablu

    In my opinion on all this, I don’t think UK needs Bobby Knight to validate our success or our program. We also do not need ESPN to validate our success or program.

    Kentucky’s history and tradition speaks for itself. The facts are the facts. Unfortunately the way reporting is handled these days, it is being done with people working for networks and media outlets that include opinions with actual data sprinkled in only where it supports the opinion.

    The problem with UK fans is that we feel that we are not respected because there are many reporters and certain outlets that do not do their homework on the facts. They report off of others opinion which creates controversy, that becomes news. This controversy causes others to speak out, which creates excitement,and participation, which in turn sells readership.

    A media outlet that only chooses to create, and report controversy without using facts, or doing homework to produce such, is nothing more than a tabloid or gossip mill.

    My opinion again is this about Bobby Knight. He is only relevant in his knowledge to break down and comment on a game. He is fairly accurate at doing that, therefore, his value as a commentator on a game is actually pretty good.

    But again, when he starts stating his opinion as fact, without doing his homework, and learning the facts, that just makes him another “blowhard”, “dime a dozen” “cheapshot artist”. He knows he creates controversy, and people will get upset. He knows that also ignoring the obvious and refusing to talk about it, will be noticed as well.

    The facts are these.
    Bobby Knight has a losing record against UK (if I counted correctly it is 15-18) overall.
    Bobby Knight quit as a coach in the middle of a season, after he broke Dean’s record. He walked out on a team of young men that were counting on him.
    Bobby Knight’s games won as a coach has been (appropriately) passed by a lady. Pat Summit.
    Bobby Knight has NOT been relevant as a coach for quite a long time now (other than controversy). No conference titles. No final fours.

    We should not even remotely care that Bobby Knight chooses to show up on Game Day. We should not even care that ESPN does not come to UK for Game Day. None of this matters in the grand scheme of our history or our future.

    Everyone that knows ANYTHING about College Basketball knows who we are, and that we are without question one of the largest, passionate fan bases in the world.

    Those are the facts. Choose to actually report them or not.
    The fact that people don’t choose to, is what is really the most curiously ignorant fact. They would sell much more of their garbage if they catered to us, rather than choosing to try to get under our skin.

  64. The Bubba

    Hey Larry, way to tell it like it is. Knight has always been used to saying whatever is on his mind and getting away with it. It’s a shame ESPN is supporting his viewpoints on Calipari. It’s obvious they’re speculating and have no facts to back up their insinuations. It’s good to have someone like you in the business that calls a “duck a duck”.

  65. Rick T.

    Hey Larry, He questioned Coach Cal’s integrity, and then gets on TV after McGwire finally admits to taking steriods and defends him by saying he got bad advice from lawyers by not coming out sooner. Never mind that he cheated the game by using steriods, but since his buddy and DUI class graduate Larussa has coached two of the most recognized steriod abusers and his records are now being questioned, does he even know what integrity means???


    Way to go Larry…you are right on in your comments…but you better watch out if you’re ever around Bobby…don’t turn your back or he may slap you up side of the head (ie. Joe B)…as for Davis… he is a “tool” and does not deserve to be on the dias with the others and he does say many things that “cut” at Kentucky…just like the poster, above, noted.

    With Aloha


  67. Jim Taylor

    I personally would rather not have Knight in the state of Kentucky at all. Makes sense to me that ESPN would want to keep their poor excuse of a commentater out of the state. But, ESPN itself is just as bad. Most of their “talking heads” are Grads of UNC or Duke. They themselves run Kentucky down anytime that they can. But, for Knight to say amything about another coach is just to funny. To quote a friend from KSR. The hate comes from fear. Fear us were back.

  68. TRUBLU69

    BOBBY KNIGHT is a HACK..Always has been and always will be..The only person breathing right now that he wouldn’t take a swipe at is coach “K”..And K will have a FINALFOUR vacated someday, when the NCAA gets up the courage to hand down the Punishment LOL…Then BK will call the NCAA abunch of ____’s and____’s like only BOBBY KNIGHT can do….Screw BOBBY….GO BIG BLUE!!!!!

  69. King Ghidora

    I don’t know about everyone else, but Dick Vitale is not high on my list of objective, unbiased sports media types. Have we forgotten his tirade about UK after Smith left? He actually warned coaches not to come to UK. How could we ever forget that? Just to further prove my point there is the commercial Vitale did promoting North Carolina talking about it like it was heaven on earth. Both the anti-UK tirade and the pro-North Carolina tripe are on YouTube. I actually think Vitale has a far worse record in regards to UK than Knight does. Once before Vitale required an escort to get into Rupp because of things he had said.

    As for ESPN hiring Knight then pulling him from the Game Day setup at Rupp all I can say is check the program listings for ESPN Classic for about two weeks. 90% of the college basketball games they show are either ACC or Big East games. A large portion of what they play is either UNC or Duke games. They are incredibly biased and I have nothing but disgust for them. Thank goodness for people like Larry Vaught is all I have to say. The world needs more reporters like Larry.

  70. James S.

    Mr. Knight has for years branded people cheaters if they ran their program in a way he didn’t like. So in his mind it seems that if you don’t curse out officials, choke / whip your players, throw chairs onto the court, or pass out candy while making fun of reporters your a cheater. While Mr. Knight might be correct about Coach Cal (I don’t think he is, by the way), his accusation seems to ring hollow coming from a man who was basically booted out of coaching because of his behavior.

  71. Coleman Gaines

    ESPN’s mission statement: “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.”.

  72. Gary Kuchenbrod

    Don’t surprise me none that Bobby “CATFISH” Knight is a NO-SHOW!

  73. gmoyers

    Love the passion and comments here. Seems we have an easy consensus on Knight. Hope to ask a few UK players about him tomorrow night

  74. Jonathan

    I’m not a Knight fan. However, I never thought he was a coward. Always seemed to stand up for what he believed in. Wow, must be losing it in his old age though. What a little sissy. Scheduling conflict?!?! Yeah, I’m sure!

  75. Viper

    Hey Bobby Boy!!! Undeniable truth of life… BULLY = COWARD!!!

  76. dennis collins

    Coach knight is just a big coward and a very unhappy person,u.k. alwayes had his number and he knows it.I really feel sorry for him that he just cant admit when a team is really good because he hates them so much.He has always been a spoiled bully,he dissplays someone around the age of 12 yrs old and still on the bottle.

  77. LindaS

    My, my, my…didn’t realize, (he he he) just how much ‘animosity’ there was toward old BK. Does my heart good to read all this, making it pump really good for an old lady. Sociopath, woman hater, has been, hack, coward, bully, a few I can’t mention, wow, the Big Blue Nation is united! GO CATS! 22-1

  78. Carl

    I never could stomach Knight and I hope he never covers a Kentucky game. It would ruin it for me to have to look at his ugly mug and listen to him whine while the Cats were playing.

  79. MattinMurray

    Boobie (not a typo FYI), you were a ????? when you coached all the young people you pushed around and you are a ????? now. You are so ?????-like, it’s weirdly coincidental that we only hear from you once a month and it is always a pain to deal with you when you are visiting.

  80. Jim Linton

    Big man, big mouth, little cohonahs.Bobby knows, Bobby knows…..

  81. studog

    Booby Who?

  82. gmoyers

    JOnathan I am with you. Never thought he would be afraid to face his critics

  83. studog

    Didn’t he date an IU cheerleader? I may be mistaken but I doubt it.

  84. Steve

    As soon as I saw ESPN’s plans for him not to be in Lexington, I thought exactly the things you’ve mentioned, Larry. It’s one thing to throw out his biased, inaccurate, degrading opinions of the school that handed him his behind the last half of his tenure at IU, yet quite another to back it up when the heat’s turned up. Pretty good idea for him not to show up, quite honestly. It truly shows how gutless he is.

  85. gmoyers

    Don’t know about that Studog, but like your logic Steve

  86. studog

    Honestly, I hate to admit this. I spent half of my life early years growing up in western KY and also southern Indiana. I actually liked both IU and UK. I continued to like both. But as I matured as a young lad I realized that I was beginning to act older than the Ole General. When he slapped Joe B. Hall in the back of the head for no reason, I just thought that was the most stupid thing that I ever saw. It was hard to believe that he was a grown man. Eventually, I came to my senses around the age of 12 and realized that there was only ONE team. I realized that there would never be any reason to pull for a team who supported a coach that acted so uncivilized.

  87. Gary Foster

    Larry I didn’t think any of you media guys had the guts to directly confront the bully . I’m sorry ,I was wrong and thank you for saying what we would all love to , but won’t get the chance.I knew he would be too chickens%%t to show his face here. As you said typical bully. I think the ESPN big wheels are too cowardly to fire his sorry butt.But they are a bunch of ACC homers anyway.

  88. UKballislife

    Bobby Knight- One of the most ridiculous personalities ever to be handed a mic to let him spew his poison.
    ESPN (I’m talking to you)
    Why don’t you make a reality show starring Bob Knight. Put him in a house with Manson, Paris Hilton, and Gary Busey to see who could give the most ridiculous views on anything of importance. THIS IS A COACH WHO, YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY ABUSED HIS OWN COLLEGE ATHLETES. You should seriously re-think this decision and fire, not only Knight, but the clown responsible for saying, “Hiring Bobby is a great idea”.

  89. Margarita

    Hmm, what a “treasure” of a man … He just has so much special personality. What was the reason for the spat with Coach K? He stopped talking to his mentoree for a good while.

    But the one thing I will never forget is his slapping of Joe B’s head. Let him show up here. We’ll arrest his fat a$$ and throw him in jail where he belongs.

    Up yours, Bobby.

  90. M. Garr

    I think Bob Knight is bitter because nobody wants him as a coach. As a result he attacks one of the most successful coaches in college basketball.

  91. Billy Neagle

    WOW, Lots of great comments about old Bobby Boy. You know, the truth hurts some people more than others and he is one man that it just absolutley kills. He simply cannot stand the FACT that the Big Blue Nation is back and back in a very big way. Like someone else stated on this site ” The Empire Strikes Back “. I have often wondered why the worlds biggest sports broad casting company hired him anyway. He simply does not deserve to be in the Publics eye, making untrue and unnecessary remarks about UK & Coach Cal. WHAT COULD WE POSSIBLY DO TO GET HIM FIRED FROM ESPN ???

  92. LindaS

    Larry, have you ever had some many comments on one story? GO CATS! 22-1 #2

  93. gmoyers

    Thanks Gary, I try.
    Margarita, love that passion.
    And billy you are right, the truth can hurt.
    Linda, we had one recent thread with more comments, but I can’t remember exactly which one it was. I am counting on Jim Boyers to recall. His memory is better than mine

  94. King Ghidora

    One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that Knight’s entire offense was designed around illegal moving screens. He ran an offense where two playes on each side of the lane would cut one up the foul lane and the other down the foul lane or sometimes further out. The effect of this was several hundred fouls per game that were never called against his team. In short, the guy cheated to win every game he ever coached. It’s hard to describe his offense in words but I know for a fact he deliberately ran hiss offense to take advantage of moving screens, which are illegal.

    Knight is the father of all cheating as far as I’m concerned. He cheated more than any coach I’ve ever seen. In addition to obviously being a sociopath he cheated far more than even his unfounded accusations about Cal would lead anyone to believe how much Cal cheated.

    Knight is a joke. Yet IU has apparently resurected his image from the grave allowing him to even speak on their campus. Ohio St. has made a hero out of Woody Hayes these days too. Maybe it’s a Big 10 thing but you would think those people would have more class. Obviously they don’t. At least Hayes punched people from the opposing team. Is that a better thing? It sure isn’t a good thing.

  95. Mike Campbell

    I will be the exception here. I do not have a problem with Knight not being at GameDay. Bobby Knight has won three National Championships, is the NCAA all-time winningest coach and has never been investigated by the NCAA. He has earned the right to make comments that many across the nation would agree with, including Rick Pitino with the one and done players (which brings up the point that the NCAA should go with the college baseball rule of either go pro after high school or stay in college for three years, but that’s another topic for another day).

    It is no secret that Knight is not a fan of the University of Kentucky. Truth be told, I would say that has nothing to do with wins and losses against the Cats, but that UK has had its share of NCAA investigations, going as far back as the point shaving scandal in the 40’s. While I do not like his comments about Calipari, there is no denying the fact that, indeed, Calipari’s two Final Four berths have been vacated.

    Larry you make some valid points in your article and certainly, ESPN ‘bailed’ out Knight by excusing him because of scheduling conflicts. And while I did not care for his coaching methods and his undeniable ‘bullying’ of his players, media and opposing coaches, Bobby Knight has the earned the right to make controversial comments. While others on this board are upset with Knight about showing up, personally, it does not bother me. As Mom always said, if you are going to say something bad about someone, then don’t say anything at all. ESPN has control over Knight and his comments, and for that I am grateful.

  96. steve


    Not only should UK fans blister Knight but ole two-faced Vitale should get some of the heat as well. Vitale gave Kentucky fans what for when Tubby resigned basically saying that we (the fans)ran him off. Tubby left because he saw the future was really bad and rather took a lessor job than be fired eventually.
    Vitale now acts like he’s in love with the passionate UK fans because once again UK is on top. Vitale has always been a frontrunner and a DUKE lover. He likes Kentucky when it’s the thing to do.

  97. chris christofield

    “What do you think, Coach?” “Well Brent, I think………. “Me too, Coach, that’s what I think.”

  98. KyJones64

    I would say the brass @ESPN have asked him to go, as they know the ratings would go through the roof! but like he (Knight) always does he finds a good excuse. “schedule too hard” what about when he was coaching, he had to travel to different states in just very few days right? BIG BLUE NATION knows why Bob Knight doesn’t want any part of Rupp Arena, he can run n hide from Coach Calipari, but he can’t run from 24,000 + who have him in their sights. I don’t hate Bob Knight,he’s a fellow human being, sometimes that little spot (or in his case BIG SPOT) 1 inch below the nose gets you into trouble. sometimes we speak before we even think. In his coaching days Coach Knight was a world-class hothead (poor defensless chair), sore loser and a bully to his players (Kid that was choke slammed), the IU Administration and the media. Yes at one time he was a very good coach, those days are gone forever! C’mon Bob, bridle the tongue, not your presence.

  99. Paul Rikel

    I can not stand to listen to BK do games on ESPN. He continually states what the coaches should be doing like he still is relevant in the game. The game has clearly passed him by yet he belittles the decisions of coaches that could coach circles around him today. It’s like me telling my teenage kid how he should be using facebook.
    As for Vitale, Davis, Bilas; you do promos and talks about passion and then criticize UK fans for having it. Hippocrits.
    Come on ESPN Is Bobby Knight the best you can do for game analysis?…Really?….World wide laeder? He is about as entertaining as grass growing. At least grass is relevant.

  100. gmoyers

    Steve, I had forgot Vitale doing that and as much as I like him, you are right about that.
    KyJones, very good post

  101. gmoyers

    Paul, I am with you. I Heard him doing a game the other night and it bored me to death

  102. Dan Hall

    The folks in Indiana have a hard time getting anything right. First they did not bury the jerk deep enough, and they did not bury him upside down.

    His presence on ESPN broadcasts is not a positive for 90% of the basketball fans in the country, and I believe there are plenty of quality announcers and analysts that could fill his shoes in a heart beat, and do a better job.

    Thanks Larry V. for publishing what many of us would like to have said, either in print or to the face of Bobby Bully.

  103. gmoyers

    no problem dan

  104. jimcats

    I’m actually glad he’s not coming. I dislike the man as much as any figure in any sport, but I would seriously fear that one of our Kentucky Crazies would do something seriously bad to him if he showed up in Rupp this season. I really do. Not just tomatoes or drink cups.

    I’d hate to see our program get another black mark because of Knight; he’s not worth it to us. Leave him at home please, ESPN.

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