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Lori with actor and UK fan Josh Hopkins (photo submitted)

Lori with actor and UK fan Josh Hopkins (photo submitted)


Lori Jeffries is originally from Versailles and her husband Charlie is from Taylorsville but they are both huge UK fans and have been all 18 years of their marriage.

“I grew up bleeding blue and as a kid I wanted to be Kyle Macy, Sky Walker and Rex Chapman. Lori’s mom is a UK grad and they are all Cat fans,” Charlie said.

The couple now lives in Frankfort and Charlie is hoping the Big Blue Nation can help  his wife, who needs a kidney transplant.

They were at the Mayo Clinic last week but drove back to Kentucky Friday night/Saturday morning to attend the UK-Florida football game.

“Lori has been on UK transplant list for 3 1/2 years, but due to antibodies from a kidney/pancreas transplant in 2003, she is a very difficult match.  Mayo can help and we need more people to screen,” Charlie said. “We have a fan page on Facebook (Find a Kidney for Lori) that has most of the info for anyone that wants to help, but you can also contact Lisa, the living donor coordinator at Mayo Clinic (866-227-1569). Thanks for the help and Go Big Blue!”

God bless this family and if you can help or know anyone who might be able to help this special need, please check the Facebook page or make the call to Lisa at the Mayo Clinic.

And guess what. Just got this info from Charlie: “Lori was approved to be on Mayo Clinics transplant list by the transplant team.”

Lori with Scratch (photo submitted)

Lori with Scratch (photo submitted)



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