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Lindley has done the best he could


Trevard Lindley first made a national  name for himself with an acrobatic interception in the end zone in Kentucky’s 2006 Music City Bowl win over Clemson. He also had a fumble recovery in the same game.
Now he’ll end his career Dec. 27th in the Music City Bowl against Clemson.
Despite missing four games with an ankle injury, he’s still a dynamic player covering the pass and solid tackler that has helped UK’s pass defense improve steadily over the last four years.
He shared these thoughts about coming back to UK instead of going to the NFL and the upcoming bowl game.

Question: How hard has it been for you to come back and play on an ankle that coach Rich Brooks says is no better than 80 percent healed and not make plays you could before you were hurt?
Lindley: “It is bad because you can’t move like you want to, but when you are out there you cannot think like that. You just have to do the best you can and play hard for teammates and try to win.”

Question: So you don’t think about what you might have been able to do on a good ankle when you don’t make a play?
Lindley: “I think about if I had not got hurt that I would have been better on certain plays, but that is football. You get hurt and have to come back and play your hardest.”

Question: Can this team come back and play hard and well in the Music City Bowl and beat a Clemson team that features one of the nation’s best backs in C.J. Spiller?
Lindley: “We will be good. We had a month to get rested and get mentally ready. We have practiced hard and we are ready to  play a good game again.”

Question: Is it disappointing to not be going to an Outback Bowl or something like that when you were so close before losing to Tennessee?
Lindley: “We are still going to a bowl and playing football. It is good to go to bowl and we got to keep practicing and it gives all the seniors one more game to play. We can’t feel bad about that.”

Question: What did coach Rich Brooks say after the Tennessee loss?
Lindley: “He just said we played our hardest and he was proud of us for our effort and not to get down. He told us to put the game behind us and get ready to get another win in the bowl game, and I think that is what we have done.”

Question: Do you think coach Brooks will be back next year?
Lindley: “I have no idea. He is old, so I guess he can feel good about what he did here. If he is retiring, I want to give him one more win.”

Question: Will you leave feeling good about what you did?
Lindley: “I do feel pretty good about what I did, but I want one more win for the seniors and all the players coming back because I know how much that helps going into the next season. It’s important for us to go out and win this bowl game. It’s kind of ironic that my first bowl game was against Clemson, and now I get to end my career against Clemson.”

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  1. BarryRussell

    Trevard Lindley is a true winner. Even at 80% Trevard is better than a lot of corners. Thanks for the hard work, great games and good luck in the bowl and in the NFL draft.

  2. Pacman

    Larry, please pass on to Trevard our thanks as fans for all his contributions over his career at UK to get the program to where it is today. It is the dedication of special players like him that have us in a bowl game 4 years in a row. Also Trevard is a prime example of players that come to UK not highly rated but end up being some of the best in the country. We all know that Trevard is a “shutdown corner” and all the fans owe him and Micah a special ovation at the Music City Bowl for coming back for his senior year to help UK football try to move up the ladder in the SEC. It was a great personal sacrifice for Trevard and I don’t think UK fans truly appreciate what Trevard gave up to come back and support the team. That is the epitome of a true team player.

  3. gmoyers

    Great idea about the ovation for Trevard. Him and Micah do deserve it. Locke could learn from both of them

  4. Jim Boyers


    Larry, is it expected that his injury will be 100% healed in time for the NFL combines? I know that ankles are terrible injuries. I once sprained an ankle so bad that the doctor told me it would have healed faster if I had broken it. It twinged for years after that, whenever I moved a certain way.

  5. Larry Vaught

    All think it will be okay for workouts, which is really big for him

  6. Paul

    Great story Larry. These insights are especially god for folks like me. Agree with Pacman and you. Trevard and Micah (and others, such as Sam Maxwell, etc.) have been outstanding; they deserve all that we can offer at the MCB.

  7. gmoyers

    Thanks Paul. I love being able to do stories like this

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