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Las Vegas center Stephen Zimmerman says he has good relationship with UK staff, BBN


Las Vegas center Stephen Zimmerman says not to pay attention to what any recruiting analysts, coaches or sources might have to say about his recruitment because no one really knows.

“No one knows anything about it besides my family and I. I say that in all certainty because we honestly haven’t leaned toward any school as I’m hoping the visits will help my decision,” Zimmerman said.

The 7-foot center will visit Big Blue Madness on Oct. 17 after going to North Carolina and Kansas the previous two weekends. He’s also set to go to UCLA (Oct. 24) and Arizona (Nov. 7). Hometown UNLV also remains on his list.

“As of now I’ve tried to build relationships with the coaches and as we’ve said, we have a real good relationship with the UK staff. And that’s about the limit to it right now with every school,” Zimmerman said.

He also said reports that he dropped Louisville were not totally accurate.

“As for Louisville, I didn’t drop them. They dropped me, Coach called and said they were gonna go with (Raymond)Spalding as he is a four-year player and I probably won’t be,” Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman is as honest and open as any recruit can possibly be and has consistently refuted rumors linking him to west coast teams over UK as well as other reasons about why he would not fit at UK.

“I like the BBN and I wouldn’t want them getting the wrong idea,” he said.

Even better, when Zimmerman tells you something, you don’t have to worry about the story changing.

“I wouldn’t say anything in secret that I wouldn’t say in public,” Zimmerman said.

Again, wise beyond his year off the court and on the court he’s sensational as his recent summer play showed.

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  1. james gover

    UK will have 8 or 9 scholarships available, no centers returning and they are introducing two platoon basketball. It is a great opportunity for Zimmerman.

  2. King Ghidora

    I think recruits are looking at what happened this year when a bunch of guys came back and they’re wondering if they will have to ride the pines for a year or even two before they get the PT they want. I’m not saying they’re selfish. I’m just saying they have to think about what’s best for them. Players first as Cal would say. And right now what happens if Towns, Johnson, and WCS all come back next year? It could happen and any center that figures to break into that lineup even with the platoon system is probably dreaming. A senior WCS, Johnson as a junior, and a sophomore Towns would be a tough place to get PT the first year even if your name was Wilt.

    1. Wes

      King, Really hard to believe any of the three big men will be back. Barring an injury to dakari, I think he’ll leave. No way WCS comes back. And Towns is a threat for SEC frosh of the year. If he continues to develop at the rate he has, he also will be gone. Ullis will be back and AP probably will too. Perfect fit for a big man with a pass first PG and an inside/outside threat of AP.

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