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Las Vegas center Stephen Zimmerman keeping UK on his final list no surprise

 uk basketball logoBy LARRY VAUGHT

It was no real surprise that Las Vegas 6-11 center Stephen Zimmerman kept Kentucky on his list of schools when he narrowed his choices to eight earlier this week.

Zimmerman, one of the nation’s top juniors, announced on Twitter that his final eight schools were Kansas, North Carolina, UNLV, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, UCLA and Arizona, in no particular order. He also thanked schools that have expressed interest in him.

Scout.com ranks Zimmerman as the fifth best overall player in the 2015 class.

Earlier Zimmerman and his mother both noted not to read anything into his playing AAU with a team out of California this year that often has sent players to Arizona. In fact, one source indicated that UK coach John Calipari gave his total blessing for Zimmerman to play on the team and encouraged him to do so to improve his game.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    Indiana…right ! ” I think not “

  2. Barry

    Larry, I heard he has ruled out KY just so he won’t have to listen to your endless drivel. KY will ultimately be better off with Malik Newman and Diamond Stone since they are talking about being a package deal. Now if we could just trade you to someone, all would be great. A trade from Indiana got nixed because they offered a much greater value…a warm glass of spit.

  3. Jim

    Who is this “Barry’? Could it be someone jealous of Larry, the seven time award winning
    Kentucky Sports Writer of the Year? Evidently, based on Barry’s last sentence, he is a
    “Hoosier Loser”!
    And I must ask Barry, why do you read Larry’s popular, informative articles if you dislike

    1. Anonymous

      Jim, don’t take it personal…Baby Barry has been misunderstood his whole life…Even His Nurse is confused, daily.

  4. Barry

    Jim, I was referring to Larry T. Clemons, the self proclaimed Pope of BBN. Get your head out of your butt.

  5. King Ghidora

    Pay no attention to Blarry. He’s just blaring away to get attention. He’s like that mangy dog that follows you home. If you feed him he’s yours forever. Best to call the pound. They’ll know what to do.

    1. Anonymous

      King…don’t be so hard on mangy dogs.

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Jim, don’t take it personal, Baby Barry Has been misunderstood His Whole Life, He’s desperately seeking attention…Even His Nurse is confused, daily…

  6. cats79

    I relized your intitle to a opinion, but i think it gotten to a point its getting too personal and that;s not what this post is for..It’s about Kentucky Wildcats!!!!! God created us to enjoy life on this earth. Saying hateful words is not what were here for. To change the subject i’m looking forward to the football season. GO CATS!!!!

  7. coldspringmike

    Don’t read or comment on Barry’s comments, if we don’t pay attention to him, he’ll go away. We can hope anyway.

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