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Larry’s European Vacation — Part IV


We took a 90-minute bus tour of Dublin to start our Saturday that included a look at many of the famous cathedrals and Dublin’s castle. We also saw the famous painted doors district where residents helped distinguish where they lived by painting their door a different bright color than what their neighbors did.

The tour officially ended at Trinity College where we got a look at the Book of Kells, which was written over 1,000 years ago. The book is a lavishly decorated copy in Latin of the four gospels. Four writers and three artists worked to put the book together.

After that we strolled the streets of Dublin. I got my picture took with a big Leprechaun (how could you leave Ireland without doing that) and strolled by some of the numerous statues in the city before doing a little shopping to take care of the family back home.

After that I took a four-mile run along the river. It was brisk, but scenic, especially when I saw the words, “Pig Trap,” on the sidewalk several times. No one could tell me what that meant, though.

On the way back to the hotel, I saw a most unusual sight in a pool of water near an indoor shopping mall. Four five-person teams were competing in two games of what was either kayak polo. Rules were similar to water polo except paddles were used to advance the ball before participants tried to throw the ball into the net when they got close to the goal. One participant told me teams travel across the country each weekend to play and both men and women participate about equally.

We chose to join a special outing to the Guiness Storehouse to complete our stay in Dublin. It included a tour of the historic brewery that helped us understand how the beer became so popular. It included a chance to taste a pint of the ale at the end of the tour at the seventh-floor Gravity Bar where there was a fabulous view of the city and surrounding area.

Our guide gave us tips on how to taste and savor the ale before our private dinner that included a tasty Irish beef stew and ended with a fabulous Guinness chocolate mousse.

Only five more nights left before the marathon flight back home — or at least I hope there are no travel woes. Looking forward to seeing Scotland after the three-hour ferry ride ends Sunday.

Have to go. Just have time for one more pint of ale before I call it a night. Will write again when I have Internet.

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  1. Tony

    Larry, when you are around West Lothian in Scotland make sure you see some red sheep.

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