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Larry Warford will not share any food reward if he has most knockdown blocks again


Offensive linemen know recognition will be limited, something they gladly accept for playing the role they do to make quarterbacks, running backs and receivers the stars when a team does well. However, Kentucky senior offensive lineman Larry Warford admits it was fun to watch film after UK beat Kent State earlier this season in a game where he had eight knockdown blocks, including two on one play.

“We have our grade sheets and our coach (Mike Summers) marks off where we got our knockdown blocks. I am sitting there saying to my teammates, ‘All right this is. Watch this, watch this.’ We start busting out laughing and joke around. It gets serious real quick, but it is fun,” said Warford, preseason all-Southeastern Conference pick.

Warford said that even though he graded out reasonably high at 91 percent that game, Summers didn’t let him gloat.

“He doesn’t want us to ever think we are complete because he knows we are not and we should always remember that. If we are really good at one thing, he will find another thing we can improve on. He just keeps building until we get to level where we are great lineman,” Warford said.

The UK guard did admit that he has an “estimation” during a game of how many knockdown blocks he has.

“I keep track of a lot of my cut blocks. We have a game. We call them lightning bolts and whoever gets the most knockdown blocks or cut blocks in a game, at the end of the season coach Summers’ wife makes us our own dinner basically,” Warford said. “The last two years I won it. The first year I won it, I got a cake like with my picture on it. It was nice. Last year she made these two different types of dip. One was like buffalo chicken dip that I love. the other was a Tex-Mex dip that I also love. I got those two by myself.”

What if he wins again this year? What would he like to have?

“I don’t know. Whatever she wants to cook,” he laughed and said. “I can’t say I have won yet. I am in the lead right now. We still have a lot of games. But there is absolutely no sharing if I do win. That is mine. I am not going to share.”

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  1. shinny

    You go big boy! Proud to have you on our side.

  2. Tana

    It’s DITTO to that “pride” on having Larry Warford on our side, Shinny. Also, from me there’s gratitude for his returning for his senior season — and here’s looking forward to watching him on Sundays, too.

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