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Larry Warford hopes to see mother in Samoa he has not seen since 2007


One thing Larry Warford wants to do once he gets established with a NFL team is get to see his mother again. Colene Warford lives in Samoa and he has not seen her since 2007. She never got to see him play in person during his four-year career at Kentucky or his two years at Madison Central High School.

“I haven’t seen my mother since 2007 so I am planning on going to see her in the next two years. Hopefully, I can bring her back, even if it is just for a little bit,” said Warford. “Bring her to some of my games.  The last time she saw me play was 2006 actually. It was my (high school) sophomore season in California. She saw that game and she hasn’t seen my play since. Having her at one of my games would be amazing to me.”

Warford admits not being able to see her has been difficult for him.

“It has been really tough. I want her around to see what I have been doing with my life and how I have been growing up and maturing as a person,” the UK offensive guard said. “The last time she saw me I was still a kid and running around doing crazy stuff.

“I have changed a whole bunch since then and she hasn’t gotten to see that. I have been keeping in touch with her but actual physical contact with her has been hard not having her here. She tells me to keep strong and keep working and doing what I love. I am planning on bringing her back soon.”

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  1. Love SEC F-Ball

    Best of luck to you Larry Warford. We will miss you as a U.K. player but we will follow you in the NFL. Also hope that your reunion with your mother comes sooner rather than later. Good luck in the draft!

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