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Lakota West coach Larry Cox likes Stoops’ impact in Ohio, offers update on UK signee Kyle Meadows


MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — Veteran Lakota West Larry Cox likes what he has seen from the new University of Kentucky football coaching staff, but stressed even as impressive as Mark Stoops has been, the UK program needs time to develop.

“Patience is the key. Let them get developed. They’re doing the right things and saying the right things right now. Those kids down there are working hard but let’s bring in those top recruits to make a difference,” said Cox during an appearance Saturday at the Ohio UK Convention here.

“He’s the first coach to come in and dramatically impact Ohio. I’ve been at Lakota West for 17 years. (Former Ohio State coach) Jim Tressel probably did the best job of running Ohio. Before that, there wasn’t a school that just said, ‘We own it.’ Look at Cincinnati’s success. ‘We’re putting a fence around southwest Ohio. The ones that Ohio State doesn’t want, we’ll get.’

“When Stoops called me wanting Kyle (Meadows), he said, ‘We’re going to make an impact.’ It’s not a knock against athletes in Kentucky but a testament to how many SEC athletes you can pull from here. If you want to be great, you’ve got to pull kids that way. Getting those kids is critical to the success of the program.”

Meadows, an offensive lineman, did sign with UK in February. He’s not on campus yet, but will be soon.

“He’s finishing up one last class and he’ll be ready to go. I’m real excited about his impact there. He’s a big athletic young man, almost 6-6. I call him a tall 6’5, about 285 pounds,” Cox said. “He started out as a basketball player. I kept looking at him and saying, ‘I know you love basketball but you need to start looking at football.’

“(Kentucky assistant) Vince Marrow did a great job when his recruitment was coming to a close with trying to hook him in after he visited Oklahoma and West Virginia. Kyle had an immediate connection with him (Marrow) and (offensive line) coach (John) Schlarman.”

Cox has one story he feels illustrates how special Meadows is.

“Kyle Meadows used to walk two miles to school every day,” Cox said. “It didn’t matter rain or whatever. He didn’t want to be picked up and look spoiled. His attendance was near perfect. That’s the kind of young man he is. Attentive and very loyal. He will always work hard.”

Next: Cox on 2014 UK commit Mike Horton.

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  1. Larry Pup

    Larry V..what would we football fans do without you. Great interview and video on Meadows. He is going to be a good one I do believe.

    1. larryvaught

      Thank you Larry Pup. Love promoting football. And football folks are all great to work with

  2. nick

    Just out of curiosity what players out of the 2013 class are expected to be on campus and now for the season this fall? I know that Thomas has already been kicked off the team and also have heard the rumors about alvonte bell not making it for this fall along with blue, willis, mcwilson and meadows. Any others that may or may not be here when it’s all said and done?

    1. larryvaught

      Nick,I know Bell won’t be. I think Willis makes it and hearing McWilson should be okay. Coaches thought all along Blue would arrive late. And have story/video on Meadows here noting he will be arriving for training camp

  3. JimHarris

    Lordy, I hope there’s no more, Nick. I still remember that lean 25 (or so) team of hard nut guys that gutted it out at UK many years ago. Don’t even again want to be as short handed as we’ve been in recent years for that matter.
    Obviously many of us have never followed recruiting as closely as we have this year, but it has re-kindled our football fire like never before, regardless of this first season’s results. A couple or 3 such classes and we’ll be in high cotton if our new staff can coach as well as they recruit.

  4. nick

    Thanks Larry, you do a fantastic job and we are all very appreciate to you. And one more question since Thomas and bell and whoever else may not make it to campus won’t be there this fall, does that allow us to enroll more players in the 2014 class early and count their scholarships towards the 2013 count so that we can take more commits in ’14 or not?

    1. larryvaught

      That is a question I am not totally sure about Nick and still trying to get a correct answer

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