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Kyle Wiltjer is becoming  more and more insightful and touched on a number of subjects today as UK prepares for Tuesday night’s game with South Carolina:

On the change in the team …
“I think we’ve just been staying positive and just getting better every day, I think that’s been the key, just focusing on listening to what Coach Cal has to say and then just trying to build on it during the games.”

On feeling pressure in overtime at Texas A&M …
“I didn’t feel any pressure, there were a few turnovers that I made that I was disappointed in myself but I try to look over them and leave the play behind me. I have to just keep being positive and just help my team win.”

On the team facing adversity …
“We’ve faced adversity having Willie (Cauley-Stein) go out and the same with Ryan (Harrow). We’ve just tried to keep positive regardless of the situation. It has taken a while to find our identities but I think we’re starting to come into our own and hopefully we can just keep building upon it.”

On the importance of keeping the momentum …
“Every SEC opponent is going to be tough and come to battle so we just have to take one game at a time.”

On this year being more exhausting than last year …
“It’s been overall similar. There has been a different approach this year, just trying to find the way we’re going to play so it has taken a little longer but I think we’re starting to get better so that’s all that matters.”

On figuring out how to play physical …
“Just have the mentality, knowing that every team is going to be like that and that’s how they’re going to play. Coach Cal does a great job of creating practice plans that will kind of get us ready for the game so that’s similar to last year, that’s how you get ready for the game, practice hard.”

On having been through a year …
“I’ve been through it so I kind of know what to expect. Even the young guys on our team this year, I don’t even know how many more games we have left but we have to be getting close to half way so they’re pretty much like sophomores as well, they know what to expect.”

On the identity the team wants …
“We just want to be an unselfish group who plays hard. We know teams are going to battle so we want to be physical back and we just want to be a tough team.”

On expecting teams to make big runs against them …
“We know every team is going to make their run and now we just need to keep working on improving to not let that rattle us and make our own run in each game. Even if we make a bad play, coach really just wants us to move on and he’s going to stay on us but that’s because he wants the best. We want to have that short-term memory and get on to the next play so we don’t let it affect us.”

One Response to Kyle Wiltjer on adversity, keeping momentum and physical play

  • Jerry Vaughan says:

    Wiltjer’s improved play in the non-shooting areas is no doubt because of his improved thinking!


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