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Knight’s stock rising, but could Jones now be better off staying at UK


It’s interesting to continue to follow the NBA mock draft projections. No, they are not foolproof or scientific. However, I do think they can provide a gauge as to what Kentucky freshmen Brandon Knight and Terrence Jones might do.

Christopher Reina of http://basketball.realgm.com not only has Knight as a lottery pick in his mock draft, but he has him going No. 7 overall to the Detroit Pistons.
“I see Knight as a definite NBA starter, even if he is better suited to backup a lower minute veteran during his first season or two. He has a lot of NBA style moves and has a lot of intelligence for the game off the dribble,” Reina wrote. “This is my fourth year running where I am over the top high on a ball-dominant John Calipari guard. The point guard position has always been my favorite, so I’m predisposed to prefer that position over others, but I also am harder on those players I see as not being true to the position.

“Even though Knight has enough other skills to not be a true point guard, I see him as embodying the position and it is manifest for me especially with how he gets the outlet off defensive rebounds to trigger the transition game. He doesn’t have Derrick Rose’s shot creation, Tyreke Evans’ physicality off the dribble or John Wall’s preternatural passing ability, but he has a bit of each of those guys in his game.”

However, Jones has slipped to No. 18 in Reina’s projections and he makes it clear he thinks Jones should stay at Kentucky even though he apparently still expects him to declare for the draft and keep his name in the draft.
“Jones is very skilled for his size, but I’m not sure how he will have a chance to develop if he declares because he’s the type of player that needs the ball in his hands as a playmaker to be effective and better for those reps to happen at Kentucky than in garbage time (in the NBA),” Reina wrote. “While it is impossible not to want to compare him to Lamar Odom, I suspect his NBA future will be more closely associated with Anthony Randolph, who was a much better prospect at this point in 2008.”

Again, it’s just one man’s opinion, but that seems to be more and more of a trend with Knight’s stock rising and Jones’ stock dipping enough to make it much easier now to see him staying at UK for at least another year.

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  1. LindaS

    I don’t like his stock rising, I hope there is a lockout and I don’t think Terrence is ready. No one is changing my mind about this, not even Larry Vaught if he comments. They both should stay! Go Cats!

  2. Lou hemp

    I think both should stay Brandon can be exploited with physicality, and Terrence needs to get better with both hands and not try so hard. They both have great upswing especially because they can shoot (TJ is a good shooter at times when he doesn’t force the shot). I just think the notin that you take it when it there cause your stock won’t be any higher is BS because if you work hard your stock can be higher neither of these guys are the projected #1 pick. Just look at how more physical players really got to Brandon and that’s how the league will be 82 nights a season and even at home you won’t have that crowd backing you like you do at rupp. College is a fun time kids shouldn’t rush it and just enjoy it. Pluse the 1 year rule is horrid.


    I’m with you on this LindaS… I too want the best for Terrence, and don’t want to see him have a short career in the NBA, when with a little patience, he could hone his skills and make it big in the NBA… not end up in the D league or playing second fiddle overseas. With this decision still up in the air, I would like to stir the pot on how the last ride should be used, assuming there is only one. I read where Joseph Uchebo may be released from his commitment to NC State. While I have seen no clips showing his abilities, and don’t even know if he has an interest in the Cats, I would prefer his inside beef rather than another shooting guard. I still like the idea of having at least one aircraft carrier in our arsenal…for what its worth.

  4. Paul Schmidt

    It can not be argued that both have great potential for the NBA, however, neither is ready for the NBA now and with the lockout looming it makes NO sense to leave school especially when you can go back to school play, get better and continue to grow as a person and player…I say they both stay..

  5. gmoyers

    What they should do and what they will do may not be one and the same


    I watched the replay of the UK/Ohio State game today and I came away with a whole lot of appreciation for Doron Lame. I certainly hope Brandon comes back and wish him well if he decides otherwise. However, stack about 10 more lbs. of muscle on this kid and he’s going to be lights out…recall that his father said we haven’t yet seen the real Doron. Bring it on!

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