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Knight takes cheap shot at Calipari


There was a time when I had some respect for then Indiana coach Bob Knight, but not now.

If he had treated my son the way he treated many of his players, I would have been livid.

But I also can’t believe the cheap shot the suddenly saintly Knight took at Kentucky and John Calipari Thursday night based on what the Associated Press is reporting.

During a fundraiser for the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame, Knight said he doesn’t understand why Calipari is still coaching.
“We’ve gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that’s why I’m glad I’m not coaching,” he said. “You see we’ve got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he’s still coaching. I really don’t understand that.”

Massachusetts and Memphis were both sanctioned by the NCAA for violations committed during Calipari’s tenure.

Knight, who won a record 902 games as coach of Army, Indiana and Texas Tech, did not elaborate or take questions from reporters according to the AP story.

How brave is that? Take a cheap shot and walk away without justifying it or explaining it. Wait, that’s what he did when he threw a chair on the court and grabbed one of his own players.

Unless Knight has information that has not been verified by anyone else, the NCAA did not name Calipari in any violations at Memphis or Massachusetts. And I would like the know-it-all Knight to explain how Calipari should not have played a player at Memphis that was cleared by the NCAA to play and then a year later ruled ineligible.

Knight was a bully who tried to intimidate people. He’s a dinosaur in college basketball now. He’ll an analyst for ESPN’s coverage of the Xavier-Butler game Saturday afternoon and he’ll probably tell stories about his 902 wins and three national titles that made Indiana fans put up with his outlandish behavior

However, I also remember talking to former UK coach Joe Hall before UK’s game at Indiana last week about Knight.

“Our first four games, he beat me and loved me. Then we won eight of 12 and he didn’t like me. He loved me the first four. We went fishing together, coached in the Olympic Trials together. One time we had a stretch where we won six of seven and he didn’t like that at all. His friendship depended on him beating me,” Hall said.

And that tells you a lot about the former coach who took the cheap shot at Calipari and then “bravely” walked away without explaining it.

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  1. KY_Wildcat_AL

    Talk is cheap…

  2. Chris

    It is not a matter of IF but WHEN he says something stupid and his broadcast career will be over. There is just too much angst simmering right underneath his thin skin for it not to bubble out at a really bad time.

  3. JimBarr

    I pity Bobby Knight. Good job Larry.

  4. willyt

    bob sucks. forget his old ass we gonna win it all… go big blue!!!!

  5. Linda

    I can’t even respond to this in a civil manner. He is such a egomaniac and I think he has a mental disorder. So %$#&((&^^^%@!! ^&&%^$$#$ ()*#$%&*&^$$$ and you can take that Bobby Knight and stick it in your left ear!

  6. Thomas Richard

    Knight remains a bully after all these years. This is the person who sent his first wife to a fat farm to lose weight. She left him not long after that humiliation. Can you imagine being married to such a verbal bully?

  7. Kevin

    Larry, this is why you are my favorite UK writer… Thanks for standing up to this idiot: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2004/basketball/ncaa/02/03/knight.timeline/

  8. lunchbox

    Bobby Knight is bi polar

  9. lunchbox

    indiana was a perfect fit 4 knight they both say things they would’nt say 2 your face remember u can’t read cals a cheater

  10. Thomas Richard

    We can now add another controversy to this bully’s resume. Unlike Knight, Calipari has never been reprimanded or fined by the NCAA, conference, or employer, nor has he been convicted of assault. Also unlike Knight, Calipari is married to his first wife and never abused his by kicking him in public.

    Facts: At UMass Calipari was the one to report a player took money from an agent. At Memphis Calipari played a freshman who was cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse to play, only to be deemed ineligible after the season ended. The man is squeaky clean. How clean is Knight? See the list provided by Kevin above.

    Prediction: Knight’s broadcasting career will one day end similar to his career at IU. His bully mouth will do him in. How soon?

  11. Thomas Richard

    Meant to write: Also unlike Knight, Calipari is married to his first wife and never abused his son by kicking him in public.

  12. Jeff from Rochester, NY

    Knight’s cricism of Coach Cal is laughable coming from one of the most abusive people at any level of coaching in any sport! A man who ruled by intimidation who should have been fired from Indiana long before he was. He is as close to a dispicable human being as they come and I can’t stand listening to him as a commentator.

  13. Jim Boyers

    Dear Big Blue Nation,

    I am here to vouch for Bobby Knight. I put up with all the outrageous, misguided comments you have thrown my way, but this is too much. Now you want to attack a person whom I hold in the highest regard. A person who gave me the inspiration to coach and develop some of the disciplinary techniques that I used to lead your team to so many wonderful victories over two glorious seasons. This is completely uncalled for.
    Robert Montgomery Knight is the finest human being I know. That is why I tried to be as much like him as possible. He always politely spoke the truth and treated his players the way they deserved to be treated. He is nothing like that Cali-whatsisname. If Bob had done the heinous things your new coach had done, he would have been fired from a school. Bob would never leave a team in the lurch either. Heck, he was even nice enough to resign in the middle of a season, so his son could have a job. This is a fine human being, who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Yes, he allegedly threw a few chairs and insults and right hooks, but it made his players into men. It’s not like he ever shot at anyone, right?
    In closing, I would like to tell you all to back off. Bob does not deserve this. He is a fine human being, who should be revered and cherished by all. He deserves the same respect he showed to school administrators, his players and the press. He is my hero and I just ask that you treat him with the same love and respect that you would show to me.


    Billy G.

  14. BarryRussell

    Great job Jim! Billy G. is truly a Bob-Knight clone.

    Larry – I believe Bob Knight just won the 2009 Hypocrite of the Year. Talk is cheap – his actions in the past are fact.

  15. Thomas1963

    Hey Larry and the rest of the Big Blue Nation…

    Coach Knight’s speech on integrity hit me this morning like a stomach punch. Someone above mentioned bi-polar, that could explain alot. I know much of the IU fan base still loves him very much: for the wins, the championships, the graduatin rates, doing the the IU way. The rest of the country remembers the bad though: the temper, bullying, chair throwing, choking, intimidation, international event in puerto rico…the list does go on. How each of us remember him is for us to decide…he is like the crazy uncle to me. I think the shots that Coach Cal takes now, is because he is our coach. We have the largest and most devoted fan base in the country. When you care about something as much as we do basketball, the rest of the fan bases and teams take shots at you. This is something we will have to get used to. I know as a Kentuckian, I don’t like it, I would love to be able to do something about it. But, my only response now is we are back and people do not like it.

    Take care

  16. Tony

    Keep the drinking the kool-aid while wearing the Blue glasses. His star recruit failed the SAT 3 times then passed it on his last chance to become eligible in another state and you don’t believe Cal knew ANYTHING or looked in to it first? The nation loves J. Wall (even UK haters) and this team is very exciting to watch but at some point you have to understand this comes with the territory when you hire a controversial coach. Now B. Knight should be the last and I mean very last person to speak ill about any coaches history or credibility.

    Can’t wait for the real Madness to begin in March!!!

  17. Big C

    It really shocks me that an “ESPN Analyst” has taken a shot at the coach of school that is it’s bread and butter in the basketball world. I wouldn’t think ESPN would appreciate him making negative comments like that, especially after the mega deal ESPN signed with the SEC.

  18. Rick Miller

    Bobby Knight is nothing but a insecure bully. You tell me one time he has attacked someone capable of defending themselves. Not once has that happened. Bobby knows x’s and O’s he also knows deep down in side he’s a wuss. He spent his whole life covering that up.

  19. Tom

    Regarding Kevin’s link to the Sports Illustrated article listing Bobby’s “antics” – mental note: never go hunting with Bobby Knight or Dick Cheney…

  20. nlk

    I wish Joe B had allowed his assistant to stomp a mudhole in his Hoosier arse.

  21. gmoyers

    Seems we are all basically on the same page here. I just don’t get the man. At one time there was a local fellow here who Knight befriended and the two became fast friends. He went on trips with the team, including overseas. But when the divorce came and the friend had the nerve to still stay friends with the ex-wife, that ended the friendship.
    I dislike bullies and hypocritical folks. Knight is both.

  22. BarryRussell

    Mike and Mike take another shot. Say Bob Knight didn’t have w whiff of probation. I guess assault and battery doesn’t count.

  23. Brandon


    Apparently you need to inform the investigative committee of the NCAA Clearinghouse of your “inside information”! Cal was NEVER named in any sort of wrongdoing! Your comments make you no better than Bobby Knight! You can go on & on about who knew what, when & where, but the fact remains that Rose was CLEARED by the NCAA which means he was ELIGIBLE to compete in games. So seriously explain to me what Cal did wrong? I will be here waiting!

  24. Brian Shannon

    Funny thing about this is Booby is talking about integrity most of all. A guy that has thrown a chair because he got a technical, cussed out the media on a regular basis, choked one of his players in practice, attacked a student on campus and ultimately quit on his team because of a 12-8 record (3-3 conference)really isn’t in a position to question ones integrity just because the NCAA didn’t investigate you. Yet I think they did after the Neil kid was strangled.

  25. Tony

    I understand your point but tell me based on your logic. Did OJ do it (Yes or No)?

  26. Jeff Dowdy

    I didn’t hear a word about Kelvin Sampson, and best I remember, he actually was involved, in 2 separate schools. Knight is still sour over us consistently kicking his tail year in and year out, and probably is tired of seeing us relevant again. Knight isn’t the only sour one out there though, as we will hear them come out more as the year goes by. I’m pretty sure Digger Phelps will make his dislike for the Cats be known in the coming weeks, as we kicked his butt as well. That only means one thing though Big Blue Nation. We are back!!!! GO BIG BLUE!!!

  27. Linda

    If I had a son that was a star basketball player, I never would have let him play for B. Knight. He is a poor excuse of a man, father, coach and human being. He thinks he can get away with what ever he wants. I’d like to see him take a trip back to Puerto Rico because they still have a warrant for his arrest. Some one please send him a one way ticket to go back there. He is tyrannical and a threat to society. He does not know how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T in any manner of his life.

  28. Jared Powell

    Really bad comparison there. A) in the OJ case, the original jury consultant was fired and the newly hired consultant misused the “implicit personality theory” of jury selection. Amongst 12 jurors, 9 were African-american, 2 were hispanic, and one was a white woman. All were Democrats. 9 of the jurors admitted that they didn’t think he did it based off of his being a good football player.

    Where is the tainted jury in the Calipari case? There is no jury. Trust me, if there was ANY way the NCAA could have pegged Cal with something they would have. They want control first and foremost and he’s a big fish.

    By the way, I think you’d be surprised how many student athlets become eligible toward the end of their senior years after a few tries. I don’t think Cal knew anything fishy went on, as the NCAA said, since it happens so often. 97-98.5% of kids are capable of qualifying, they just have to have the motivation to go with it. Once they are finished with their sport and are threatened with the end of their academic/athletic career they find that motivation.

  29. Tony


    Is that a yes or no?

    PS. I most DEFINITELY DO NOT want to rehash the specific of that trial but the logic behind this belief that Cal has never been caught or impicated. I know the man is being acused of way more than he is actually guilty of but it appears that the “Just Win Baby” and everyone is just UK haters mentality maybe superseding some very valid points. The Ole Elephant in the syndrome.

  30. Tony

    Sorry: The Ole Elephant in the Room Syndrome.

  31. Linda

    Knights sucks, end of story.

  32. Jake

    Didn’t knight get fired from IU? How graceful was that? Then he barely coached enough games at ttu just to pass rupp, I personaly think that knight has little mans syndrome and is salty of the shalackin we just put on IU. GO BIG BLUE!

  33. Willis

    OK, it doesn’t matter how many blacks, hispanics or whites are on a jury. It doesn’t matter if you think somebody is guilty or innocent. The only thing that matters is; what does the law say we as a jury have to do here? In the OJ trial there was tampered evidence, botched collection of evidence, poor crime scenario reconstruction, boat loads of circumstantial evidence and a racist cop heading the investigation. All our laws point to one conclusion and that was reasonable doubt. A murderer walked away a free man and that sucks but the flip side is that innocent men get to go home to their families because of those same laws. However, it makes no sense to compare the investigation of Calipari to the OJ Simpson trial. I have always found that the dumber the argument the faster the worst of the worst (Hitler, Stalin and OJ Simpson type people) will be called up and used in some sort of comparison. RED FLAG for stupidity.

  34. Vince

    OK Bob. Since you don’t understand it let me explain it to you like you’re a 6 year-old since that is obviously how your mind works. If the NCAA had any evidence that Cal was involved in either of the incidents they would have penalized him in either or both cases. They love to flaunt their authority and would certainly not spare Cal if they had anything close to a reason to strike him down. Since they did not that means there is no evidence and therefore he is still in good stead with the NCAA and still coaching. Capiche?

  35. chris christofield

    Larry–remember when Knight’s assistant took the blame for having contact with recruit Lawrence Funderburk (spelling?)and he managed to not be made responsible? What was the story on that?

  36. Linda

    OJ, Geo III, Stalin, Hitler, Tiger and who ever else you want to mention does not have anything to do with this. Knight said it, the NC2A cleared Cal, Knight is mentally ill, a bear hibernates and Knight is jealous because he is not coaching anymore and is only getting press when he makes some idiotic statement. Knight was wrong because he sure can’t cast the first stone. GO CATS! 10-0, 10-0, 10-0!!!!!

  37. BarryRussell

    Larry- You released quite good array of illuminous commentary!
    Good job!! GO CATS!!

  38. Linda

    Barry, it’s just what Larry likes and was hoping for! 10-0, 10-0, 10-0! GO CATS!

  39. BarryRussell

    Linda- Thanks for your support of the best web-site for UK sports and the best sportswriter in KY. 30-0, 30-0, 30-0! GO CATS!!

  40. gmoyers

    This has been a good forum to show that UK fans get it and Bobby Knight doesn’t and never will. I truly hope ESPN does not send him to Lexington for GameDay. It will be asking for a huge negative response. Then again, KNight may love that

  41. Linda

    Knight has been added to my list of ‘reporters’ who should never utter or write another word. If Knight is at game day, which I am sure ESPN will do just for the hype, UK fans should show there displeasure in some civil way. I’m trying to be polite as I write this. I’m sure there will be plenty of posters expressing the feelings of the fans if that goofus does show up. Now, for another point. Has anyone heard the rumor of the Cleveland coach going and the Cleveland going all out to get Coach Cal so he and Lebraon can be a team? How’s that for a change of subject? I really don’t want to have to live through years of he is going, he is staying. The most upsetting part of this, we aren’t even in the conference yet and some yahoo had the gull to write something like that.

  42. Lynn Vaught

    Why on earth does ESPN give Bobby Knight a job? He doesn’t deserve to be in basketball or in the puplic eye in any form or fashion. He should have been pushed to the curb with the first kick, choke, or curse!

  43. Paul

    I used to respect and appreciate Bob Knight a great deal more than I do today. But there are still many good things that he has accomplished over the years that should not be unfairly diminished now. I fundamentally appreciate what he has tried to do with his program(s) and with the kids he has brought into them. I believe his intentions have (almost) always been good; it’s just that his execution has been a little off from time to time. We all have our own unique set of problems and Coach Knight is no different. I do not dislike Bob Knight as much as I feel a little bit sorry for him. I think he is a tortured soul who really wanted his life to turn out a little differently than it did.

  44. Linda

    Amen Lynn! Go Cats! 10-0, 10-0, 10-0

  45. Tanner

    I think this is just a prime example. Great coach horrible person. I think he has proved his point enough regarding both of those facts.

  46. Sarah C. White

    Bobby Knight is pitiful. He got exactly what he wanted – attention. I am disgusted with his speech, and I am disgusted with him. ESPN should at the very least suspend him and make him apologize. Whether he was being paid by ESPN or not, he now represents them.

    Great article, Larry. You are the best

    PS Cold in TN today, so at least Bobby got my heart pumping!!!

  47. Willis

    Calipari hasn’t been found guilty of anything by the NCAA, just the media outlets. We all know they both wanted to nail is rear end to the wall. Sometimes things don’t stick for a good reason…nothing there. Cal dropped the dime on Camby and allowed a player to play that was cleared by his University and the NCAA. Later he was found ineligible after the season was over. In both cases there was zero evidence to connect even two dots. Haters want to talk about right and wrong. How right is it for Bobby Knight or anyone to make insinuations of wrong doing where the governing authorities and media watchdogs involved couldn’t find anything? The man was found blameless in both situations. Move on already, I say. Also, the jealousy around the star recruits and the unethical “Coach Cal stole on his way out” claims surrounding them is sickening. It was John Wall’s choice and the others choice to go with Kentucky and their futures were what was at stake. Wall had no loyalty to Memphis and he shouldn’t have because he’s from North Carolina. Everyone at Memphis was a complete stranger and UNC didn’t want him. What reason other than he wanted to be coached by Calipari would he have to go Memphis? It’s his career that was on the line and when the man that he thought was going to put him on the right path of achieving his goals was leaving to a prime time school…well, it’s a no brainer he didn’t go to Memphis. His loyalty was to himself and that is exactly why anyone goes to college. I didn’t earn my degree so my school could boast they had another graduate. I went for my own future and that’s exactly what Wall did. I understand everyone must be afraid of the marriage between Kentucky and Calipari; especially those who have to compete with them. It must seem unfair to create that kind of force but all I can say to the world of college basketball is…the bar has been raised. Get caught up or get used to losing. Cheers! GO BIG BLUE!!!!

  48. E Hensley

    Knight’s past speaks for its self.
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  49. lunchbox

    he wants the truth but he cant handle the truth his is an old man that chokes kids an has temper tamtrums in front of the country

  50. Linda

    Willis, no truer words were every spoken. I agree!
    Move on. get over it…knight is nother more than a has been.
    10-0, 10-0, 10-0 go cats!

  51. Andy

    this guy wonders how cal is still coaching…?? i am wondering how in the hell he gets a job at espn for all his antics he has done…on and off the court…talk about rewarding a bully…him giving advice on integrity is like tiger woods giving marital advice….he just tainted his own name even more…

  52. Brandon

    Tony’s question doesn’t merit a response. He makes no sense, and is on the Ol Guilty til proven innocent! It amazes me how our coach has not one single major NCAA violation, while the Bill Selfs, Roy Williams & Coach Ks magically get overlooked. I think it’s hilarious!

  53. bryan mceuen

    Just read coach cal comments on knight remarks, he didn”t defend himself to well in my opinion.

  54. Brandon

    He doesn’t have to!

  55. Wayne C

    Great Job Larry.

    Bob Knight is a coward and a Jack A..

  56. Steve

    Cal was wise not to defend himself. It would have only served to pour fuel on a fire that would have led to more media coverage (a la Pitino when he called his press conference about Sypher). Cal did the smart PR thing which was to complement Knight, say he disagrees, and move on (until Tipton tried to steer the conversation back to controversy–surprise there). If you’re innocent then you don’t need to be defensive. Of course, the most appropriate response would have been to throw a chair out into the crowd of reporters. :)

  57. bryan mceuen

    Steve and Brandon said it well and i’ll leave as it is.

  58. David Ball

    perhaps it would be beneficial if someone were to fax or send a UPS package to ESPN, CBS, FOX-Sports and all of the other sports media outlets detailing the infractions of the Pitino, Roy Williams types still coaching…and then send one to Bobby Knight (complete with a detailed reminder of just why he was “let go”)…of course, in this country, if you have pull, your indiscretions can be forgiven much more quickly than if you haven’t done anything at all and still get accused of something you had no control over…very funny..and very sad…it’s getting to the point where it’s just redundant seeing everyone say the same party line over and over again without a shred of evidence…trying to paint Calipari (and UK) as cheating, lying, payoff ridden, backdoor dealing et al…all the while not realizing that UK takes towing the line quite seriously… otherwise…it will be nice when Calipari wins a championship and no one gets suspended or found a year later to be ineligible (by the same NCAA body that approved that kids eligibility)…so he can finally shake the image of what he isn’t…

  59. Suziecat2

    There are good reasons why Bobby Knight and his clone (Billy G) are not coaching.

  60. Calfan2

    Coach Cal’s response to the latest allegation by Knight is just another example of a truly first class person and coach. Anyone who has followed college basketball news this year have already heard of the these know that coach Cal was not involved and has been cleared of any wrong doing. What a great lesson we all can learn about to deal with difficulties beyond your control.

  61. TJ

    Bob Knight is envious of CoachCal, envious because he’s coaching a program that’s better than any he’s been at, and earning more money than Knight would ever earn, in even 9 lifetimes. Knight is a sore loser, yes, everyone knows he has a losing record against UK,(15-18).

  62. Jim Boyers

    Dear Coach Cal,

    I am so sorry about the unfortunate things I said in my little speech the other night. I really didn’t mean any of them. I wasn’t exactly myself. You know what they say about combining prescription meds and alcohol. Nod, nod, wink, wink. This group I was addressing weren’t exactly teetotalers, if you know what I mean. So again, I am very sorry.

    I tell you what. I would like to do something nice, to make it up to you. How about I take you dove hunting? I know a nice little farm down in south Lubbock. I will even provide the shotguns. Just don’t tell anybody you are going. Let’s let this be our little secret. Well, I’ll be in touch with the details. Remember: DON’T TELL ANYONE! Ta ta for now!

    Your friend,

    Bob Knight

  63. Sam Kegley

    Beautifulm Larry and commentors! The nicest thing anyone can say about BK is that the bully is wghat has been said- an a-hole!

    Sam aka SamKat

  64. Larry Vaught

    Great comments here. One of the best points was maybe about Knight just being envious of Cal. Had not thought of that.
    Also thought John Clay had a really good column in the Herald-Leader today about this

  65. Jared Powell


    I believe you’re just fishing now. There were a ton of things wrong with the OJ trial that don’t carry over to the Cal-NCAA “situation”. So my answer to your lack of a question would be a lack of an answer. If your Q is “did Cal know?” then my best opinion would be no. HE turned in the Camby situation. It seems like a man with no integrity would have just shuffled it under the rug.
    Memphis: does everyone realize that it is the SCHOOL that is responsible for making sure a kid is properly eligible? The coaching staff is only responsible for proper recruitment. That’s why the SCHOOL was penalized. He was cleared by the NCAA, and that is all that was required of Cal…and the NCAA agrees.

    With your “elephant in the room ‘syndrome'” comment…that is off as well. We have a positive relationship with Cal AND a positive relationship with his past. Reference “Heider’s Balance Theory” to see why that doesn’t apply. I’m a psychologist, and I reference these things because you clearly are not and are misrepresenting things which psychology has produced.

  66. Jared Powell

    Also, if anyone noticed, Bobby referenced UMass and Memphis STATE as the two schools Cal “put” on probation. Guess he’s off Knight’s hook on the second one.

  67. jkwebb

    Integrity . . . that sounds good, huh? Especially coming from a guy who choked his players and mentally abused them as a coach. Not to mention he can’t go back to Puerto Rico because he’ll be arrested. Yep, he’s a man of integrity. A legend in his own mind.

  68. gmoyers

    I do not think you can use integrity and KNight in the same sentence

  69. Jim Boyers

    Can’t use “Knight” and “integrity” in the same sentence? That sounds like a challenge to me. I accept:

    Robert Montgomery KNIGHT is a miserable, old, bullying piece of garbage with no INTEGRITY.

    Sorry I had to prove you wrong Larry.

  70. Marsha

    I understand the point Knight was trying to make. It has happened that coaches do things to get a program in trouble and move on. Our very own Eddie Sutton didn’t sit out after we were slapped with NCAA violations. But Knight’s pointing out UK and indirectly Calipari as what is wrong with college basketball
    is nothing more than Big Blue envy at its worst/best.

    If Mr. Integrity Knight wants to know what is wrong with college basketball and all of the sports world in my opinion he should look no further than his own career.

    The mentality that as long as you are winning any behavior is acceptable. His actions over the years would have led to numerous arrests for mere mortals. But he was winning. Throw chairs…that’s just passion. Keep winning. Assault a reporter, an opposing fan, your team members…you brought us trophies so no problems here.
    What’s this….tourny time….IU is first round and down.
    Wait a minute Mr. Knight you aren’t so nice now. In fact you might have some behavior issues. We lost again…oh no….he grabbed a student. Get him out of here.

    Winning covers a multitude of bad behavior. Roy Williams just showed his behind royally throwing out an opposing fan from the hallowed halls of UNC. His AD backs him up because he is sporting a championship ring. Roy could smell alcohol on the guy 20 rows up when all those around him said he did nothing wrong.

    I live in Louisville. Pitino won the Big East last year. That is Jurich’s guy. He has not embarrassed the university. Wonder if Kragthorpe had went to Porcini’s if that would have been shameful to the university. See he wasn’t winning yet.

  71. gmoyers

    You got me, Jim
    And Marsha, what a wonderful post. Thoughtful, insightful, factual and passionate. Thanks for taking the time to share it

  72. Mark

    I think its pretty apparent that Knight has some mental issues.

    And has had them for as long as I can remember.

  73. Jim Boyers

    Dear Mark,

    I do NOT have mental issues.

    AND SO AM I.


    Bobby Knight (and “friends”)

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