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Kevin Stallings says every SEC team “would love to have Kentucky” as permanent foe

Kevin Stallings photo courtesy ESPN.go

Kevin Stallings photo courtesy ESPN.go

Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings says any team in the SEC would like to have Kentucky as a permanent opponent when the league expands to three permanent SEC opponents in 2015-16.

On the increase from one to three “permanent” SEC opponents in 2015-16:

Stallings: “It seems like there’s still some ironing out of the scheduling format to do. I’m fine with whatever they do. The commissioner and (assistant commissioner) Mark Whitworth will come out with the best format that fits our league and keeps us going forward. … As crazy as it sounds, I’d be fine if we played everybody twice.”
On whether he’d like Kentucky as a “permanent” opponent:
Stallings: “I’m not lobbying to try to get anyone. But I think that everyone would like to have Kentucky because Kentucky’s been the bell cow in this league for years and years and years. If you gave just about everybody a choice, if you did not consider the competitive disadvantage they create, because it’s awful tough to beat them, they would love to have Kentucky.
“I think that they enjoy the rivalry just like we do. If that happens, it wouldn’t be a surprise to me if they were one of our three, that’s for sure.”

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  1. TrueBlueJohn

    I might be cynical but the only opposing coach in the SEC that I ever believed when they said nice things about UK was Hugh Durham when he was at Georgia. His attitude probably could be attributed to the fact that he is a Kentuckian.

  2. Bob

    I think Kevin Stallings is an class act and he has always been an respectful person . Vandy is the only other SEC team i like and it’s due to him mostly . It’s all out war when Ky and Vandy plays and ha thats OK too .

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