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Kentucky will not play at Georgia this basketball season

According to a story by Marc Weiszer of onlineathens.com, Kentucky will only play SEC rival Georgia one time this year and that game will be in Rupp Arena.

Weizzer learned that Georgia will open its Southeastern Conference season on the road at Missouri, play at Florida the following week and visit Kentucky before the end of January. He got the scheduled through through an open records request.

Georgia only plays one game against Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Alabama and Tennessee, teams that finished in the top five of the SEC standings last season.

Georgia plays two games against Missouri, Arkansas, South Carolina, LSU and Mississippi State.

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  1. ukcrazycat

    What about Texas A & M?

  2. TheProfessor

    The listing does not include Vanderbilt or Auburn either, presumably once each to get to a total of 18 SEC games.

    Last year, Georgia played Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and TAMU twice. That means 4 of these rotate off the double game into single game rotation, and 4 of last year’s 8 single game opponents rotate into double. That pattern gives a 3 year cycle of playing every opponent 4 times, 2 at home and 2 away, except for a single opponent, played twice each year. Georgia v South Carolina appears a natural rivalry.

    I wonder if UK’s natural rivalry will by Tennessee or Vandy? The other double game opponents last year for the Cats were Florida, TAMU, and Auburn. Recent SEC schedules have seemed to pair UK and Vandy, so I would expect Vandy twice this year, Tennessee, Florida, TAMU and Auburn only once each. We know Georgia will be once. That leave LSU, Arkansas, Miss St, Miss, Alabama, Auburn, and Missouri, 4 of which UK will play twice this year.

  3. TheProfessor

    Can you imagine a basketball schedule that does not include home and home dates against Florida, Tennessee or Vanderbilt? It seems likely to happen with respect to two of those three opponents. When the SEC moved to divisional play, I did not mourn the loss of home and home scheduling against Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, Mississippi State, LSU or Arkansas, but the natural rivalries with Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Florida continued and even strengthened. Now it seems that annual home and home dates will be limited to just one opponent. I can’t imagine that being anything but one of those three, but it can’t be for 2 of the 3.

    The more I ponder this, the more I am concerned about the future of basketball in the SEC. Will the ACC go to a similar scheduling model? Will the Duke and UNC rivalry be preserved in the ACC scheduling model?

    I think these will be unsettling times for college basketball until the elite super conferences get established as envisioned by Coach Calipari.

  4. Jared_S

    UK’s natural rival is Florida. We will play them twice every year. We will play Vandy & ewe tee once this year

  5. Albert Bryson

    When it comes to basketball I feel that Kentucky should play 2 games each season with teams in the SEC East and 1 game each with the 7 teams in the SEC West. That would be 19 games in the conference each year. The way they are doing it does not work well.

    1. larryvaught

      Albert, I am with you. Hate to see this schedule jump around the way it does. Guess I am just getting too old

  6. Roy Lee Lawrence

    Tradition is always overrun by “progress”. If we cannot play the SEC teams, then schedule some tough non-conference games. Bring in Big Ten and ACC opponents.

  7. TheProfessor

    I believe that a 14 team conference is awkward for basketball. Football is driving the ship anyway. A 15 team conference, in 3 five team divisions. Play each Division opponent twice (4 x 2) and each non-division team once each year (10) gives an 18 game conference schedule. The three divisional champs and one wild card get the double bye. The team with the worst conference record does not appear in the conference tournament (what an embarrassment, to be avoided) and the other 10 play the same format as now exists. This way, each conference team will have 4 home and home opponents on a continual basis. With 14 teams, it does not work with 2 divisions. That is why they moved away from divisional scheduling.

    As for which of the opponents will be on UK’s schedule this year for the home and home, Florida, Vandy, or Tennessee? We shall see very soon.

  8. Ronaldo Ragerio

    This question and comment has nothing to do with this article. Did anyone read about dictator obama slighting U.K. while praising the #2 team in Kentucky?He can’t even run the country. That’s why we’re in the shape we’re in. How in the hell is he qualified to slight an eight time, and soon to be nine time national champion? F_ck that muslim loser.

  9. Larry Pup

    I agree with you that he can’t run the country and that he probably is a muslim. How did he slight UK basketball?

  10. Ronaldo Ragerio

    When the #2 team in Kentucky visited the Whitehouse after their championship run, the muslim dictator refused to call Kentucky by name when he was speaking to team#2 saying that he wouldn’t mention ” that other team”.

  11. Ronaldo Ragerio

    When the #2 team in Kentucky visited the Whitehouse after their championship run, the muslim dictator refused to call Kentucky by name when he was speaking to team#2 saying that he wouldn’t mention ” that other team”.That is the answer to your question Larry. I guess a lot of folks didn’t hear that. It’s o.k though. We know who has the deepest tradition and the most passionate fanbase. The Kentucky Wildcats, of course.

  12. Larry Pup

    Got it. Thanks. I agree with you Ronaldo.

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