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Kentucky signee Karl Towns moves up final rankings to top five spot he deserves

Karl Towns photo courtesy MSG

Karl Towns photo courtesy MSG


When Kentucky landed 7-foot New Jersey center Karl Towns Jr., I thought he was one of the marquee recruits in the nation. He was as well spoken as any high school player I had ever interviewed and he had skills on the perimeter few 7-footers have ever had. Plus, he’s had experience playing against some of the NBA’s top players as part of his international experience.

Yet he sometimes seemed to be under appreciated by recruiting analysts.  A few weeks ago I finally found one draft analyst who projected that he might be the top pick in the 2015 draft — and that was before anyone knew for sure who was leaving college for the NBA.

But now Scout.com released its final rankings and he moved  up seven spots to the No. 4 overall ranking in his class. Rivals.com, Scout and 247Sports all placed him among the top five players in the class. ESPN had him No. 9 in its final rankings.

Not sue how there could be eight players better or higher ranked than Towns, but the others have him in the top five where it seems he easily deserves to be.

Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2014/05/01/3222462/kentuckys-2014-recruiting-class.html?sp=/99/322/&ihp=1#storylink=cpy

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  1. Catmandoo

    It will be interesting to see how he fits in with the rest of the frontcourt.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      By playing a Forward who can take the opponents Bigs Out to the three point line…opening up the low post for WCS or Dakari. Should be exciting to see the Mix of Town’s roles, due to his versatility and experience…I also believe, he will be the best thing to Happen to Dakari and WCS, for a multitude of reason…(All of which will make, all three of them better Players ! I’m telling You, the best Games in College Basketball Next Season, ” Will be in the Craft Center “……I would love to see a couple of Charity practice Games in RUPP, (as King alluded to) after Midnight Madness, before the Season Starts.One directly after Madness and one 10 Days before opening Game.

    2. Larry Pup

      Barry is that you? Tell us how you fit in? Old Barry trying to post under a different handle now because he has been getting hammered due to his unfair attacks on the Harrison’s, and others here on VV’s.

      Now here is an answer for you to ponder Barry, Towns fitting in is a good problem for UK to have don’t you think?

  2. Larry T Clemons

    Also Larry V., I would like to get his new height & weight ? ” Town’s is still growing ! “

    1. Karen Sprinkle

      Larry T., I think I read somewhere that a doctor told Towns he might grow as much as another 3 inches.

  3. Phillip Barker

    And they thought that Kaminsky was good? Wait till they get a look at King Karl!

  4. Karen Sprinkle

    It is my understanding that Towns is somewhat underrated by the recruiting services because he spent his summers playing not on the AAU circuit but on the national team. He’s a very unusual player because he has not only great post moves, but a great outside shot as well. I’m glad he’s finally getting some of the recognition that he’s due.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      Great point…So He’se a little unknown…” I think WERE ALL in for a wonderful Surprise ! “

  5. Glenna Harris

    I’m just glad he will be a Wildcat. Can’t wait for next season.

  6. King Ghidora

    The video I’ve seen of him makes him look incredible. He has the moves of a guard in a 7’1″ frame and yes he is still growing. He’s projected to be 7’3″ by his doctors. He dribbles the ball between his legs, has a crossover like a great PG, shoots fade away 3’s, has a double clutch move, in addition to being all you’d expect of a big man that can run the floor. He reminds me a lot of AD but he won’t be forced to play inside like AD was (and Cuz) because the center position is locked up. He looks for the world to me like a Kevin Durant type player or a Dirk Nowitski with a better handle. He could well be an all time great of the game IMO. Not just at UK but anywhere. He runs, he jumps, he’s long and he has guard like game. I don’t know how you could design a better basketball player.

    1. Larry T Clemons

      WOW Baby…! And I thought I was being optimistic ….But, I Believe Your Words are TRUE BLUE…Watch Out, Towns could become, The New KING OF THE BLUEGRASS…LOL

  7. Catmandoo

    Everyone be advised that whoever Larry T. Clemons is, he is a fraud and a sick man. He actually posts under about a dozen names on this site. Anonymous, Larry Pup, King Ghidora, The Professor are just a few of the names he uses. So don’t be surprised when you dare to have an opinion that differs from his, you get bombarded with bashing from all of these names, plus more. What kind of sick, demented mind does this???

    1. Larry T Clemons

      BBN ! Catmandoo-doo, is Barry…Your words, reflect your internal self, ” Never more true than for Baby Barry ” aka Catmandoo-doo.” …..Know , that the confidence, pride and overall Knowledge of this Program, (Kentucky) and College Basketball, ” COMPEL ME ” to use my real name and company, (gallery721.com) at all Times, so I can Gladly take Credit for My Hits, and yes, very rare misses…Uh, let me think….” look I know there’s one, I just can’t think of it right Now…Wait, 1997, I was, oh no wait, that’s when I thought I was wrong and I wasn’t…. I’m sure there’s one, I’ll get back to You…LOL ( Hey, Barry, Cat Daddy Doo-Doo ) there is one right…NIT in 2014….what a Joke.

    2. Larry Pup

      Barry and Catmandoo are one and the same. Good work making the connection LTC. Barry the trickster can’t be trusted.

  8. Larry T Clemons

    Aside from all the BS….” I wish I had, 20 % of the knowledge of Larry Pup, King Ghidora & The Professor ! Your saying, I’m 100% of Them, ” Thank You ! “

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