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Kentucky players mum on mysterious John Calipari tweak except Cauley-Stein says it is ‘mentality’


Kentucky players didn’t offer any real insights into what the mysterious offensive tweak was that coach John Calipari hopes will transform a team that has had trouble scoring and making shots the last five games into a team again that was projected to be a national title contender.

“I can’t tell you. You got to wait ‘til Friday. But we’re all excited about it,” freshman Julius Randle said.
Randle wouldn’t confirm that UK wore football pads at Monday’s practice.

““Might have. I’m not telling you. I’m just going to say it was physical. It was just a long, hard, physical practice. A lot of scrimmaging and kind of a different style of play,” Randle said before emphasizing again that he was not talking about what the tweak was.

Randle didn’t even want to guess what the punishment might be for revealing what the tweak was.

“You’re asking the wrong person. Ask the man (Calipari) upstairs,” Randle said. “I don’t want to see the treadmill (as punishment for talking about the tweak).”

Freshman James Young was just as mum about the tweak.

“We just got to wait till Friday to see it. I think we’re just going to be playing a lot better,” Young said.

He said he “wouldn’t say all that” about the tweak being something magical to fix UK’s woes, but it “definitely” helped.

Sophomore Willie Cauley-Stein was a bit less secretive.

“We just made practice more physical. He (Calipari) was talking about here on out, we’re only guaranteed two more games and those games are going to be a full-out war, really physical, so we just made practice extremely physical and really competitive,” Cauley-Stein.

So did anything specifically change?

“No, just mentality,” he said.

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  1. Larry T Clemons

    RUN,RUN,RUN….No more half court sets on offense, Pass, shoot or drive, don’t stop or hesitate, ” Wear Down Your Opponent “….And, more full court press….Sub, 5 in and 5 out, at times…Always keep opponent off balance ! On ” D ” , push, bump, block and screen,(hard) !

  2. dandr

    Sounds like the lady Cats!

  3. Terry

    things don’t change over night they are who they are for the whole season!!

    1. Larry T Clemons

      they did …

    2. Larry Pup

      Say what?

      1. Larry T Clemons

        Change, over night…
        what a fun game for this Team…I’m real happy for them !

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