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Kentucky lineman Zach West remembers negative comments Western Kentucky linebacker had about Cats last year

Zach West

Zach West


A little extra motivation for Kentucky Saturday comes from the quote Western linebacker Andrew Jackson made last year during UK’s narrow 14-3 win in Nashville when he said, “They supposed to be SEC?” on national TV. He did back up his play with 12 tackles and also has played well against LSU last year and Alabama last week.

“I do remember what he said. We all do. They can talk all they want. But words don’t mean anything. He’s a starter but that is something we just have to look past,” Kentucky freshman lineman Zach West said. “It is motivating and tells us all we still have something to prove. We feel like we always have something to prove and we are trying to do that.”

West said he won’t look to hit Jackson, but won’t shy away from a chance to do that either because of the remarks made last year.

“We are just going to look past it. If the assignment comes around, we will try to take advantage of it. We will just block who is there and if he happens to be there, fine. We’ll block him, and probably try to block him as hard as we possibly can to earn his respect a little bit more,” the freshman lineman said.

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