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Kentucky has to face the obvious and that is a change has to be made based on performance

UK coach Joker Phillips during the Cats' lopsided loss at Arkansas Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo)

UK coach Joker Phillips during the Cats’ lopsided loss at Arkansas Saturday. (Victoria Graff photo)


It’s time to quit referring to Kentucky coach Joker Phillips as a great guy or someone who has spent multiple years of his life at UK as a player, assistant coach and head coach.

It’s time to quit referring to Kentucky’s young roster even though the Wildcats are playing more true freshmen than almost every team in the country.

Instead, it’s time to face the obvious — something just has not clicked in Phillips’ three years as head coach and the Wildcat have to make a change, especially after the embarrassing 49-7 loss at Arkansas Saturday. The score would have been worse if the game had not been stopped midway of the third quarter when a second lightning storm hit after a one-hour delay in the first half and this week’s game with Georgia could be just as one-sided since the Bulldogs opened as a 27-point favorite even with the game in Lexington.

How bad was it at Arkansas? The Razorbacks outgained UK 533-170 in total yards and had 300 yards and a 28-0 lead at the end of the first quarter. It was 42-0 at halftime. Remember this is the same Arkansas team that lost its first two Southeastern Conference games by a combined 110-10 and seemed totally in disarray after the off-field behavior that led to Bobby Petrino losing his coaching job a few months ago.

Arkansas held UK to 66 rushing yards on 25 attempts and quarterbacks Jalen Whitlow and Morgan Newton were a combined 4-for-15 passing for 104 yards.

Phillips finished his first season as head coach with a 6-7 mark and lackluster loss to Pittsburgh in the BBVA Compass Bowl. He was 5-7 last year despite ending the season with a win over Tennessee and is 1-6 this season. That’ 12-20 as a head coach. He’s 0-3 against Mississippi State, has lost the two years to Louisville and lost to Western Kentucky this year. The Wildcats also got embarrassed by Vanderbilt last season. They failed to score at Florida this year.

To make matters worse, fans are staying away from Commonwealth Stadium. Season ticket sales have dropped dramatically two years in a row as UK has struggled to have any kind of consistent offensive firepower to entertain fans. In fact, the Cats have now gone 19 games without the offense scoring a touchdown in the first quarter.

While the players continue to say all the right things about supporting Phillips — no reason to expect they would say anything else publicly — it seems obvious something is very, very wrong. Fundamentals are lacking. The best playmakers are not getting enough opportunities to make plays. Players and fans are frustrated. And so are many parents of players who wish they could say more but know that would accomplish nothing at this point.

What’s the solution?

That’s not easy but the obvious first step has to be admitting Phillips has not gotten the job done the way UK expected or the way he expected. He knows this is a business and would be the first to admit that.

Of course, he’s not the first coach to have trouble winning at UK and likely won’t be the last unless there is a greater overall commitment to football by the administration. But that’s another story.

Today UK needs to already have names in mind to be the next head coach. One that keeps surfacing is Bobby Petrino. He bailed out on Louisville to coach the Atlanta Falcons and then bailed on the Falcons to go to Arkansas where he got himself into trouble with an extramarital affair. However, he does do one thing — win.

Petrino has made it clear he wants another chance to prove he can not only win, but do things the right way. He’ll get that, too. Auburn and Tennessee could well be looking for new coaches next year. Texas likely will be. Like him or not, schools are going to court Petrino.

If UK has any interest, now is the time to make it known to him. Don’t wait. If Petrino has a choice of Kentucky, Auburn or Tennessee in December, there’s little chance he’ll pick Kentucky. Today, though, if he gets a UK offer, he just might take it.

Don’t like Petrino? Then Kentucky has to decide whether it wants to spend huge money and hope to land a big-name, successful coach — something that could be hard for someone who is winning where he is now — or do its homework well enough to land a rising star who would come to UK determined to win to then move on to another job. Nothing wrong with that. It sure beats having a coach at Kentucky that no one else wants because he’s not won enough games.

Hopefully UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart will find one or two people to help him with the coaching search like he did when former UK basketball standout Mike Pratt helped land Calipari. Get someone with football savvy who can offer advice on whether to seek someone with NFL ties or an established head coach or coordinator in the college ranks.

There’s no sure-fire method that will work, but the one given is that what is going on now isn’t working. Young talent or not, the lopsided loss at Arkansas had to seal Phillips’ fate because keeping him would be financial suicide for the football program and maybe career suicide for Barnhart. Fans want a change and maybe the players do, too, based on how they played at Arkansas.

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  1. TheProfessor

    Actually, the record now stands at 1-6, and if the Cats get #2, it will be a close one against Samford.

    I support Joker, still do.

    The fundamental problems with this program lie way above his pay grade, and so long as the policy makers are content to cash the SEC Check in exchange for a program that is nothing more than a lay down for the real SEC football programs, it will never change.

    1. larryvaught

      Thanks Professor. Either running mini marathon drained my brain or else I just eliminated the ARkansas game from my memory bank. I was one who thought Joker could be a terrific hire and keep things going. But for whatever reason you want to choose, it just has not worked. 12-20 is just not acceptable after Brooks went to four straight bowls

    2. Kokamo Joe

      I have watched UK football for decades. Seldom has it been competetive. Almost never have they been a threat in the SEC. Yes, there was that brief time in the mid 1977 when UK actually could beat any SEC team, but that ended soon and probation caused UK to be left out of consideration for national champion. The truth is, as you have stated: UK has been content to cash the SEC check and play the roll of bottomfeeder. UK counts on the loyalty of the faithful to continue to buy tickets and make the K-Man donation. It works most of the time. Things must get really bad for the AD to act. We had the Curry situation when fans finally had the gumption to send a message by not going to games. Now fans are demanding a change in the same way. Barnhart has a decision to make. Will he really pull out all the stops to really push football? Come December we will begin to see. Now that there is a rise in the fan base which actually is pushing for reform let us not settle for the fools gold success that the five low level bowl games brought us in the last years of the Brooks era. Success is not going 2-6 or 3-5 in the SEC and playing in the Music City Bowl. If we settle for that or even take great pride in these type of bowl games and do not expect to compete in the SEC we will be playing into the hands of the scam that has been going on for over 50 years. Fans deserve more, but more important, the kids to come to UK to play football deserve more.

    3. RJ

      Good post Professor. You’re absolutely right. I think Joker Phillips is good for the UK program but I think it was a mistake naming him head coach. I have always felt that way.

  2. Kim

    Great article! I really wanted Joker to win and win big here but it is just not working.

  3. Anonymous

    I read an article last year rating all the coaches, I remember seeing Gary Patterson of TCU rated above everyone…it said, for all factors, he was better than Sabin. He may be on the short list for Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. What is Barhart waiting for, a loss to Samford? We need to get the bleeding stopped and build hope with those who pay for this program…..the fans. Verbol support is great, but, nothing without $. It is overdue for a change. Barnhart’s patience has become neglect in most circles.

  4. gerntz

    The “another story” on overall commitment to football is THE story, even moreso than Joker.

  5. Angie

    The players should be the main reason to make a change. The players bought into the recruiting speeches about KY being serious about competing in the SEC and committed to our program. Once they are here our coaching staff sends them out to play tough SEC teams unprepared, confused about their role, and not conditioned properly (which the coaches assessment is we are snake-bit – LOL!). How many other coaches talk about the players not knowing the playbook, especially half way through the season?? I would not have said this earlier in the season but the administration should make a change now. If the change is made now I think a lot of fans would return to Commonwealth – not because of possible wins but a show of support for the decision to change and a commitment to the players.

  6. grant

    kick ass article larry!

  7. Jim

    Larry, no doubt a gut-wrenching article for you to write; not only have you supported our
    football program in general but also Joker in particular. But there has to be a change!
    Embarrassed in Ohio, especially more so than ever after Sat. night performance vs Arkansas-Jim

    1. larryvaught

      Jim, as hard as any I’ve ever written. No one likes Joker better than me. Him and his wife both have been great to me for years and to my family as well.

      1. NostraDanis

        I’m paraphrasing, but I recall a wise and respected writer saying that Bill Curry was as fine a man as you will ever meet, but he “just can’t coach a lick.” I think it’s a very similar situation here. Stating that the program simply must go a different direction is not a personal indictment of Joker. It’s business, and as you say, he knows that.

        That other writer’s last name was Vaught also.

  8. Gene

    Unfortunately your comments concerning Joker are spot on Larry. I too thought he’d be THE guy to lead the Cats to a respectable position in the SEC East.
    Having said that it is time for Coach Phillips to gracefully step aside for the good of a floundering program. Step aside and live another day in a bit of a lesser program where the pressures of the SEC aaren’t an everyday happening. Step aside before your reputation is ruined in total.
    I recently read an article in “Saturday Down South” that highlighted the descrepancies if recruiting budgets in the 12 schools of the conference. UK was eighth on the list spending only slightly more on the recruiting trail than they did for the one night basketball show called Big Blue Madness.
    The budget was $346K as opposed to just over $250K for BBM.
    Now that $346K number did beat the amount spent by LSU, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and one other whose name slips my mind right now. The writer, however, point outs that LSU can go about a block outside of their campus and find a wealth of high school talent drooling over the prospect of becoming a Bayou Bengal. The situation at USC and Texas A.&M. is very much the same. In the meantime the Kentucky high schools are producing a total of four recruits that qualify for a four star rating—four !!
    Therein lies a significant part of the problem.
    Indiana high schools hardly know what “football” really is. Kentucky barely ranks ahead of them as a Div 1 football farm.
    First, find a quality, qualified head coach then spend a couple of bucks on the recruiting trail.

    1. wildcatdon

      Gary Patterson would be a great choice..I have been thinking about him as our coach for a few months now…Mitch ought to make a nice offer to him and see what his interests are..He is a really good coach..He might want to come into the SEC…

  9. Chump

    Nice article that just about sums up our current state. I would like to see Phillips remain a part of the program in some form. He is a good person, just not an SEC head coach.

    1. KYWCAT

      How many chances do we give Joker to mess up the program. I’m not for sure what form of the program other than answering phones Joker could fill. He can’t coach receivers, he can’t call plays, he can’t recruit and he obviously can’t fill the HC position. If anybody has any compasion or concern for Joker let him leave UK for his and his family’s sake. He is not successful on this level in any form/position. The poor guy has to show up for work everyday attempting to do a job which he can’t perform. It must be horrible to be in his shoes. Let him go.

  10. Carnifex

    I’m glad people are starting to come around. I was never a fan of Joker as the OC, let alone HC. Too many baffling play calls in his tenure as OC for me to see him as a successful coach. And the baffling play calling, time management, and player substitution patterns have never been altered.

    As far as Mitch goes, I just don’t think he’s that great of an AD. Yeah, he corrected the Billy Clyde fiasco, but the powers that be at the school stepped in quick on that. So how long would he have let Billy Gee go on? We have no way of knowing except at looking at past behavior, and past behavior shows that if you didn’t get in trouble with the NCAA, you were let to go as long as you wished. Mitch is not very pro-, or re- active.

    1. KYWCAT

      Mitch Barnhart is a genius AD. People can talk about the BOT etc. Mitch is in charge. He got Cal here. He got rid of Billy G. He has taken the UK from a good BB program to the top where no one else could. He has taken all UK sports and catapulted them to the top in nearly every sport. UK is an athletic powerhouse across the board. I know almost everyone on here maybe never even attended UK and absolutely does not see beyond football and basketball but the job Barnhart has done as an AD has been near perfect. He took a business gamble with football. He gives it the money and budget it’s results call for. Now I believe after he has shown all of our other sporting programs to be successful he will turn his attention back to football.

      1. TrueBlueJohn

        I agree that overall Mitch has done a good job, but let’s not give him too much credit for getting rid of Billy Clyde because he saddled us with BCG in the first place.

      2. BD WELLS

        Yeah, BCG was a PERFECT hire!

  11. Georgia Blue

    Larry , The Metro- Atlanta is a hot bed for the for college coaches. South Carolina, Alabama, Clemson,Auburn and NC State are recruiting heavy in Georgia, The coach from Vandy took a helicopter ride around the city of Atlanta. But back to your afticle, I would love for Barnhardt to look at Louisiana Tech Coaches. If not the Head Coach the OC would be a good hire with all the talent that we have at the Skill Position. I would love to see what he and the OC from Texas Tech could do with all that young talent on Offense. Then go after a Excellent Defense Coordinator that make it fun to play defense.

  12. Dave in Bangkok

    Honest question:

    What about Joker made people think that he could do it at UK?

    What made anyone think that he’d be successful at UK?

    He’s not the guy for UK. He doesn’t have the imagination or the discipline to be successful at UK and he never did.

    Any coach whom the players “like” will never win or win big at UK. That is one of Joker’s greatest liabilities at a program like UK.

    Of course, this is simply my opinion.

    First time that I heard a player say that they loved Joker (not that they respected Joker), I knew it was just a matter of time before the wheels fell off.

    If you have great recruits, you can allow them to love you. If you have the recruits that Joker has brought in, those guys have to hate you because you work them so hard and drive them so hard that the very thought of you scares the heck out of them.

    Joker doesn’t have that and never will.

    He’d probably be successful at another program with higher talent. Just not at UK.

    That’s one of the reasons that I knew this day would come sooner rather than later.

    That is also exactly why a Bobby Petrino would be successful at UK. He’ll take that mediocre talent and turn it into something greater than it’s parts.

  13. TrueBlueJohn

    I agree with the last comment. Sonny Dykes of Louisiana Tech. He has the offensive style that would be a handful for defensive coordinators, and he has been an assistant coach here under Hal Mumme and Mike Leach. He also would probably bring his O.C. with him, also a familiar name, Tony Franklin.

  14. Clyde Root

    Larry-Trust you to put to print in your usual masterful way what needs to be said.
    No matter what us fans feel, it pales in comparison to the damage to our Great
    State. We are a proud people and will suffer in years to come, the total embarassment
    and humiliation the recent past has brought us. Someone said above, he wanted Joker to succeed. I Want UK FOOTBALL to succeed!! Wheter it be with Joker or someone else is secondary to me. You are still the best Larry.

  15. grant

    Look we can all ponder on whom to hire, but if Uk does change direction at some point they better hire a coach with a track record recruiting sucesss. Enough is enough, this is ridiculous, i looked at recruiting rankings of next years class on espn and there were teams way ahead of us that i would NOT consider football powers. So if they can get them why not UK?

    1. larryvaught

      I agree. This is about more than Joker. He’s not the first coach to struggle to win at Kentucky. Coach has to be given more money, more resources

  16. shinny

    Thanks Larry for your “gut wrenching” article. It’s the truth and sometimes that hurts when it is put in print. We and many,many more fans love our Kentucky football, you just have to look at the bowl games to know that the support is there. The defeat of #1 LSU and Gameday on campus seems like neons ago!!!!!!!

  17. MakeMineKentuckyBlue

    Larry……please clarify – –
    “If Kentucky fires Phillips, then they (according to his contract) owe Joker some $1.7 million for the 2013 season and some $850,000 for 2014. If Phillips instead resigns, UK owes him NOTHING.” Is that right?

    UK paid out the Hal Mumme and the Billy G errors!! For the financial security of his family, there are many things WORSE than getting “fired” (especially with a $2.5 million severance). The last time I checked….money is still money!!!!!!!!!

    I hear it a lot…..”EVERYONE LOVES JOKER”…..but now, UK should RESPECT him enough not to continue to drag him through this painful process!! Make an announcement; then “play out this year and let everyone rally behind the football team and finish this season with dignity and class.” (CMNewton, 1996)

    1. larryvaught

      Joker would be owed that money. Seems to me the best thing would be for Mitch and Joker to reach agreement, let Joker resign with dignity, pay him his money and let Joker got a fond farewell at the Samford game much like Curry did at his final few games

      1. Ben

        Larry, I agree that joker is owed the money, but why not make him work for it at some other position than head coach! I could never figure out the logic of paying a man to do nothing for two years. It is great if the fools want to pay him for no work, but it is not very logical. I know that it is common practice in the industry to pay out the contract, but i think it is time for a change.

        1. larryvaught

          Usually Ben is that you would not want the head coach to stay around and maybe cause turmoil in the program or with fans. Myself, I would like to see JOker have a chance to stay in administration, but guessing he will want to land somewhere and stay involved in coaching if it comes to that

  18. Juan4UK

    Petrino. I’m sorry Larry. Where is the pride of those that would suggest a hire of someone who has not only taken public glee in humiliating UK football, but also has made disparaging comments about the University, our fans and the state.
    Not I sir. Never.

    1. larryvaught

      Can understand no Petrino sentiment and would not be my first choice. But if UK wants to win in football, obviously hiring just a nice guy who works hard (Curry, Phillips, Claiborne) won’t work. Can’t talk about wanting to win and then just eliminate a coach — UK made that mistake when it got Gillispie. Again, I thought Joker would do great and wrote that many times. I would still love to see Sonny Dykes get a chance. But afraid Duke’s David Cutcliffe could be No. 1 on UK list and no way would I take him over even a tainted Petrino

      1. Andy S

        Taking wins over an ethically train wreck of a coach? I don’t get it. Agree with Juan4Uk on this one.

        1. larryvaught

          Understand what you are saying Andy. But if character is the most important trait, then Joker should stay. Won’t find a better guy than him or anyone more loyal to UK

        2. Anonymous

          If you care more about the person than the wins, might as well keep Joker.

      2. Love SEC

        If you hire Petrino, what do you do when he leaves in three to six months for a “better” job?

        1. larryvaught

          Fair point LoveSEC, but I don’t think UK can rule out anything. And to be honest, I am guessing Petrino gets a better offer than UK

  19. grant

    i would take petrino in a minute. i have said this before he is a jerk on the field and off .Has he made mistakes OBVIOUSLY . Would he make UK viable within the next few years , well my money is on him more than joker thats for damn sure. Nobody says he has to be the awe schucks loveable coach . Put a winner out there , put a team out there that can compete , this team is embarrassing. you may not have to worry about off the field stuff with joker , but with joker you don;t have to worry about winning either. but lets face it , with other sec teams looking for coaches , like ten. we are not going to get him. why would a coach go to uk over ten. i wouldnt.

  20. Anonymous

    I would love to see an offer to Gary Patterson at TCU…he is a winner. We are an SEC program….can we go with a proven winner instead of a cheaper upstart? We need to put the cart before the horse and get a proven coach before we upgrade the facilities!

  21. LindaS

    Petrino, NO NO NO NO…we don’t need someone with his baggage. Look what happed with Sutton and BCG. We need an honest, upstanding proven coach. There is enough wrong with the football program and you don’t need someone of his moral character.

  22. DACats86

    Larry –

    Great article, and great leadership to write it – it’s time the local media stops kissing the ring of Barnhart et al. I am not surprised that you are one of the first to speak the truth. And yes, Petrino should be the first person targeted for this position – just as UK basketball has and always will do, you hire the best person available for the position. It’s his job to win games, not teach Sunday school, and he’s one of the best in the country at doing just that.

  23. grant

    yeah i like the idea of the tcu coach and he seems to be in the top 15 or 20 for recruiting usually, and a few years ago he whipped the crap out of wisconsin in the rose bowl i believe. good choice

    1. olecat

      Gary Patterson is never coming here, he has a much better job than anything we can offer, already making 3 mil plus per year, already in a major conference.

  24. Football Fan


  25. Rex

    The hiring of Cutcliffe would not put us in any better shape than we are right now. We would be looking again in a few years. If UK is not going to get serious about football, then leave Joker as the coach. Make him change the OC and DC coordinators and move forward. I have been sitting in the same seats since Commonwealth opened and we have never been serious about building a successful football program. Mitch needs to get with it or we need to accept it.
    Go Cats!

  26. scott bates

    nice article….now why dont you cover that other story on the lack of commitment by the admisistration. be the guy that gets this going larry.

  27. Bob

    Larry you showed me alot writting this post and you are right. This is long overdue and hiring Petrino i think could put this program on track again finally .I am just so over it with Kentucky football and to bring up Curry is an stake in the heart. I know friendship is important but calling it as it is marks true love for the program and it’s best interest . This program can compete and will in the SEC under the proper leadership.

  28. grant

    wasn’t cutcliffe in the mix before coach brooks took the job? cutcliffe is not the answer , unless more mediocrity is wanted. uk needs a proven winner or uk needs to get out of the sec, because right now they are treading on not being able to win any conference in america. no first quarter touchdowns now since 2010, thats no sec team folks, that is flat out disgusting. once again , i would take petrino and pretty soon you’d see the stadium packed again with fervor for football again. petrino may not be a perfect role model but he is a hell of a coach. it was not long ago i heard crap about not wanting to hire calipari because he was dirty, well sure looks good now does it not. i realize comparing apples and oranges between cal and petrino in what petrino has done but lets get a winner on the field. uk football and its losing culture has run its course and i for one am happy that ticket sales have dropped , it shows people have finally gotten to the point of if uk don’t care why should we. barnhart was use to the people showing up and handing money over like lemmings over a cliff. i and many other people have said that one way for a point of view to be heard is to quit showing up and when the revenue slips maybe some action follows. i am tired of rooting for a team that is a consumate doormat.

  29. Sangman

    Larry, first of all I would like to say how much I appreciate that you had the guts to write an article that I know was difficult for you to write. My heart truly breaks for the situation that we find UK football in today. I have fond memories of the 76 and 77 Curci teams, the 84 and 85 Claiborne teams, and the 07 Brooks team. I have always said that if the administration would back the football program and hire “the right guy” that Commonwealth could not hold the fan base. I also am BEGGING you to be the man that speaks out on the lack of football support by the administration. Be the man that gets the ball rolling and forever changes the destiny of Kentucky Football. Thank you for your support of our football program!

    1. larryvaught

      how this all turns out with Joker and/or next coach will say tons about UK support of a total football program

  30. Ira

    Glad you wrote this article. Shame other journalists in this state don’t have the same courage and conviction that you do.

    The fans have been screaming this for a year now. Twenty seven percent of us stayed home this year and didn’t renew because we were unhappy, fed up with the way this program is and has been led. I do not plan to renew until Joker is gone and another coach is brought in and I do mean a coach that is of the highest caliber. They bring in David Cutliffe or another has been or never was, and I will not venture another game to the stadium and won’t ever renew or donate to the Kfund again its as simple as that.

    If the Kfund donors would just stand up and say not only no but hell no, we are not coming back to your stadium, we are not donating until you hire us that coach the players and the fans deserve we won’t be back and you are not getting our money either. Hard to fill a stadium if the lower levels would just rebel and stay home. Barnharts olympic sports would take a serious hit then, I bet he’d finally deign to notice then wouldn’t he. Come off the mountain Moses Barnhart and live with the rest of us for awhile geez!

  31. Lee Ann herring-olvedo

    No more execuses is right we can’t blame it on soemthing that clearly had not clicked from the beginning. I think the fan base have been patient enough to make something out of nothing. After 10 days on the road covering ole miss. I was sure to return to something other than a team that seems to be giving in.

  32. Jim

    Anyone who dismisses Petrino is just plain nuts. He wins everywhere he goes. He is not an assistant, that will make you wonder if he can cut it as a head coach. I would publically tell Joker that this is his las season and announce the HC job opening. I would have Petrino on speed dial.

  33. Anonymous

    Why would that guy (insert big name coach here) come to UK? No (as seen from a fans eyes) support from the university and no “Tradition” worth writing momma about.

    What “good” coach is going to come to UK and committ coach-suicide? Why would he? Why leave the comforts of his Mansion (his present team) and live in a truck bed?

    UK is going to have to HOPE a GREAT assitant coach, (from a SEC team preferably), that knows what it takes to win in the SEC…is WILLING to come to UK.

    Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that even the Men’s Basketball team couldn’t get a “big name” coach. That took a few years…

  34. ukfan197tone

    Not sure where my comment went, but here goes again:

    Why would a “big name” coach come to UK? That’s coach-career-suicide.

    What does UK have to offer? Tradition? NOPE. Best facilities? NOPE. Support of the university? NOPE. Salary in close proximity of the other “big name” coaches? NOPE. A passionate fanbase that will follow him through hell with gasonline soaked boxers? YEP. It’s going to take a strong, tough, football genius to come to UK and give the players and fans what they want. A WINNER.

    My hope is UK can convince a smart SEC assistant coach, one who is man enough to take the UK job; when it comes open. I think Kirby Smart from Alabama would be man enough, but he makes more money than Joker (someone correct me if I’m wrong) now, so UK would have to open up the vault. Hey, it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask him.

  35. BlueBomber

    Larry great article. I believe it is important to get someone with an up tempo fun n gun
    “air raid” type of background. Non traditional programs have to offer the recruits a reason to sign. Like Cal, if we install an offense, like Leach’s or Holgorsens that will create excitement for the fans and the players. Mumme’s team averaged 31 and 35 points per game. Everybody came to the stadium. We will never get enough 4 star recruits to play an Alabama run it down your throat type of game. But the BYU style of offense allowed Leach and Texas A&M to beat traditional programs in the Big 12. Holgorsen, Peace, Sonny Dykes and Chris Hatcher use this style of play. Find a Defensive Coordinator who wants a SEC opportunity. UK has a lot to offer.

    1. Love SEC

      I agree!

  36. JCC

    I have an idea. Instead of playing WKU, Sanford, KSU, lets go play top ranked teams for money. Maybe in a few years we will have enough of those “pay days” to get a real program. We are that bad now!

  37. grant

    i am for any style of offense that works , but let me say this , no matter what offense you run , or defense you run, if all of the opponents are faster then you then good luck trying to run a gimmick offense vs. the sec traditional powers. along with a new coach uk could be well served with football thorough breds that can compete with anyone. gotta have chicken to make chicken salad , ask calipari he ain’t doing it with bums.

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