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Kentucky guard Aaron Harrison admits first half “was fun”


Was the first half against Ole Miss what the Kentucky players had been expecting this season?

“Yeah, I mean, of course everything isn’t going to go as smoothly as you think it is before. So, yeah, it was fun,” Aaron Harrison said. “That’s probably how every team wants to play every game and it’s not gonna happen.

“You always have bad games and you just don’t have the energy there and stuff like that. So that’s what we’re working on: just having energy. I think that whole big run just came from energy and enthusiasm.”

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  1. dennis

    Therein lies the crux of the issue for this team, “That’s how every team wants to play every game and it’s not gonna happen”, “don’t have the energy there and stuff like that, come on guys, you play at the best school in the nation, for the best fan base in the nation and for a great coaching staff and have all the tools you need to allow you to play your best. You cant bring the energy to play every night like you did the first half? Why not is my question? It is all mental, so put your heads together and decide to do that and get it done. Sure we won, but again IMO it was an ugly win, one that should have been decided midway in the second half with a 20+ point lead and again the foot was taken off the throat and the opposing player allowed to get up and almost get back in the game. Come on play totally, completely the entire 40 minutes, leave it all on the court, be so tired and worn out you can hardly get to the locker room, then you can look at being at the top.

  2. Anonymous

    Dennis it did get to close, but I thought the CATS were in a football game the way Ole Miss was playing down the stretch. Example Henderson it looked like tried to tackle Randle. UK made them pay at the free throw line, an ares of their game that has been suspect. Overall, UK played a good game and one they could have easily laid down on due to the Florida loss. I think they deserve a lot of praise for closing out the game strong on the road. Ole Miss thought they were going to put a whipping on the CATS, They are pretty hard to beat on their floor.

  3. larry clemons

    Wow, there for about 8 to 9 minutes of the first half, Kentucky looked like a NBA D League Team…Dunks, Fast Breaks, Block Shots, Hitting Three’s, Team Defense, running The Court, Lob Passes, Pull up jumpers, Dribble Drive and Lock Down ” D “….That’s was a very encouraging sign. And we slowed down their top threat. Now, do that for 40 minutes and You Will Be Who You Want To Be….Thanks for the Win ! ” Go Cats.”

  4. Judi Cole

    I totally agree with your comments, Larry!

  5. coldspringmike

    Watched the first half of the game at a bar down here in Destin, Fl. and even the Florida fans watching were impressed with that showing in first half. Were glad we didn’t show that last Saturday.

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